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8x11 - Minox

  1. Polovy
    I am a happy owner of Minox A, a 8x11mm camera and I've just used my last film. Does anyone know if it is still possible to buy one without completely clearing ones wallet, or maybe someone has a method to cut film and re-load the cassettes? I never threw one away just in case.
  2. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Polovy, there is a supplier of presut lengths of film if you don't want to purchase new. You just do it yourself. Have a look at
    and Joe Mcloin (XKAES) lists what he has and can also supply a slitter. I got a couple from him and the Minox slitter gives you 2 lengths from 35mm stock.
    The Minox Historucal Society is another source of information. http://www.minox.org/

    Hope this g\helps. I have a 'B' and find the information at the Submini-L Club very useful, too. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/SUBMINI-L/

  3. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Polovy and Murray;

    The SubClub seems to be in a curious state at this time. Yes, the web site is still there, but Joe McGloin has has not been very active on it in the last couple of years or so. He may be off doing other things. I am not sure if he is still selling any products at this time through the web site. However, he does seem to be doing things on e-Bay under "xkaes."

    If you send a message to him, and he does respond with the items you need, please tell us here about that success. It would be nice to have Joe back.


    Latte Land, Washington
  4. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Joe is active on the Submini-L group. He posts regularly so you might contact him via a PM there.
    It's not so long ago I bought my slitters from him so he's not out of the game yet.
  5. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Had some success at last - a rare event, I tell you. The slitter Joe made up for me to cut 2 x Minox from a 35mm roll now has an adapter which allows me to cut the 16mm ImageLink HQ (microfilm) down to 9.2mm for the Minox B.
    Whether I can get good pictures is another thing but I went overboard a bit buying the IL-HQ and ended up with hundreds of feet. The search for a pictorial developer is still on but the SPUR UR holds promise even at great cost. Maybe there's light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. ishutteratthethought
    Hi Murray,
    I have been buying my film from Joe in the past by sending him cassettes to load. He has not been feeling well of late due to an accident.
    I have been thinking of purchasing a slitter soon to cut and roll my own so now I think it is time.
    Are there any tips you can share when loading your own cassettes? Seems like a fairly simple process.
    Also, I picked up another Minox IIIs a couple of weeks ago, I like the Minox B however the IIIs's images I like more, a little more distortion!
  7. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Steve - I'm so sorry. I was away from that date until into October and didn't check in here until today. Pretty awful I know.
    I have 2 of Joe's slitters - one for 120 into 4 x 15.5mm (I never tell the camera) and this one to do 2 Minox from a 35mm strip. They both work well. My only criticism concerns the blades. He uses plain steel ones and I know from past experience that they will rust in time. I therefore replace them with stainless steel ones and they go on forever.
    Any slitter can be awkward in the dark and you have to keep everything at hand in its correct place or they are lost. Joe's slitters are fine.
    Whatever size I'm loading I have an old haemostat clip or something similar to wind up the film. It can be difficult to get it small enough to fit the cassette otherwise. Even a chopstick with two crossed cuts at one end to grab the film end is good.
    Once the film is in the cassette and the lid on I turn on the light and attend to the sticky tape and placing of the take-up side of things.
    I have my 1st load of Rollei Retro 80 in at the moment but only half exposed. I have high hopes for this combination.
    Once again, sorry for the long overdue reply.

  8. ishutteratthethought
    Thanks Murray!
    I will be purchasing a slitter soon. The chopstick idea sounds like a great idea. I will post my results when I get my first roll developed, i still have a couple of cassettes left so that may be a while.
    Still no word from Joe, again, hope he is well.
    Thanks again!
  9. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Yes, Steve. I put a 16th or 1.5mm bend at the tip of the film and wedge it around the two cuts so it won't undo at an awkward moment. Wind it up and introduce it into the cassette finally pushing it right in with my thumb when the tongue of the film is safely coming out thru the slot .

    Haven't heard of any bad news of Joe. Last I heard of him was on the Pentax respooler group, IIRC. Seemed fine then. You never can tell, tho. I lost 2 friends recently most unexpectedly. Very sad.

    Anyhow - lotsa luck! :-)

  10. ishutteratthethought
    Good news!
    Joe is alive and well, I heard from him today.
    He is rolling my film order and will ship in the next day or so!!
    I order some 3200 as well as 400 speed ilford. Love the golf ball grain with the 3200.
    This image was shot with 3200 and then lithed. http://www.apug.org/gallery1/showima...mageuser=24018

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