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What films?

  1. Murray Kelly
    I have a rather large supply of ImageLink HQ and a bunch of BlueFire (Copex Rapid). Any one in the group had happy results with developers for these microfilms? I have been trying all sorts of developers. Some are the highly dilute versions which haven't worked for me. It seems the high dilution is used to achieve a lower pH than normal. There are better and more predictable ways.
    My conclusion is that a developer that is 'sturdy' but with a low pH (eg Technidol) is starting to give me something like pictorial results. Something like Soemarko LC-1.
    Comments, please.
  2. ishutteratthethought
    I am all about the web for information.
    Check this out Murray, may be of some help.
  3. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Yes, Steve. I found that, too. It is fairly typical in having such a contrasting range of opinions and ways to develop the IL HQ.
    I'll continue with my low pH metol experiments, I think.!
  4. Iantoz
    Hi, I have a few Fujicolor Superia 200 asa twin packs that I am willing to sell. I bought them for the cassettes to load with B&W film. I don't need them all and I'm quite happy to sell a few to help cover my costs.
    If you're interested please contact me. What I would really like is a 110 negative holder for my Plustek 7200 scanner. Any help in finding one would be much appreciated.
  5. Grif
    Did you ever find a developer that satisfied you?
  6. Removed Account2
    Negative holder : I would like one for my Canon 8800 scanner, as I saw one gentleman making a film cutter thingie, I was wiondering if anyone had made their own negative holder, or know of a net-resource for plans of one
  7. Grif
    Hey Murry,,, have you tried anything like this on your microfilm?
    Adotech CMS developer
  8. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    No, Grif. I think it would all turn out to be way out of my price range if you include the cost of P&P. Allegedly good stuff tho, from reading the mail.
    Next I want to try SLIMT using a pre-bath of dilute Pot ferricyanide like the author says he has success with on TechPan.

  9. Grif
    Have you access to chemicals to brew up PMK yourself?
  10. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Yes, Grif. Just enough pyrogallol for a batch of 100ml of stock A. Why?
  11. Grif
    I keep looking at the microfilm offerings for the 16mm's, but really don't want to do the homework necessary to get good results. Just hoping for a chance to plagerise a bit. ;-)
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