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Kiev 30

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  1. Iantoz
    Well I've solved the problem, which means I know why the take-up spool looks crooked. The locating pin on the Kiev is a larger diameter than the locating hole and so doesn't sit neatly into it.

    What I need to do is to open out the locating hole, but I don't have a drill the correct diameter, I have drills too small and too large but not one that's "just right". I do however have a brother with lots of small diameter drills so I guess that's my next option.

    My friend who has the darkroom has just visited and he's going to slit some 400 asa film for me to 16mm and 19" long.

    It's all getting better.

  2. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Dai, IIRC the washer from the Kiev is the one to use. You reminded me. I didn't have to enlarge any holes. As you noted the screw is different, too.
  3. Iantoz
    Murray, I've just finished my first film in the P II, I didn't have a washer from on the Kiev but it was trying the washer from the Minolta that made it obvious that the pin was a larger diameter. The washer wouldn't fit over the pin, so I found my favourite reamer and now all is well.

    I now need the 400 asa film and I also need to start using some tape to hold the cassette tops onto the bodies, I have just tried to remove the exposed cassette and the top was left in the bottom of the camera, fortunately it was only a test film so nothing important could have been spoilt.

    The next project is to adjust my QT to give the correct exposure indication, I have made a battery holder to use silver oxide batteries and the voltage ends up different. There is an adjustment that can be made but involves lifting the leatherette to access the adjusting pot.

    The new year is off to a good start.

  4. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Dai, I'm sure there was a washer in my Kiev so that may indicate you're not the first explorer in there!
    Tape can be a problem. Ordinary Selotape 'oozes' after a bit of time and temperature and can be hard to get off to boot. I needed some 1/4" tape for the Minox cassettes and was grumbling to Berwyn who piped up that what I needed was some quilting tape in that width. Jaw drop. And so it is. Adequately sticky and peels more easily. Quilters use it to temporarily keep things in place so they can stitch and rip it off later.
    Works well to keep the lids on the cassettes, too. I needed 1/4" because the film is 9.2mm.
    That all started because I did exactly what you did. Except I did want to see the picts with a new film/developer I was trying out.
    Know absolutely zero about the QT. I have my original I and 2xII and a MGS and the Kiev. From what you say it needs mercury cells? The leatherette is stuck down with shellac 99% of the time so's it can be lifted and reapplied in just such situations.
    I adapted a Canonet 28 to silver cells successfully but that had more room inside than the QT I'll bet. It involved a series/parallel resistor arrangement and the formula was there and all. I'll try and rat it out. I did it experimentally with a pot. & fly leads, an external power supply (for 1.35 and 1.55V) and a reference light source. I had to assume the metering was correct before I started but seemingly all worked well. That camera has just about finished its voyage round the world in Pass the Rangefinder 5 up at RFF. Only took 2 years! My impression is that it's like herding cats. People just - forget!
    This is the place I mentioned above for mercury cell / silver adaption.
    Maybe it's useful. Maybe not.
    I will await your 400 film results. Years ago I tried Tri-X but today's film are way better. Some people even use that in a Minox!
    Cheers. Murray.
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