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Minolta Dayload 16

  1. Removed Account2
    Daylight loading tank, specially made for Minolta 16 casettes.

    Look at the pictures, this is like new in the box, never been used, even the recipt note is still there!

  2. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Eric - never seen one. Looks good to me. Presumably it is like the Minox and you clip the free end to something and wind and drag the film out? The cassette stays inside all the while.
    How much developer does it require?
    Nice catch!
  3. Removed Account2
    Since it used MORE dveloper than my bog standard old Paterson with a 16mm wheel, I prefer that, I don't mind sitting in the dark!

    So its kinda up for grabs, I was talking to a gentleman here about that (plum furrgit!) and suggested an even swap for an interesting camera, we was talking Kodak Instamatic reflex or maybe Kodak Instamatic 500 in good shooting condition.
    I have since landed a KI reflex on Ebay, a nice shooter that currently has an old pack of Kodacolor in it that will be developed B&W in Caffenol-C.

    So I really am at loss here, I have so many cameras already, I even have duplicates that needs to be sold off to someone willing to do CLA and put them to use, but I will not SELL the thing an even swap of some sort to an enthusiast that has some use for it (use as intended, collection, exposition etc) is what is in the cards for me.
  4. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    "Kodacolor in it that will be developed B&W in Caffenol-C."

    Eric, I have wanted to try that for a while now but was dissuaded by argument that the orange mask would still be a problem. How does it come out?

    Well, I'm like you. I have at least 3 tanks that can take 16mm and loading in a bag or the dark isn't any problem. A bit like stand development in a way - I have plenty of time but there's folk that can't wait 30' or 2hrs to see results.
  5. Removed Account2
    Kodacolor and B/W development, this used to be a big no-no in the bygone days of bromide paper only.

    I develop FILM, not paper, I no longer has the health nor stamina to stay several days on end in the dark to try to persuade a picture to come out as I like it.

    I scan negatives. ALL scanners are color scanners by now. At the flick of a switch, either physically or in the Windows/Mac work-environment a two-tone image with a heavy orange mask is magically transformed into a beautiful B/W negative, another flick of a switch and you have a positive image.

    In the case of 28x28mm from an instamatic negative you will see details never before seen, as 99,99% of those was made into 3x3" prints and stuffed into a drawer.....

    A 56x56mm negative from 120 film and a half-decent 70 years old folder will yeld 45Mb pictures that rivals the best digital SLRs easily.........

    Developing Kodacolor in caffenol is dead easy for anyone that has EVER developed a film: stuff it in the tank, search out the Caffenol formula on the net, get the ingredients, found in most everday-stores, mix them and develop for about 20 minutes at 20 degrees centigrade, fix it and water it out. Thats it! Its ubelievable easy!
  6. Iantoz
    Hi, I have just purchased a Minolta 16 Model P and I don't know if it's going to arrive with a film cassette, are they easy to find?

  7. Removed Account2
    Nope. But you can buy them loaded with film, expensively!
  8. Lyle Wallin
    Lyle Wallin
    Eric, I've been running across those “cafenol” comments, now and again, and relegated them to the oddities we indulge ourselves in. (As is my playing with 110 format.) By coincidence, today, I had a look at my pile of nearly two hundred boxes of badly out-dated, 12-exposure 110 Kodak Gold 400 taking up space in my freezer.
    In the interest of salvaging them, I was pondering the prospects of processing them in the D76 or HC-110 I have on hand. That was still in my mind when I read you comments. Now I wonder; might “cafenol” be the solution to salvaging those cartridges? Would it be somehow better than a "regular" B&W developer? Might I produce useable negatives from those cartridges, even as we await New Adox 400 in 110? Your thoughts? Lyle
  9. Removed Account2
    Send me a few and I'll test that out for you, and publish results for you to see for yourself - for free!
  10. Removed Account2
    In short, Lyle, by the results obtained with caffenol - YES!

    I have come across difficulties along the road with Caffenol, but most are solveable.

    I have developed a very old (unknown date) roll of Kodachrome, for instance, with printabvle negatives! B/W of course. I think that is pretty amazing.

  11. Lyle Wallin
    Lyle Wallin
    Well Eric, B&W photos are about all I'd care about anyhow, if they'll still deliver usable negatives that is all one can hope for...and more than I'm usually capable of. Lyle
  12. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Eric said "I have come across difficulties along the road with Caffenol, but most are solveable"

    Don't you mean "dissolvable"?


  13. Removed Account2
    Murray we caffenolistas don't take lightly on jokes on our part!
    We are revolutionairies every bit as good as your Founding fathers, hellbent on proving that our way is the best!

    Dissolving..... actually the stuff that goes in there dissolves with ease, compared to whats in good 'ol Rodinal for instance!

    And Caffenol is just as adaptable and universal as far as a developer goes as Rodinal, that speaks volumes!
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