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Introduce Yourself (and your Work) !

  1. danphoto_
    Hello all,

    My name is Dan and I am nineteen years old. I am quiet enthusiastic about my recent move to London and pretend to conquer great things in here. In a good abbreviated text, here is how I see myself:

    "Some people decide that they are special because they can do photography. Others inevitability think of themselves as a camera and resume themselves as flesh apart from earth and humanity. For some unknown reason I am attached to photography and have been granted with the ability to overlook things and snap them on. What do I do ? I merely click the freaking damn button!!"

    Online Portolios:

    Hope you enjoy this group, nice to meet you.
    Respectfully yours,
  2. danphoto_
    Ey all (who exactly?).
    So I have been quiet busy with living in London so far but I have managed to (in the meantime) change a few things and create another blog exclusively for texts (in Portuguese). Even my new blog for photos had a link change, therefore, here remains my new blogs:

    http://slaklahome.blogspot.com/ - Texts
    http://frame-ye.blogspot.com/ - Photography

    danphoto_ // Dyann
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