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Separate group for half-format 35mm cameras?

  1. cmo
    With the half-frame cameras we are always caught between two stools... they are not subminiature, but again not 'real' 35mm.

    Do you think a half-frame group would be useful?
  2. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    I agree. I mentioned the possibility a while back and half frame was excluded. There is a half-frame group at the Rangefinderforum. I have looked in there once or twice. I do not presently own a half frame so it was curiosity more than anything that took me there!

    Yahoo may already have such a group. Have you looked? I haven't.

    Flickr is another possibility. I am sure there is such a group there.

  3. Iantoz
    I owned an Olympus Pen ft many years ago and now wish that I'd kept it, a familiar story I'm sure.
    I have looked at some half frame cameras recently and admit to being tempted. ( I subscribe to the theory that you can't own too many cameras.)
    If you start a sub group that would, I think, be reason enough to proceed with a purchase, or two.

  4. cmo
    Well, then let's go for it... I will found it and need some helpers: you.

    Here it is.

    Does anyone have a good group icon?
  5. Grif
    A little late, but it really doesn't seem we're overwelmed with posts. Further trimming doesn't seem like a good idea. I'd rather see a bit more traffic, even if it was 1/2 frame. After all,,, everything under 6x6 is minature with grain problems and dust issues anyway.

    Asbestos shorts on and ready!!!

    (Opinions,,, everybodys got one) ;-)
  6. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    I always did want to get one of the Olympus Pen-F cameras back when they were in vogue. The idea of 72 photographs on one roll of film was a good sounding idea to a guy who did not have a truly great volume of money back in those days, having just come out of school. And they were small and light weight for the treks into the Appalachians back then. And the vertical format of the film frame meant that I would not need to turn the camera as often.

    Yes, I also vote for opening up the forum to 35mm "half frame" cameras. Of course, the cinematographers among us will probably point out that in actuality, we would be going back to the "standard full frame" that they have always used, and it was that radical Oskar Barnack who came up with the idea of using a "double frame" format in his 35mm still camera.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  7. Red Robin
    Red Robin
    Well this seems like a very sleepy little group but here goes: Hi, this is Red Robin flyin' in from the Robins Nest here in Wrinkle City, FLA. No snow bird here - no Ms. Bee and I are flyin -round here full time now! My ENTIRE 1/2 frame camera collection is a Minolta Repo a tiny little thing from the early '60's . Hope to have a bit more action on this site so come on :Who are you(?) and what ya got?
  8. Red Robin
    Red Robin
    WOW! 21 days & no reply's. is thread isn't sleepy. .. ... its comatose. Sad really - sad
  9. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Red Robin;

    Well, I am not sure that I am going to say that it is comatose; there are a couple of forums which will qualify much more strongly for that title. Things do happen here at times, although perhaps not as often as some would like. I think that I might have mentioned something about finally having received a Nikor Stainless Steel 16mm Reel for use in developing my 16mm film from the Minolta 16 II and the Kiev 30 and Kiev 303. It is a little easier to load this reel than the adjustable reel pushed all the way down to 16mm. I have a couple of lengths to develop now, and there is a second Nikor 16mm Reel on the way also. Such an abundance! Two of them should go into a small Nikor tank nicely. I might even get to use the Mamiya ENLA unit on the Durst 606.

    And, speaking as someone who graduated from Robert E. Lee Senior High School in Jacksonville, exactly where in Florida is Wrinkle City?

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
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