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  1. Removed Account2
    I note that we need scanners of some sort to show our work.

    Since I prefer negative scanners for 35, I've been pondering some sort of scanner for 16mm.

    I note this on E-bay :


    This little thing has a tray for 35mm slides and negatives AND a tray for 110, which probably can be used for Minolta also....

    It's a small USB-scanner that is said to deliver 3600 DPI, translated to 110, this will give approximately 4,3 megapixel and a little less on Minox/Minolta an so on. I suspect the 3600 DPI number is a little optimistic, it is probably some sort of SW in thewre some place...........

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with these little devices, they are cheap and cheerful, but suspicion arise.....
  2. Iantoz
    Hi, I have the Plustek 7200 scanner that I am pleased with, it came with carriers for 35mm negative and slides and I understand it's possible to get 110 (16mm) carriers also. I have seen them advertised in the US, does anyone know where I can purchase one of these?

    I am trying to set up for 110 developing and then scanning into my PC.

  3. Removed Account2
    Where do you find 110 film these days?
  4. Iantoz
    I managed to buy a lot of Fujicolor 200asa cassettes recently. The film is out of date, but I wanted them for the cassettes so that I can reload with B&W. If you need any I can sell some to you for a reasonable price. Let me know, Dai.
  5. Iantoz
    Hi, I have modified my negative holder from 35mm to 16mm film. I have rescanned a photo and posted it. I did the rescan as a colour neg.
    Any comments would be appreciated.

  6. Removed Account2
    What we now are waiting for is pictures of the modified negative holder!
  7. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    What Eric is saying is: it is much better and how about showing us how you did it? :-)
    The detail is way better. You are on the focal point now.
    My scanners are flat-bed and I wonder what goes on inside to accommodate a film holder. Do they adjust the focus somehow or do they accept the system has a certain DoF?
    Some upmarket scanners allow manual focusing. I wonder how that is achieved.
    Anyway, Dai, they are be much better.
  8. Iantoz
    Erik and Murray, I have posted photos of my efforts, with descriptions of my thoughts and assembly methods. I hope it all makes sense to you, if any body has questions please contact me and I will help wherever I can.

  9. Jayd
    I would love to have the Fuji 200 film if there is any chance it is good, either removed from the cassette or possibly trade for Kodak Gold 400.
    Please let me know if you have any interest.
    Thank you
  10. nei1
    the photo that Ive posted here was scanned into my computer using a minolta 5400 mk1 after the neg was put into a minox 8x11 normal size paper slide mount.its very sharp.
  11. 1965falcon
    Hi, Go easy on me, my first post here. I've been shooting minox slide, color and B/w for three years now and I have been using an old canonScan FS2710 utilising the 35mm holder to spread my 8x10 minox negs across for scanning. Using vuescan software, I find it more than adequate to handle these tiny negs.
    I am playing with "tech pan,"at the moment, slitting and loading on minox carts (anyone interested?) I am amazed at the resolution of film on a minox after scanning.
  12. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Just noticed your last comment and sat up. I am trying to use Imagelink HQ and am having a very long and frustrating time with developers suitable for it.

    The best so far is a kind of POTA derivative altho metol at low pH was very promising with test charts but not so good in real life. I should get back to that.

    I slit film for the Minox getting 2 from a 35mm width. Haven't had the 'B' for long and went for Polypan F but not too enthused with the sharpness. Something wrong there, I'm sure.It is capable of much better. The Imagelink is 16mm so I haven't tried microfilm in the Minox yet but remembered I have Bluefire (Copex Rapid ) in 35mm.

    It would be good to know what you're using for developer for the Tech Pan.

    I scan on a 4800dpi scanner from Aldi - Microtek, I believe but the copying to a digital camera attracts if only for the time factor! Whatever I do it has to be improved by a better film holder, 16mm or Minox.

  13. Iantoz
    Murray, my friend has tried Tech Pan film with little success when it came to developing, he was particularly disappointed as the developer is very expensive.

    I took some caffinol developer around to him and we tried a number of different films using it, and to his delight the results with his Tech Pan was an acceptable development.

    We used the caffinol + C mixture and feel it needs a little extra.

    Hope you are well, regards Dai.
  14. Iantoz
    Hi everyone, I thought I'd give you all a quick update.

    I have managed to graft a Kiev 16mm negative carrier (it came with a Kiev 30 camera I bought) into one of the 35mm slide carriers that I have for the plustek OpticFilm scanner that I have.

    It's a little bit of a fiddle but it works well.

  15. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Been a long time, Dai. How are you finding the Plustek scanner? I am getting round to thinking about a better scanner.
    The one thing I haven't tried is Caffenol C so maybe it needs some work. Did you let it stand or agitate? Or perhaps semi-stand.
    Microfilm hilights are the buggaboo but a little ferricyanide helps kill them. Pun intended.

    Did you recalibrate the meter on the half frame? I did it once on a Canonet 28 but I had a starting point with a mercury cell. I was setting it up for silver cells.

  16. Iantoz
    Murray, we've just returned from a holiday around Japan and taking in Vladivostok and Busan. We finished up in Beijing where we were entertained by some Chinese students that had attended the UoW on an MBA course two years ago, they treated us very well.

    I bought the Plustek because of the software it came with, and on the whole I'm very pleased with it. The 16mm film is a a bit fiddley but I suspect that would be the case regardless of which scanner you bought.

    The meter calibration I have not done yet, but I have rebuilt my light source using a light from an old slide projector complete with the condenser glass. It seems to work well and the cedar I used for the case looks nicer that the my first effort which I'd just painted.

    I also have two Canon Dial 35's which give me all the bits I need to make one working camera, apart from the Rollie 35 that needs the film advance adjusted, it's finding the time to do all these things.

    I have some 35mm film from my holiday colour and B&W and I have to decide what to develop them in ? caffinol or the tried and trusted way, decisions decisions.

    I trust that you're well and look forward to hearing from you and maybe us catching up the next time I visit my daughter,
  17. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Sounds like you had a great trip. Berwyn went to N America with a friend but I didn't go. My feet are letting me down badly nowadays.

    I have been looking at the Plustek for some time now. There was a lot of skepticism about the claimed ppi but that seems to have gone away. Must be pretty well as said. I think you need something really good to get the most out of these small frames. Admittedly the carrier can be a problem as you note. Minox is a real challenge.

    The meter I re-calibrated was really not a total job merely an adjustment of the original 1.35V to 1.55V by adding a series/shunt resistor arrangement. I assumed that it was still OK for the lower volts. I used a lamp with a dimmer and observed the top reading on auto then adjusted the meter to the same reading with the higher voltage. Not the same as you're trying to do. Good luck with that one! :-)

    The cameras here that need attention sit and sneer at me for being so slack. I daren't look at them as I pass. :-(

    Yes give us a yell next time you come up here. We can compare notes.

  18. Iantoz
    Hi, an update on my two Canon Dial 35's, I was convinced that I could get a working camera out of these two but so far no luck.
    I am now looking at buying a third one but this time a working camera although I have so many cameras now that it's getting rather silly.

  19. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Hi, an update on my two Canon Dial 35's, I was convinced that I could get a working camera out of these two but so far no luck.
    I am now looking at buying a third one but this time a working camera although I have so many cameras now that it's getting rather silly.


    Ha! How many is silly? I have over 40 and from what I read that's a drop in the bucket! Not having the sense to use them is silly. Have to decide which to take on a trip Berwyn is dragging me off to and it's darn difficult. The digitals go everywhere nowadays but I like to have a film camera about me and I can't even decide if it's to be 35mm or 16mm or Minox!
    I have a Rollie E-110 with some Seagull 120 slit down or the Minox with some Rollei Retro-80S. Or the burgeoning 35mm collection. A rangefinder beckons me there. Doubtless I will decide at the last moment, as usual!

  20. Iantoz
    Murray, I go through the same cartwheels before every trip, if it helps I took my Panasonic Lumix tz7 (which takes more pleasing photo's than my Canon DSLR) and an EOS-A2 35mm film camera with two lenses, a 19-35 wide angle zoom and a 28-105 zoom.

    I took all the digital pix to keep Barbara happy and when we returned I had fun developing my 35mm B&W film.

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