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  1. Miskuss
    Hi members, my name is ted, and this is some of me.

  2. Miskuss
    Hi Dan, I'm back home again. So we have 3 members now. It's a start I suppose. I have lots of film to process and no time to do it. Might be a while before I post pics again. How's life in the 'big smoke"
  3. danphoto_
    OK, I'm back too. Life here is going great Ted although I'm starting to go crazy. Can't seem to find any job in Photography for real, bah! The three members here only count as you and me really so, we're not going anywhere. Hope everything is going good for you mate.

    Keep in touch Ted, catch ya later.
  4. Miskuss
    Hey Dan, I just started processing film again. It's winter in Canada long nights and short days help if you need to stay in a darkroom. It's a slow process at the moment, I need a 5 reel tank to really take a bite out of the work. How's the UK treating you?
  5. Miskuss

    Fred Herzog - Vancouver Photographs

    conic and influential colour images of Vancouver street life from a master photographer who has spent the past fifty years documenting the city, published to coincide with a major exhibition of his work.

    His eye dwells on the raw urban underbelly of the city: second-hand shops, vacant lots, barber shops and greasy spoons, crowded with people and their stuttering dreams. Since he arrived in Vancouver from Germany in 1953, Fred Herzog has roamed the city’s back streets with his camera.

    Herzog draws upon documentary traditions while incorporating an outsider’s sensitivity to a new environment. His colour images of street life in the 1950s and ’60s prefigure the “New Color” of photographers such as Stephen Shore and William Eggleston. The text includes essays by Grant Arnold and Michael Turner and a lengthy interview with the artist.
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