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Minolta 16 film cassettes.

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  1. Iantoz
    Does anyone have any empty Minolta 16mm film cassettes ?
    I have just purchased a Minolta 16 P camera and need empty film cassettes, anything that may be helpful to me I would be very grateful if you can contact me.

  2. Removed Account2
    Have look here and ask them som questions:

  3. Iantoz
    Erik, thank you for that information, unfortunately they only supply Kiev cassettes, the Minolta cassettes they will load for you but you have to supply the empty cassettes.

    Many thanks Dai.
  4. Removed Account2
    Simple solution, pension that Minolta and GET a Kiev! They usually comes with a casette too, I have 3 maybe 4 of them, or was it 5-6??

    There was a thread outlining how to fix the problem so that Kiev casettes could be used in Minolta's Just have a look in the archives here!
  5. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Dai, Look at


    and go near to bottom of the 16mm cameras. $10 ea.
  6. Lyle Wallin
    Lyle Wallin
    I suppose you noticed the two lots this seller is running on eBay. http://cgi.ebay.com/Minolta-16-Film-...-/250699507991 and http://cgi.ebay.com/Minolta-16-Film-...-/250699508648 I've never even handled a Minolta 16 and have no clue as to the relative value of ten new cartridges.
  7. Iantoz
    Many thanks for the help and interest, a friend of mine bought one of these cameras in Singapore in 1968 (serving in the RN) and I've been fascinated with them for a long time.

    It took my over 12 months to get 110 film cassettes so I'm living in hope that "one day".

  8. Removed Account2
    I bought a Minolta 16P in Singapore in 1973, before going to Vietnam, running JP4 (jetfuel) up river within sight of Saigon.....

    There was a war on, we where warned not to set foot on deck (fear of snipers) and I used the little camera to document PT boats, soldiers, civilians and so on Ektachrome and Kodachrome as I remember, still have the slides here, 30x30mm slides, think I viewed them last time in my Kodak 110 slide projector....

    The Texaco tanker I was on usually did run naptha and gasoline from the Persian golf to Australia, had a swell time during the first oil crisis, running up and down the eastern coast with auto gasoline to each small quay and pier!
  9. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    I know almost nothing about the 'P' except from what I can see in the online manual.
    It reminds me a bit of the MGS. I know that if you can see the screw that holds the capstan that turns the cassette round, inside, you can change it for $10 and run Kiev cassettes for a buck apiece.
    The screw is easily visible in the earlier models when you pull out the two halves to wind on and prepare to shoot. There is even a hole thru the plate for this purpose? Anyway I have done it and it works fine. I did switch it back so's not to confuse myself! :-)
    As a project it's a pity someone (not me!) doesn't make the lid and hub available and we choose the right ones for the camera - minolta or kiev. The Kiev cassettes are fine otherwise. You'd load them up and when the time comes you tape the tongue to its hub and put the lid on.
    This would avoid all the hassles which moulding the whole thing causes ie rough insides and poor fit into the chamber.

  10. Removed Account2
    Murray, did you check if the camera worked with original Minolta casettes when you changed over to that Kiev hub? If that was the case I would call this an enhancement, not something else....

    If this worked someone could build a business out of this, for 10 bux apiece for the enhanced hubs!

  11. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Eric, don't be greedy! :-)
    The minolta handled the cassettes just fine. Naturally the inter frame spacing is tight due to the smaller hub but one could wind old film round if it worries you, to make it fatter. You get to use the spring clips, too. A bonus.

    I reckon a $1 kiev cart plus the lid and hub at a cheap price just might get the 16mm threads busy once more.
  12. Removed Account2
    I recon hoarding of old, beat-up Kiev 30's will be *the next thing* on Ebay!

    Lucky I have my fill already, both 30 and 303 and the earlier Vega 2, I must have several of all of them, sometimes one *loo9ses it* bidding at the auctions!
  13. Iantoz
    Murray, I read with interest you comment on Kiev cassettes for the Minolta.
    The Minolta P I have has an easily accessible screw that holds the capstan. Could this be an answer to my dilemma, or possibly just a new dilemma ?

    If you have any information on this modification it would be very appreciated.

  14. Removed Account2
    Jupp thats the ticket, you unscrew, lift out and replace with a similar item from a Kiev, and as Murray stated, you now have a double duty instrument, that can handle both Kiev and Minolta casettes.

    Usually Kievs come in a little box with one casette, a simulated leather case, camera and an instruction book, telling you how to operate, reload casettes and even develop films (sometimes there are parts for a dev. tank spool also,but not always) only trouble is it doesn't come with a russian to translate that little book! BTW a Kiev is a small quality camera, they hold their own compared to Minoltas IMHO.
  15. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Dai, it is a half hour project to switch the capstan. With both kinds you must be sure and get the little dimple underneath to sit in the hole in the washer it sits on or it just won't go. I have been known to 'stick' the washer on before assembling it with a tiny blob of grease. Tiny.
    That's it.

    If my explanation is obscure, it won't be when you get it down. Also, IIRC the screw you can see is not the same thread on both capstans, so keep the two together.

  16. Iantoz
    Murray, well I'm not getting any better, as I've just bought a Kiev 30 that has two cassettes and I have also bought an extra three cassettes to go with it.
    I'm taking a chance on a Ukraine seller, I had friend called Boris from the Ukraine and he was a good friend so here's hoping.

    I will of course keep you informed.

  17. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Dai, GAS is your problem. Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I've often got it myself! :-)

    The Minolta/Kievs are really so simple it's hard to imagine where they could go wrong. They're built like a brick. I have read that the shutter spring can get 'sprung' and need some tender blandishments, but at the price, well, who cares? I have no doubt you will receive a working Kiev and actually you should use it before you go switching capstans. None of the Minoltas have focusing and your 'P' is single speed IIRC. You may well prefer the Kiev anyway.

    What's to stop you experimenting with both? Switch the parts several times and see for yourself. IMHO the Minoltas have better lenses. I am of course comparing a I, 2xII's and a MGS with a Kiev 30M. A lopsided test.

    You'll be slitting film night after night! =:-O

  18. Removed Account2
    Or buying 16mm camera film casettes from USAF as I did, I have several 50 foot casettes here...... insted of slitting, snipping!
  19. Iantoz
    Just an update on my Minolta cassette saga.
    I have a Mnolta 16 QT, which is a recent purchase and I like it, I see a lot of potential. However the Minolta cassette problem has appeared, I only have the one Minolta cassette that Murray kindly gave me. But I do have five Kiev cassettes.

    I was looking at the problem the other day and decided to change the QT spool for the spool from the Kiev 30 camera I have. When I looked, to my surprise the spool in the 16 QT is a different design and is made of plastic. I have removed the spool and turned it down to the Kiev cassette size, refitted it and I have just tried it (using some exposed film) and it works a treat !
    I now have two cameras that will use either make of cassette.

    My next task is make a battery adapter for the 16 QT so that I can use a Lithium 3 volt battery.

    Isn't photography fun.

  20. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Well, whooda thought it? Plastic, eh? And presumably the spring is smaller too? That was the tricky bit with the Minolta I disassembled. Turning down the capstan would still have left the spring too big to fit the Kiev cassette I reckoned., but maybe I was wrong? Again! =:O

    Perhaps there will be a run on QT s when people read this?

    I just thought - you don't need my Minolta cassette now!

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