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Your latest submiature find!

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  1. Murray Kelly
    Ralph, you are so right. I have been looking at the date of the last post (yours) and it's 6 months since then.

    A dear departed friend not long ago gave me a Durst M6xx (in the cupboard) and a Leica IIIg which needed a service from lack of use.
    With the Durst I found that the ENLA needed a deeper mount than the Sixtub as the 'bellows' wouldn't get anywhere near enough to work in any meaningful way. What I need is a Sixtif. Or I make one. Like you. I am mucking around with plastic plumbing fittings. The ENLA is 39mm and I haven't seen one that is suitable for less than a prince's ransom.

    Also given a 16mm Pailard-Bolex 16mm movie camera and the 16mm lens looks ideal for Minox but again the mount and bellows are the problem.

    Hence, I bought a Plustek 8100 and am exploring ways to manufacture a carrier for that, but my best effort lately is a scan of a wet print from a Minolta 16 of long, long ago. Almost makes one think?

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