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Your latest submiature find!

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  1. Murray Kelly
    Ralph, you are so right. I have been looking at the date of the last post (yours) and it's 6 months since then.

    A dear departed friend not long ago gave me a Durst M6xx (in the cupboard) and a Leica IIIg which needed a service from lack of use.
    With the Durst I found that the ENLA needed a deeper mount than the Sixtub as the 'bellows' wouldn't get anywhere near enough to work in any meaningful way. What I need is a Sixtif. Or I make one. Like you. I am mucking around with plastic plumbing fittings. The ENLA is 39mm and I haven't seen one that is suitable for less than a prince's ransom.

    Also given a 16mm Pailard-Bolex 16mm movie camera and the 16mm lens looks ideal for Minox but again the mount and bellows are the problem.

    Hence, I bought a Plustek 8100 and am exploring ways to manufacture a carrier for that, but my best effort lately is a scan of a wet print from a Minolta 16 of long, long ago. Almost makes one think?

  2. Xmas
    I dug out two of four 110 bits of kit

    - Minolta SLR mkI ~ signs of fog on lens
    - Rolli 110 A ~ seems ok with three hearing aid batteries

    - missing all plastic P&S 110 camera
    - missing FSU portable enlarger which had a sub neg carrier

    as well had one 110 cassette from 1981
    bought a Lomo cassette 100 ISO mono made in Ch
    liberated another from film lab display showcase they only allowed me one

    also have

    two damaged Patterson dev reels and fine tooth hack saw...
    scalpel embedded in thumb - separating cassette

  3. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Welcome Xmas. Haven't seen you on this group before. Lots of other groups but I think this is your first post here.
    It's rather quiet at the moment as you can see.
    The MiInolta SLR Mk1 always seems to have the lenses growing things. Mine, too. Odd, really, as their other lenses and cameras never get a mention in this regard.
    The Rollei A110 is a nice camera but I seem to gravitate to the 110-E for some reason. The batteries are a problem and as a part cure I changed the germanium diode for a silicon which drops a bit more voltage and lets me get away with silver cells in a stack. The Sr44 x 3 and a single SR43 (or is it 42?) which is just that bit thinner will fill the battery case nicely. The voltage will then be high and it over exposes a stop unless you're using old stock and that 'needs' the extra exposure anyway. Can't remember the 110-A just now but the 110-E allows some latitude by sliding a bar in the viewfinder to go darker or lighter.
    Having a dedicated enlarger is a big plus. Hope it turns up. Scanning is hard work and I'm seriously considering some 'handiwork' on the slide carrier for the Plustek 8100 to accept 16mm (and Minox) films. Don't do many transparency films these days! :-)
    I noted on the other postings there was talk of how to get the film out. My lab showed me how they do it. They poke a thin rod from the back thru the counter window until the tail and paper pop out of the supply side, then they pull the paper (never the film - that way lies a major paper jam and a possible lost film) to get the film out of the take-up side. All this in the dark, obviously!
    My ancient Patterson 1 reels can be pushed way down and all I had to do was make a groove for it to lock in at the right place for 16mm/110 and Minolta/Kiev stuff. Actually all the way down is Minox width - that tank goes from 9.2mm all the way to 120.
    I have a feeling the LOMO cassettes don't have the counter hole? Just bare film. I reload a different way, but rather poorly explained in the photo section of the group. My stash of Fuji cassettes don't crack open as well as the others. They use more glue I think. I was forced to march to the beat of a different drum.
    Great to have a new voice here. We need stirring up.
  4. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Murray and Xmas;

    Stirring up is OK, but please be careful what you use. I don't mind a spoon, but the forks are disturbing, and the knives are downright scary. (Well, yesterday was Halloween here.)

    I am still using my old supply of Minolta cartridges, and I do have a few Kiev cartridges, and I am still using something like Scotch tape to hold the tops on the chambers. Taking the tape off is a little easier in the dark or inside the changing bag.


    Latte Land, Washington
  5. Xmas
    The Lomo 110 cassettes are full clones of Kodak ones except for a different moulding, unless you have a Kodak to compare side by side you won't see a difference.

    The backing paper has a notch for a dentist pick just like a Kodak but pushing via the counter aperture is easier thanks.

    Im hoping the carrier for the enlarger is not for a Riga. It is a small suitcase enlarger and is still hiding.

    None of my Patterson reels will go smaller than 35mm without a saw...

    Lomo do a flat bed scanner film carrier for their 110s, but not seen one in flesh yet!
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