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  1. Murray Kelly
    Dai, I have pretty well decided on the cameras. I have ordered in some Rollei Retro 80S and with my slitter I can use it in the Minox or a Retina IIa as is. That and a Rollei E-110 with some B&W should more than satisfy any wish I have to take film pics. I won't take the G-11 as Berwyn has a Panasonic TZ something and I always carry a Samsung ST-30 which is actually smaller then a digital Minox with a flash attached.
    Such slow film won't be affected by X-ray machines in carry-on bags. Back to a Beutler developer when I return.

  2. Iantoz
    Murray, sorry that I have only now read your latest post (almost said last post), and it sounds like you've found the balance of cameras that suits you.
    Now as this thread is called scanners I thought I'd get back on track.

    I have bought on eBay a second hand Microtek ScanMaker i900 which works extremely well.
    When I Google'd the scanner prior to bidding, the comments were that it gives good results but is slow. It may be slow by professional standards but to me it seems OK.

    It comes with carriers for, 35mm negs and slides (both hold 12 frames), 120 (4 frames) and 4" x 5" (2 frames) and it also a glass plate A4 size, that lets you put any odd size negs on, with vinyl strips to hold them flat. which is great for all those old negs that I have and of course the 16mm films.

    The glass plate doesn't give as good results as the holders, but it's still very good.

    My latest toys a Kowa 6 and a Bronica etr, they both give me the quality that I have always sought after, off track again, but at least it's all about the things we love !!!

  3. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Dai, no need for apologies. I left it a looooong time myself to reply to Steve.

    It so happens I have a Microtek scanner from Aldi. Not sure of the real Microtek number unfortunately as I would like to get the Silverfast software for it. It comes with something else I'm not too sure about but I'm learning slowly. As you comment it is slow. They claim 4800 x 9600 but that seems ridiculous. Especially for a flatbed - even for allowing it uses a film/slide holder. 35mm and less only :-(

    From my experience the focal plane is closer to the glass than the slide holder is and thus the sharpness isn't that crash hot with slides.

    I will cobble up a better arrangement for the submin stuff myself.

  4. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    OK - I went mad and bought a Plustek 8100 which comes with Silverfast SE as a bundle.

    Whatever they say abt the scanner it is built like a brick. I ran some 16mm exposed in a Pentax Auto 110 (shanghai SP3) and I could tell the difference between 7200 and 3600 despite some criticism on the net. 35mm probably doesn't matter. Sub-min vitally so.

    My complaint is with the film holder and the software. It most difficult to load 16,mm or Minox 9.5mm but it can be done , tho awkwardly.

    The software is arcane.

    I only wish I knew more about 3D printing so's I could make a carrier for the smaller formats. I think all it would need is a top section suitably modified with 16mm channels. Even Minox would fit in there. The design is click assembled so pulling it apart when needed shouldn't be too much of a problem. I am working on it. I have plenty of copper clad printed circuit board (PCB) and that makes a wonderful building block. Basically all one needs is a channel holding the film flat on the lower half of the film holder. If they didn't have the flamin' clip right bang in the middle it would be a piece of cake.

    The trouble with problems like this it occupies your day, when you orta be doing other stuff.

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