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Best submin SLR ever?

  1. Removed Account2
    Can anyone come up with the most convincing argument that their submin SLR is the best there ever was? (very unlikely any more will ever be built!!)
  2. Iantoz
    The Pentax auto 110 seems to have been the last "serious" 110 format camera made, and reports I've read give it the "best ever made" title.
    If you are talking about non SLR then features, and of course lens quality, will give contenders such as the Canon ED20, Minox 110s, Rollei A110 or E110.
    I have left out the Minolta 110 zoom simply because I forgot.

    The best is, as always, in the eye of the beholder (or owner).

  3. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Does half frame count? If so I nominate the Pen-F. Uses regular film and keeps the film flat on the gate. 110 suffers from not having a gate except the cassette and the film is not in exact register. The cassette itself is held in register, but not the film. I have some very good 110 pics, but the format wasn't expected to be pushed too hard by Kodak. Other manufacturers came out with the up-market cameras, not Kodak.
  4. Iantoz
    Murray, I still have very fond memories of my Olympus Pen FT, brilliant camera and the slides I still have will match most full frame 35mm for quality. I sold it foolishly when I could no longer get slides processed.
    To me the half frame cameras don't count.

  5. Removed Account2
    Agree, the half-frame cameras have nothing to do in a sub-min disacussion. But I agree the Pen F is a magnificent little camera. I have one and uses it from time to time.

    Narciss is a sub-min SLR but it is durn expensive and I don't know if there are anything but the normal lens available? I don't have one - yet!
  6. Removed Account2
    110 film register was better controlled than 126 film register. I think you confuse 110 with 126 here Murray.

    Your statement is basically correct for 126 - where Kodak brought out the little Kodak Instamatic reflex (have one, nice camera), for 110 your'e basically wrong, 110 film register was good enough for f:2,0 lenses, but Kodak never launced any quality camera in sub-min.

    Instead they came up with the horrid disk format, which in my book is the history's worst cameras, and which most likely drained Kodak's financial muscles.....
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