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110 cassettes

  1. Iantoz
    I have just received a number of Fujicolor superia 200 ASA film cassettes in twin film boxes, the use by dates are from 2001 to 2004.
    As I have only bought these to reload the cassettes with B&W film I am willing to pass some of these on to anyone would like to buy some (I would just like to cover my costs).
    If you are interested, or can help with any information on building a film cutter, and possibly how I can obtain a 110 negative holder suitable for the Plustek 7200 scanner I would love to hear from you.
    Regards David.

    I live in NSW Australia, these films came from the USA I am happy to post them any where.
  2. Removed Account2
    You have PM
  3. Removed Account2
    110 (and 16mm & 9,5mm) negative holder? That seems like a PROJECT! Maybe we could get togetjer and share info, ideas and pictures, so we can make our own, suited to our needs?
  4. Iantoz
    Plustek OpticFilm - 110 Film Adapter / Holder
    Film Size: 110, Pocket Instamatic, 16mm.
    Plustek OpticFilm scanner models: 7200, 7200i, 7200i SE, 7300, 7300i, 7300i SE, 7400, 7400i, 7400i SE, 7400i AI, 7500, 7500i, 7500i SE, 7500i AI, 7600, 7600i, 7600i SE, 7500i AI, 7600, 7600i, 7600i SE, 7600i AI. Any and all OpticFilm models.

    A simple and effective solution for scanning non 35mm film strips.

    This is a new product (9/15/09) similar in look and function to our Nikon holders. Updated pictures and instruction will follow shortly.

    More information ------> Click Hear for Instruction pdf

    this item FREE SHIPPING - World Wide - Free Shipping

    This is what I get when I google the 110 film holder. It looks good but always says they're out of stock.

    The web site is www.filmscanusa.com and the price is listed as US$75.00, maybe they're availiable as second hand on ebay?
  5. Removed Account2
    I was thinking along these lines : have a close look at the hlder you already have. Get some of the black plastic document holders found cheply in office supply stores. Have at it and copy the deign outer measures identical, but opening for negative strip adapted to the smaller 16mm film. Try your best to copy the design so that you have a lower basis for the film and an upper holder, never mind openings for each negative, like in the factory designs, or if some form of holder is desirable to keep the film as flat as possible, just leave one single mm and place the negative stripp accordingly.

    I have my strips cut and stored in ordinary 24 picture negative sheets, i.e. strips of four 35mm negatives length, I would make a a6mm negative holder accordingly.

    I will have a go at this after summer vacation, but my scanner is a Canon 8800F, since I scan 6x6 also.

    PLustek : there are several brands of these simple copiuers entering the market, some have, some dont have 110 adapters, and those that have seem amazing there must be a market for 110 out there, somehow.
    The last copier I looked at had a resulution of 5 MPx interpoled, which means a little over 2 MpX ( ca1920x1280) in real terms on a 24x36 negative, that leaves precious few pixels on a 12x17 negative and even less on a 10x14....
    The maker of that last one stressed their product was NOT a scanner, but a copier........
  6. Iantoz
    I have been giving some thought to your suggestion of making my own 110 negative holder and the more I think about it the more I think it's possible. What I need is to get hold of a second 35mm holder and adapt that?

    This will give me time to make a film slitter, as I use 35mm B&W that's the obvious size to make.

    The developer tank problem is almost solved and I'm now wrestling with a method to reload the cassettes, Murrey's ideas seem to be winning out there.

    I'l keep you all informed.
  7. Iantoz
    Another piece of the puzzle in place, I now have a Jobo developing tank that will take 16mm film, not here yet but on it's way.
    I now need to make my film slitter, I plan on using Lucky 400 35mm film, it's cheap and I've had good results in 35mm format.

    I have just read Murray's latest on photographing the negs using a back light, sounds interesting and worth investigating.

  8. Iantoz
    Well it's turned out that the Jobo developing tank I bought was an earlier model than the 1500 series I needed to buy. It only takes one 35mm film but it is still handy (if I only have one film to develop). The search goes on.
    I am still in the planing phase for the film slitter and I am at present collecting materials to build the same.
    More information as I advance with the projects.
  9. Jayd
    Here is a link for tons of helpful sub information http://subclub.org/
  10. Iantoz
    Jayd, I have sent you a private message via this site.

  11. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    The Lomography Shop has 110 cassettes loaded with 100 ISO B&W film.
    No paper backing but no hole in the back of the cassette either so you have to keep count of the shots as you go. It is perforated at every inch like colour but there is no mask around each frame either.
    I wonder if it occurred to them to put the holes closer since there is no pre-exposed frame? You could get about 30-35 on a standard length that way.


  12. Xmas
    Lomo are now doing mono, c41 & E6 normal backing paper...

    110 cassettes
  13. Xmas
    Hi 110 people...

    The Lomo cassettes are good quality near clones of my ex-Kodak but slightly more glue.
    And I can take them apart with finger nails rather than scalpel.
    Now all I need is 100 foot of cine and a development spiral.

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