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Minolta 16 film cassettes.

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  1. Murray Kelly
    Well, whooda thought it? Plastic, eh? And presumably the spring is smaller too? That was the tricky bit with the Minolta I disassembled. Turning down the capstan would still have left the spring too big to fit the Kiev cassette I reckoned., but maybe I was wrong? Again! =:O

    Perhaps there will be a run on QT s when people read this?

    I just thought - you don't need my Minolta cassette now!

  2. Iantoz
    Murray, yes I was quite surprised when I looked at the QT, the spool is full length with a metal "paddle" on the bottom, and is held on with one screw and keyed at the top. It was a real find.

    I just need to decide on which battery to use and make an adapter and I should be in business.

    I do still have my Minolta 16 Ps which needs a Minolta cassette so if you don't mind I'll hang onto the cassette for a few years yet !

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