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Eye-ball meeting

  1. Murray Kelly
    Dai has been here tonight and we had a most interesting discussion about sub-min cameras.
    And a dozen other things too.

    Anyone else coming by Brisbane?

  2. Removed Account2
    Whish I could! I visited Australia in 1973 - 74 onboard a norwegian tanker, never went to Brisbane tho', Newcastle NSW, Sidney and Darwin where places we went. Think I bought a 35mm Serenar lens for my 35mm Zorki 4K in Newcastle....
  3. Grif
    Well,,, today I wish I was down there. Wind blowing, snowing, solid cloud cover. Just a great day to spend whining about the weather ;-) (where you at, Ralph? rumor has it Seattle got snowed under).
  4. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Grif;

    If I may hi-jack the thread for a moment: Keith, the rumors are true. There is about an inch of snow out there right now, having settled down from the three inches measured last night. The temperature this morning was 25 F. Right now it is 24 F. We did get up to 27 F today. We also had really bright sunshine today, or was it just the reflections off all the white surfaces? I tried to go into Seattle yesterday afternoon and was caught in the traffic trying to get out of Seattle. I never did get to REI to the meeting I wanted to attend. And, it took 4.5 hours to get back home that night in all of the traffic and the snow and ice covered roads. The people who were not prepared for winter driving did make it much more difficult for those of us who were prepared. The Subaru (now just under 339,000 miles) had to wait several times when other people could not get their cars going. Going up the last hill near home I was able to work my way around and past all six (6) of the cars and pickup trucks at various locations and attitudes up the hill. I think I will wait until after 1000 on Wednesday before venturing out into that traffic again. I was lucky. There was a bus out there for ten (10) hours. Some people just pulled off the road and slept in their cars.

    That meeting at REI? They posted on their web site that it has been rescheduled for next week.

    We now resume our normal programming:

    We had a small gathering here of about 5 APUG people at one of the local camera shops about a month ago. Fun. It is really a joy to see and meet and talk with the people who generate some of the messages we read on APUG. Sometimes they really are not what was envisioned. Often they are much more interesting.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  5. Iantoz
    Just to clarify for me, what are the numbered F's ? I imagine them to be temperature measurements ? Do you have those in real money, it's curious that negative temperatures are given in real money but positive in the Funny money !

    I too came from a country where they spoke Funny but now I'm in an educated country I have forgotten how to translate.

    I did however enjoy my visit with Murray, who made me very welcome and I had a most enjoyable evening in his company.

  6. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning, Dai;

    Yes, that is a curious way to show the temperature, but that is how the English chose to do it a few hundred years back. And, if we look critically at how I wrote it, it is not really correct. One of the problems with our system on APUG is that it does not easily recognize some of the shorthand notations commonly used. The commonly recognized symbol for "degrees" in temperature is a small circle placed up at about the level of the top of the letter "t" and then followed by the letter "C." for Celcius or Centigrade, or the letter "F." for Fahrenheit as used in the English system. Oddly enough, if we go to the temperature in Kelvins (the temperature referenced up from absolute zero, but using the "Degree C." as the temperature units), normally it is just listed as the letter "K." without the "degrees" symbol. In "Degrees C." the Absolute Zero temperature reference point is -273 Degrees C., but it is 0 K.

    So, 27 Degrees F. is about -3 Degrees C.; 25 Degrees F. is about -4 Degrees C.; and 24 Degrees F. is just a little bit lower than that (about 1/2 Degree C.). Or, if you might prefer, 27 Degrees F. is about 270 K.

    So, for us it was a cool day in November, but not quite truly representative of something really cold, yet.

    The point that Murray mentioned originally about you having visited him is really impressive. Meeting and talking directly with people we have met on APUG and with whom we share many common interests really is fun.

    Enjoy; Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  7. Grif
    Ralph,,, and others,,, here's a timeline of the history of the metric system. Interesting


    (snipped all the smart comments cause we're so close to Christmas).
  8. Removed Account2
    Hi guys, chiming in from the north sea coast, Norway.

    This has been the coldest November in 222 years, since they started measuring temperature! In that period they have had 7 different measuring stations, and it is well documented.

    Today, as the last week we have -18 to -20 centigrade, I can press just one button and get that in Farenheit ---- -2F outide, and a nippy 69.5 inside....

    The cold feels much worse than inland temperature here by the coast due to wind and humidity, when we reaches -25 -27 its about equal to - 45 -50 inside Siberia, but then that is considered just chilly over there......

    I don't go out much in weather like this.

    And..... people here have lost faith in Al Gore, global warming and the UN panel....
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