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Film suppliers in SA

  1. Irvine_Short
    Hey all,

    Who is still active in SA apart from ORMS?
  2. Vernon
    Midsouth.co.za are importers of Ilford products.
    Ask them who sells their products.
  3. erich potgieter
    erich potgieter
    In Cape Town, Tothills in Lower Burg Street also sell film, and darkroom supplies, and seem to have a bit more interest in supporting film users than Orm's do these days. They stock Ilford products. Outside CT I don't know, but presumably Kameraz in Rosebank still do?
  4. Irvine_Short
    Tothills has lots of used and some new darkroom stuff.

    They do not do any processing though, which Orms still does. Orms will also still do hand prints.
  5. Ricus.stormfire
    Orms doesn't do E6 anymore sadly...
  6. Irvine_Short
    no, but the guys at Tothills were saying there is a Joburg company that works out quite well if you courier a few films at a time.

    Orms is charging R1,200.00 for a 100 sheet packet of 8x10 RC paper. In the UK including 17% VAT it works out at R700.00 Something is not right - at those prices folks are not likely to buy very much.

    Tothills will sell 100 sheets of 6x8 for R400.00 which is handy for messing around.

    I was given a half full packet of 5x7 the other day - bonus!
  7. Ricus.stormfire
    Any online retailers? except Orms...
  8. Ricus.stormfire
    Shocker! Orms charges R150 a roll (Ilford), sorry to say but if this is the way things are going, I am no longer supporting Ilford in SA (with the exclusion of paper and chems perhaps), and where is Kodak? What are you guys paying for film lately?
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