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my darkroom stuffs going on sale

  1. Ricus.stormfire
    Hi folks

    Sadly I have to shut down my darkroom. Everything is going on sale, keep your eyes peeled on BIDORBUY for the listings. If there are any items you want, I might have them. Open to trades or offers as always.
  2. Ricus.stormfire
    Paper wise:
    1 sealed box of recent Oriental Seagull VCFB 8x10 glossy, 100 sheets
    1 partially used but recent ADOX MCC 110, 9.5x12, glossy Fiber paper, approx. 30 sheets
    1 partially used but recent ADOX MCC 110, 12x16, glossy Fiber paper, approx. 15 sheets
    1 partially used but recent ILFORD MGIV RC 8x10 glossy, approx 30 sheets
    ! partially used but recent Oriental Seagull Warmtone Fiber Base in 8 x 10, approx 50 sheets I put them into another box since the original box got damaged.
    All these papers are good to use.

    and lots and lots of Kodak Polymax III RC, mostly Lustre, size between 3 1//2 x 5 1/2. 5x7 8x10, 9 1/2 x 12, 12x 16, all expired with age fog, liths pretty nicely, and I am sure a restrainer might keep some of the fog at bay. most of my lith prints where made on this paper. most of the boxes are open and partially used, one of the 5x7 boxes is unopened. Also two boxes (5x7 and 8x10) Kodak Panalure, opened but only a few few sheets used. Not tried these in lith, they DO fog under normal safelight, so I used them in total darkness. they are a bit funky though. Some packs of AGFA Brovira and MCP 310, Brovira is old, and I never got to lith them, they might work great, or not at all. The MCP 310 liths nicely. Brovira comes in 3 1/2 x 5 1/2, the MCP 310 the 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 . These papers WILL have fog when processed in normal paper developer. Lith is what I used them for and they worked good in that.

    I will list more things as I sort them out. I am open to reasonable offers or trades.
  3. Ricus.stormfire
    I'd settle for R900 for the lot of paper, which is a bargain. Shipping R120
  4. Ricus.stormfire
    here are some more items I have:
    Kaiser RC print dryer 8x10 three tray (not for FB prints) has adjustable heat setting and roller squeegee rig atop
    Paterson 10x12 FB washer (used, but not by me, no idea if and how it works) takes several FB prints in a basket that rocks around in a tank with hoses
    Easels, various
    Paterson 8x10 RC washer tray no hose but works
    12x16 trays x7, one has holes drilled in, used as a print washer
    8x10 trays, several
    5x7 trays, several
    Kodak tray syphon
    Omega D5xl enlarger (up to 4x5, I don't have all the carriers) with Ilford 400HL multigrade head, with controller/timer with safelight, well used, can't be shipped, if you have a bakkie you'll have to come fetch it in Bloemfontein.
    misc darkroom tools
    I am open to offers or trades
  5. Ricus.stormfire
    OK, I am keeping my darkroom stuffs
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