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Your latest submiature find!

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  1. Removed Account2
    Kicking off an ongoing thread, tell your friends about your latest finds (and maybe aggravate a fellow that just lkost out on an E-bay bid.....)

    Starting I like to share the latest one in through the door here :

    A lovly little japanese gem, apparently from the 1950's
    Mycro Uno IIIA in a nice, like-new leather case .

    Not one of the dinky toys made later in the 1960's this has a decent littel Mycro UNA lens, 20mm f: 4,5 with diaphragm going from 4,5 to 11, nice, working shutter 1/25 to 1/100 plus B.

    The camera is clean and still functioning 100% and has a used roll film inside. Since I have no clue about this film it will later be processed in Cafenol developer, to see if anything can be rescued.

    I have one question : does anyone have a source to film for this little gem?
  2. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Erik;

    The best source I can offer for information on this camera is Joe McGloin's old web site, The Sub Club. www.subclub.org Joe may not be supporting it very much at this time, but at least it is still there. It will take a bit to get down to it, but if you follow the steps down: From the Sub Club opening page, go to The Camera Shop, then The Camera Counter, then The List, then 17.5mm Film Cameras (it uses split 35mm film), then Sanwa Mycro Cameras, and finally Sanwa Mycro IIIA.

    Film may be a challenge, but you can get a film splitter for 35mm film and slice your own. There is also the possibility that someone in Hong Kong or China is still making this type camera and film may still be available for it.

    Joe's other related site; www.subclub.org/sponsors/goathil2.htm has film splitters and some types of film for it. He did also provide film and reels with paper backing to be wound onto the reel with the film for the HIT camera. Go to the site at the link provided. Or, just burrow down again from www.subclub.org. Go to The Sponsors down near the bottom of the page, then Goat Hill Photo, then HIT-size film.


    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  3. Removed Account2
    Found Goat Hill already from this forum, but I was concentrating on the fact that Joe is selling chemicals by the gram, which is very convenient in this day and age where any liquids are bound to be picked up by those looking for "terrorists"......

    BTW your Sig-line, referring to latte-land, does that have anything to do with you developing films in Caffenol? Many people are amused by developing films in "coffe"!
  4. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Erik, for Pete's sake, keep your voice down!

    If the powers out here find out that I am using coffee for industrial purposes instead of a way to keep awake while programming, or relaxing before going to bed, or having a conversation with someone, there will be an inquest, and I will be the guest of honor. Remember, I live in the backyard of the home of Starbucks. And Tulley's. And a collection of smaller independant coffee roasters. They're everywhere. Even the old Smith Brothers Coffee or Seattle's Best Coffee or SBC, is still around although it was bought by Starbucks. I think they learned about doing that from our computer software friends who live in Redmond, another part of the backyard of Latte Land.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  5. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Over on Pentax110respoolers group there was this posting. Murray

    To All:

    I have a lot of submini stuff I have to get rid of.

    I'm moving out of my house and into a small apartment
    for the remainder of my retirement, and I won't have
    room for this equipment:

    Pentax Auto 110 cameras (several) with lenses, flash.
    A lot of Fuji 110 color print film.
    Minolta 16, perhaps 5 types, with a lot of film and empty cassettes.
    Two Minox B's in good shape with a bunch of film and empty cassettes.
    Minox developing tank
    Russian Kiev copy of Minolta 16, with cassette.
    Probably more....if I dig deep enough.

    And when I'm finished with the submini stuff, I have to move out the 35mm
    and roll film stuff (about 30 items)

    All available for next to nothing.

    Respond if interested.

    Roland F. Harriston
  6. ishutteratthethought
    Roland, i would be very interested in the film you have for the Minox. Let me know what you have and how much $ you want.
    I can use PayPal if you wish. Also, what price would you be asking for the Minox B's?
  7. Removed Account2
    Yo Steve! Roland is not a member of this group, nor is he a member of APUG, to my knowledge. I got a mail from him this morning, he's compiling a list, but I have a hunch most of the stuff is already spoken for.....
  8. Removed Account2
    Somebody help me! Today I got another Minolta 16 EE, it seems to be in excellent condition, maybe the EE is on the blinker......
    These things seem to rain down on me, but I'm kinda proud, I managed not to put in a bid on a Minolta 16 EE-II, so maybe there's hope?
  9. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Took delivery of Roland's Minox B and tank with 5 cassettes in the mail yesterday. Am now on a learning curve - how to adjust exposures with a fixed f3.5 lens. All adjustments done with the speed selection. 1/2 to 1/1000 second. The meter still works with a grey card OK but the sunny 16 rule is now film speed x 20. Still getting my head around that one.
    Don't want to alter my slitter so will get one for the minox to give 2 strips from 35mm. Have loads ( :-) ) of that and it's another way to use some of it up. No thermometer in the tank but that is easily substituted. Wish me luck.
    Anyone seen peanut flash bulbs lately? More grins.
  10. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    Well, I hope this is the proper place for this kind of an announcement:

    In the continuing acquisition of camera equipment, a different small camera has appeared. This time it is a Minolta 110 Zoom SLR. Yes, the original. It is not a camera most people would show proudly. This one is a "user." Even then, it took some repair to get it up to that state. Somehow in writing the description of the camera, they forgot to mention that the front lens element and the focusing helicoid were a bit "floppy." In deference to the people, I will point out that the sale price was not extravagant. It is just that if something is described as "used," I expect it to be functional, just as it says in the included definition of what "used" is supposed to mean. The comment that they were not photographers and did not have film to try it out does not seem to apply in this particular case. I think anyone can tell when something is loose and flopping around. That big auction site on the internet is not a reliable place for purchasing working equipment.

    Anyway, another sample of the Minolta 110 Zoom SLR is also on the way. What can I say? I am still optomistic and hopeful. And, I do still have some cartridges for it. And, right here we have heard discussion of cartridges perhaps becoming available for it again.

    There is also some Minolta 16mm film on the way too. With all of the Minolta 16 and 16 II cameras around here, it will be nice to have some film to put into them again.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  11. bushpig
    I don't have it in my possession yet, but I should have a Minox B on it's way to me soon. I sometimes check the craigslist page for my hometown where I still have friends. A friend is going to check it out and pick it up if it's in as good condition as the ad described.

    $50 for the camera, flash (don't know which one), and case. I don't know if case means the box it came in, or the leather (leatherette?) case, or if it comes with the chain (I hope so!), but for $50 it sounded like a good deal.
  12. Grif
    Ralph,,, you gotta come clean about the burnt coffee (starbucks), in Seattle. It's the only way you folks can stand the weather and the (male) pro sport teams!!!

    So, I'm up to (wait,,, which group is this??? OhYea, small cameras) two Minolta MG's in really nice shape, a really nice clean working minox C(?electronic shutter), and two or three Minolta 16s and 16 II's, a couple of kodak 110's from the family, and one or two 127 kodaks. 127 really doesn't have a home anywhere, does it?

    So, just as a general question. Did they ever build a stanless steel minox reel? I've got a 16mm reel from a past life, that's a bit the pain to use.
  13. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Grif;

    Nice to see you here also!

    Regarding "burnt coffee" (Starbucks, Tully's, SBC, Fidalgo, Islander, Lion, Kona, or any other brand, even the grocery store coffee), the "burnt" quality in the flavor is usually an effect of the processing in the preparation of the beverage form, or in the maintenance of the equipment used for that purpose. It should not be a product of the roasting process. If it is, that will be apparent when you open the container, and you will know that this particular batch of beans suffered a fate worse than simple death.

    And, yes, a warm cup of coffee does indeed help offset some of the effects of the gray clouds that greet us most mornings of the year. We know that the sun has risen again each day, because the underside of the clouds have turned a light gray again.

    Regarding the capabilities of the local sports teams (the exception being the women's basketball group), I do not know what to say. Please remember also that you are making that comment to a guy who once missed a question on a test because he did not know the minimum number of games in which they could play the World Series in baseball.

    Changing back to things photographic, it does seem that there are always some 110 Cartridge cameras in every family. I had a couple of them also while back there, but you may remember the Minolta 16 II in its gray leather case that sat on top of my wallet in the right front pocket of my trousers. It did come out at times. If I knew that I would be taking photographs at a gathering, I usually brought along the Minolta SR-1b kit.

    And, before Murray steps in here and steals my opportunity, yes, there have been Nikor stainless steel developing reels for the Minox 9.8mm film. There was one on e-Bay this summer, and it went for a reasonable price. It was cheaper than the Nikor 16mm reels I have been trying to get. I do have many Nikor, Kindermann, and other brand stainless steel reels for 35mm film, but the best that I have used are the Hewes reels from England. They have the nicest, most logical film loading system. Once the 35mm sprocket holes go over the two little tabs in the center of the Hewes reels, it is so simple to just wind the film into the spiral slot.

    OK. So, you have topped me in covering a wider range of film formats. Both of us go up to 4 by 5, but you go down to Minox, while I stop at 16mm.


    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  14. Removed Account2
    I was visiting a collector of fine old Voigtländer cameras a few days ago, he has cabinets along all walls, filled to the brim, lots of Voigt stuff, but I niticed a few items missing, at least in display. Among those was a Voightländer Vitoret 110, so I hasted back home and bid on a E-bay auction. The camera arrived today, in pristine condition. Not a earth-shaking design, but anice little 110 where they put a lot of thought in the design - and execution of same.

    A nice addition, they are going cheap, and there are no more made, so they will be pretty valuable, if for nothing else but the name. Recommended.
  15. Ironage
    My latest submini find has caused me to get back into submini photography. My first camera was a Minox B which was unfortunately lost in a fire.

    My second was a Canon ED 110. I was still able to get processing and film at the local Walmart a few years back. The pictures were gorgeous! Then 110 became hard to come by.

    Now in a local junk shop I found a Minolta 16Ps for $6.00 with the box, flash, and cases. I had always been curious about 16mm because I also like to shoot 8mm film in my Bolex (pictured) and the ability to load the same film in both cameras. All I needed was an enlarger. Thanks to ebay and $44 that has been solved as well. The enlarger came with a Minolta 16 tank and both were practically new!

    I am back in business
  16. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Over on photonet Julian Tanase has posted a Minox lead that may interest some here.


    12 cartridges from Blue Moon.

    Don't need 12 myself but if anyone in Oz wants say, six, I'm willing to go halves.

  17. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    It seems that this forum topic has not had much traffic. I will correct that. However, I will also admit that there are two (2) slots here on the Subminiature Forum where this is appropriate. So, since it does not cost too much more to send another message, I will put that information here also, as it is one of my most recent finds. Today, in fact.

    This afternoon there was handed to me an Asahi-Pentax "Auto 110" 110 cartridge camera with three lenses (the 18mm f:2.8, 24mm f:2.8, and 50mm f:2.8), and the AF100P electronic flash for it, but I have not yet found the little Autowinder that goes onto the bottom.

    Yes, I am still doing things with small film formats also. However, I may need to wander over to the 35mm Camera Forum and admit my latest indiscretions over there also. Probably on Saturday morning when I get to go stand in line for the Confessional Booth Ramblings.


    Latte Land, Washington
  18. Iantoz
    Ralph, re the Pentax auto winder, it only works with when the film has the " frame reference hole" IE the commercial film.

    So if like me you load your own film then it's of no use to you, also a lot of the winders have broken lugs for the battery compartment, it's a poor design.

    How does he know al this I hear you say, well I have a winder with a broken battery door.

    And yes things have been very quiet for far too long.

  19. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Dai;

    Yes, sir, just exactly as you mentioned, the Pentax AW100 auto winder which finally arrived here does indeed have the dreaded battery compartment cover broken bottom latch. If there is a choice to make the effort and try it, it can be held in place with a length of black electrician's tape. It will hardly be noticeable to the casual observer. A pity that such an otherwise interestingly designed camera should have that one really obvious shortcoming. Well, as you mentioned, with "rolling your own," the utility of the auto winder may not be all that high. But then, it really is a special purpose device anyway, so that should not be a problem in regular normal use.


    Latte Land, Washington
  20. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good grief, it has been quiet here. Nothing posted for about six months now. Well, there have been a couple of things here:

    Just a couple of months ago, two cardboard boxes where handed to me. They contained a lot of camera stuff, and the fellow said that he was glad to find someone still with an interest in these things, and he had been planning to just throw them out into the trash bin. As I said, there was a lot of stuff in there, but one very nice item is a Minolta 110 Zoom SLR camera in the fitted zipper case. This is a very nice sample of that subminiature 110 cartridge camera. And 110 film is still available. It looks like the Lomography people have managed to bring that format back, and a couple of other companies are again offering 110.

    And there is a new enlarger here now, and it is almost set up. No, this one was not in those boxes, but it was in two other boxes that were shipped from Canada. This one is a Durst M-700 that will go up to 6x9 negatives from 120 roll film. There are some lenses here to fit that size, but I do need to find or have made some lens boards to fit other lenses for more convenient format swapping. However, I do have only one 25mm ENLA unit for use with 16mm film, so I might need to pull it out of the Durst IXOTUB recessed lens board for the Durst 606, and put it into something for the Durst M-700. Or maybe just leave the Durst 606 set up as the subminiature enlarger.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
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