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16mm movie cameras?

  1. Removed Account2
    I was wondering if anyone is familiar with a really small, 16mm film camera, that could bew used as a miniature camera, not a movie camera (need to have one picture capability)?

    That way I could load it with B/W 16mm film and go about shooting everything in sight for about a year, or use it like a *d*****l camera, with no thought of cost. Of course the picture area would be a little smaller than a Minox, of course I would need to find one of those russian 16mm 100" developing tanks, but it would be hillarious, carrying a film based camera, making snapshots left and right, virtually every footstep.

    I had a super-8 camera at one time, with capability like that, and had this idea of making an artsy movie of single exposure frames in succession. Sadly it turned out that the shutter was damaged, partly continuing to expose the nest frame....
  2. Ironage
    The smallest 16mm I know of are the magazine type cameras. They hold 50 foot magazines that would need to be reloaded manually. They are still pretty large and heavy.
  3. Removed Account2
    Was that Kodak or Bell & Howell?
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