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  1. Murray Kelly
    I know it's Dansk - i lived in København for a year!

  2. Removed Account2
    Then I expect you picked up the habit of a green tuborg!
    and a "lille gammel danske"!!
  3. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Jeg teller en lille Danske
  4. Iantoz
    I have posted 5 photographs that I took while in Brisbane.
    I developed them in Rodnal 1+50 and I am still not satisfied with the quality.
    My developing is still not good enough and the next thing I am going to try is developing in Caffenol+C.

    The canon photo's are also disappointing compared to the Pentax.

    As always any comments gladly received.

  5. ishutteratthethought
    I do like the images. My whole attraction to the submini format is the distortion/high grain these cameras produce. If these were my images, I would most likley print them with a lith developer, especially the palms image. For me, the lith really brings out what I am trying to convey when using this format. When I set up a shot, I am thinking this process for end results.
    Just my 2 cents.
  6. Iantoz
    Steve, thank's for the comments, it must be my techies background or maybe just a personality trait but I look for perfection. I don't like to see that much grain and the focus needs to be perfect.

    I have become generally pleased with the composition, which is something I've been striving for, for many years.

    I also use a 35mm and a 120 medium format, and of course I can achieve a lot more with those formats.

    I now have a couple of 16mm which is my next adventure.

  7. Ironage
    Thanks for posting these pictures. We need more examples to look at so that all can learn what is possible with these tiny cameras. Personally the Canon seems to be taking the better pictures, with the paddle wheeler showing the best result. I agree that Rodinal is not doing the job for you, but I wouldn't bother with the caffeine developer which is more of an experimental process than a serious developer. In my experience, I have never seen a good picture developed in Rodinal, and just about any other developer will improve your results. HC110 would be interesting, and would bring out more grain.

    My first Minolta 16 pictures have been developed in E-76, and I just got a box of Multigrade to print them on. Results will be posted soon in this group gallery.
  8. Iantoz
    Thanks for the comments, I understand what you are saying about the Rodinal, it's bee a long time since I did any of this and I'm having to learn all over again. I will try a different developer besides the Caffenol, but Ilford would be my other easily available one.

    The other thing I'm struggling with is the scanning, I don't have the space for a dark room so I scan my negs. For the 16mm I have had to modify a 35mm neg holder, I'm pleased with the results, but it's not like a darkroom were I feel more at home. Still it keeps my little grey cells working.

  9. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Steve, I can see your Arch picture, now. What did you do? Repost it?

  10. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Steve, I notice you say Lith (which I presume to be the film) So, you have slit Lith film and developed it in what? The total effect is great.

  11. ishutteratthethought
    Murray, I did repost, not sure what the issue was but at least it can be seen.
    The lith developer is in the printing stage. It is a very weak developer which when used with certain papers, gives you the lith effect. Some papers lith better than others.
    Check out the process here: http://unblinkingeye.com/Articles/Lith/lith.html

  12. Ironage
    I just added pictures from my Minolta 16Ps. The scans look far worse than the prints, I think that it is because of the increased size on the screen. Anyways they are not half as pleasing as the little 3.5x5 pictures I printed.
  13. Iantoz
    Ironage, it is good to see more pictures being posted, how did you scan them? I am still developing my developing technique, the grain I am beginning to accept but the other spots and bits I find very annoying.
  14. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Very nice, Ironage. The high key is great. Did I miss the film/developer combo?

    Your comment about size is relative. On my screen here they are bigger than I would've expected from a 35mm in the 'old' days so they are good technically, too, to my eye.

    The close-up lens has a definite DoF hasn't it? Very well demonstrated.

    Dai, Do you clean the film before scanning? I usually wipe it down with metho and a lintless old handkerchief if it's been lying around here for very long. They collect all sorts of garbage.
  15. Ironage
    The pictures are scan on my printer/scanner after being printed on Ilford Multigrade and developed in E-72 developer. The film is Plus-X movie film developed in E-76. The developers I use are vitamin C/Phenidone types that give results similar to D-76 and Dektol.
  16. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    TU for that. I like to know what is possible out there in the real world!

  17. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Actually, the more I look the more I like the snow scenes. Stark fence and infinite grays in the trees.
    Good work.

    Disclaimer - this has nothing to do with living close to the Tropic of Capricorn.

  18. Iantoz
    Murray, clean negatives, it's one of the areas I need to be more vigilant with, I have my scanner set up in my study were my PC is, it seems the sensible place for it. Unfortunately we have two cats and the older one is my constant companion, in fact I don't even notice her now as she seems to be permanently on my lap. There are cat hairs all over my desk and keyboard, I have tried banning her from my study but she takes no notice.
    The other thing I need to address is my negative holder, it works well but I need some referencing method as it's difficult to get the negative strip to stay in place while I close the top down.

    Always improvements to be made, Dai.
  19. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Steve, I see a new picture there from yourself and all of yours but one (the stone arch) take me to Groups Scandinavian Sales. Nobody else has this problem. I wonder what could be the cause? The actual pointer (link) appears to be fine in wording and syntax but here is where I end up, every time. It's a very old thread you'll notice.

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    1. helmoe
    helmoe - 17th Feb 2008, 22:13 - permalink

    Følgende sælges. Kom med et bud.
    * Axomat 4 forstørrelsesapparat m. Rodenstock Rogonar-SC obj. 1:2,8 50 mm
    * Klapramme 18x24 cm
    * Fokusfinder
    * Multigrade filtre
    * Filmlader
    * 2 Fremkalder tanke til 1 hhv. 2 film
    * 2 måleglas 600 ml
    * Div. plastflasker og tænger
    Bor i 2840 Holte

    2. gandolfi
    gandolfi - 17th Feb 2008, 22:24 - permalink

    hej Niels.

    velkommen til APUG.

    der er en tråd til dette her: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum189/...-kameraer.html

    måske skulle du osse skrive denne annonce her....
  20. ishutteratthethought
    Yes this has happened before. I sent a message to Sean but have yet to hear back.....weird.
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