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Camera repair

  1. Iantoz
    I have a technical background and have had some success in repairing cameras both film and digital.
    There may be others in a similar situation, and was wondering if we could share our knowledge and experiences.
    I would welcome hearing from any like minded people.

  2. Murray Kelly
    Murray Kelly
    Dai, FYI I managed to repair the Pentax Auto 110 latch on the back of the camera with hot glue.

    Very high tech!

  3. Iantoz
    Murray, I'm pleased to hear that. I have pulled the top off mine to try and find the shutter problem without much success. So that one goes in the pile of others waiting further investigation.
    I now have two canon digital Rebels (I know the most probable cause and how to fix them) a Nikorrmat FTn and a Nikon f801. This not to mention the Apple iBooks and various other projects all awaiting my time.

    Still I look at it as "job security" what ever that is !


    PS I'm now the proud owner of a Minolta 16 QT, and everything seems to work a treat, of course the proof is in the photographic proofs , as they say.
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