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Pentax 110 SLR

  1. Removed Account2
    While looking for another camera that has disappeared from the surface of the earth(!) I found my Pentax 110, in its original kit-box.

    Inside was the camera and 3 lenses, wide, normal and tele as will be familiar to many of you.
    I had plum forgotten that I had the complete kit (only thing missing is the front-cover of the little normal lens and an extra back cover for the lenses).

    So since I forgot that I managed to find myself an extra 50mm /2,8 lens, i.e. I now have two tele lenses. I dunno about you, but I find two identical lenses a little over the top, so I was wondering if any of you Pentax owners need one?

    Ideally I'd love to find an owner that has two zoom lenses................
  2. Iantoz
    I have recently bought a Pentax auto 110 and will be developing my first films real soon now.
    I bought mine with the standard 24mm lens, it's a really neat camera to use.
    I have also just gotten a Minolta 110 zoom camera working and have a film in that to try it out.
    The Minolta has a 25 - 50mm zoom lens, but is physically a lot larger than the Pentax.
    I think I still prefer the Pentax, although the one lens makes it a little limited?
    The 50mm lens sounds interesting, where do you live? as postage can be prohibitive.

  3. Lyle Wallin
    Lyle Wallin
    My first time posting on APUG, although I’ve been lurking for years.

    I also just took delivery of a non-Super Pentax 110, a set like the one Erik describes. My set includes the flash and winder and none of the lot shows much sign of use; more eBay treasure. I've no idea if it functions, but may risk one of my rapidly depleting cache of VP 125 cartridges to see.

    Several years ago I acquired, also via eBay, a converted long lens for the 110 body. It is a Kern-Paillard Macro-Yvar 3.3/150mm on which someone has done a masterful job of installing a Pentax mount, creating a beautiful lens for the 110. I presume they looked at its origin as a 16mm lens, one that opens to 3.3 and decided it was a natural. At the time I didn't have a 110 Auto camera, playing instead with a Minox 110S and a Minolta 460TX while dabbling in 110. And even that had nearly stopped by time the lens came here to live.

    Now, news of an impending supply of fresh 110 film, and a bit more personal time, has me anticipating some good times with these, and a couple other, cartridge fed cameras. If the camera works, and if that lens is OK, and IF I can compose and process a shot I’m not ashamed of, I’ll try posting some results.

    I've even been inspired to discover the whereabouts of my Minox B...but that, I suppose, is for a Minox group post if one exists here.
  4. Iantoz
    Lyle, I am intrigued by your comment "news of an impending supply of fresh 110 film"
    do you mean a commercially available source or are you referring to re-spooling existing cassettes?

    I can't imagine a commercial supply as that would require developing also being made available.

    Interesting thoughts.

  5. Lyle Wallin
    Lyle Wallin
    Wikipedia — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/110_film — has this entry:

    "Recently in 2010 Adox announced that their new Adox Pan 400 black and white film to be released in October 2010 will be sold in 110 format, making this the first black and white 110 film available for many years and also the only 110 film type that is available with the discontinuation of Kodak 110 film."

    And an APUG threads this past summer — http://www.apug.org/forums/forum172/...roduction.html — added more depth to the story.

    So, the answer is yes and no. A commercial supply of freshly loaded new cartridges, with a single film choice, may happen. I doubt, however, that processing labs will be adding capability or capacity for it. But, for those possessing a 16mm reel and willing to “shake, rattle and roll” we can once again “play cameras” with some fun, and high quality (not necessarily in the same package) old gear.

    There is not, to my knowledge, certainty on that single film type. Mirko, posting under ADOX-Fotoimpex, indicated “Ferrania 200” was in stock and would be used. As noted above the Wiki entry says “Adox Pan 400” will be the new 110 film. Me, mostly I just want to believe it can happen.
  6. Iantoz
    Lyle I have just looked up the Adox site and yes it's true:

    Formats to be produced:
    Pocket-Films (110)
    35mm films
    Medium format films, 120 films
    Sheetfilms 4x5"
    Sheetfilms 5x7"
    Sheetfilms 8x10"

    I will have to watch out for the launch, it is a clever marketing play and for those of us with 110 cameras in the cupboard good news indeed.
  7. Lyle Wallin
    Lyle Wallin

    We are nearly halfway through October, so we must be getting near some further statement.

    It may be time to rearrange the freezer space to add some additional 110 cartridges. Who'd ever have believed such a thing could happen?

    I hope there are enough of us still interested in keeping the format alive to make it profitable for them to produce this production run. And, profitable enough to explore at least one additional, and slower, emulsion also.

  8. Removed Account2
    No 126?
  9. Lyle Wallin
    Lyle Wallin

    I doubt there is sufficient interest in the 126 format? There were lots of inexpensive cameras in that format, but few of high quality with good lenses. 110 format benefits by being essentially a generation behind, and having that “cute-ness factor” that comes with being tiny, plus offering some sharp and fast lenses.
    In 1972 I purchased a Kodak X-15 and it served as the "family camera" documenting our changes for several years, giving satisfactory service during that time. About a decade ago, remembering the format, and wondering what a “better” camera might produce, I acquired a nice example of the German built Rollei A26 with the matching C26 flash.
    I carried it around to some events here in Minnesota, loaded with color print film. I simply don’t have the skill as a photographer, or lab tech, to critically review the results. But, to me, the camera seemed adequate for the purposes one would reasonably expected such a camera to be used.
    I’ve also heard that 126 cameras were the real root of the complaints leveled at the 110 format’s supposed lack of film flatness, and that seems possible.
    Still, a short time back I passed on a gorgeous Contaflex 126 setup and I now have some regrets. I have a small stash of VP-125 in the freezer and that may have been its best and highest use.
    Back in the day the 126 was about the handiest camera a Real Estate agent could have. We carried them on listing calls, when we were expected to provide our own photos. We switched forth and back between color and B&W cartridges at each property, doing two, three or even four properties per pair of rolls. After processing we had color enlargement for the walls of the lobby, and newspaper appropriate black and white, all without rewinding 35mm rolls or needing a pair of cameras.
    All that rambling to say, I doubt there’ll be any new 126. But, should some fresh black and white print film be spooled into 126 cartridges, count me in for a carton.

  10. cmo
    At Photokina I had a short word with a representative of Fotoimpex/Adox. It seems we have to wait for some more months... I was lucky and just purchased a box with 30 old Kodak C41 films. But I seriously consider buying a film slitter and roll my own - Tmax 100, Ektar or similar films. I think my Pentax 110 cameras can use unperforated film, too. The only problem is: where do I get cassettes?

    By the way, at least here in Germany it is still easy to get C41 110 film developed. The biggest lab here, a company named cewe, confirmed that they keep on supporting this format. It takes some days to get the results back, but they do a good job, and the price is very low.
  11. Iantoz
    HI, I have recently read that the Pentax auto 110 (also known as the Pentax system 10) was the best 16mm film camera ever produced and capable of enlargements up to 10" x 8" from the 16mm negatives, does anyone have further information on this claim.

    The best results I have ever had with this format was with an auto 110 taken with the wide angle lens. ( I posted the results a Brisbane ferry before last years floods).

    I have never printed anything approaching a 10 x 8 print but I may now try.

  12. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Dai;

    Good point. Thank you for reminding me that it is time to check once again to see if the "new" ADOX 110 cartridges are available. There are several 110 pocket cameras here, including ones by Minolta and Kodak. The Kodak model that is the nicest one also does require a battery that has not been made for 20 years. I do not yet know if it will be possible to crack open the plastic housing with the electrical contacts to mate with the contacts in the camera, and then see if I can replace the individual cells to rebuild the battery.

    Sometimes it does seem that keeping these older cameras going can be a real challenge, and success is not really guaranteed.

    At least, as long as there is 35mm and 120 roll film to run through the slitter, the film cartridges for the Minolta 16 II can be refilled and the 16 II can keep going in my right front pocket.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  13. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    It looks like it will be necessary to place this announcement in two locations.

    This afternoon there was handed to me an Asahi-Pentax "Auto 110" 110 cartridge camera with three lenses (the 18mm f:2.8, 24mm f:2.8, and 50mm f:2.8), and the AF100P electronic flash for it, but I have not yet found the little Autowinder that goes onto the bottom.

    Yes, yet another 110 film cartridge camera to go along with the Minolta 110 SLR camera.


    Latte Land, Washington
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