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hi all

  1. fred-type
    i'm just starting out making tintypes on trophy plate ( crack and peel ) my collodion mix has no extra ether and I'm going with regular fix rather than KCN fix , what is every one else up to ?

    natural light or hot lights ?

    people or objects ?
  2. RPippin
    Hi all,
    I'm just joining this group and hope to find out more about making tintypes. I'm looking to coat copper sheets, 8X10, and would like to know what is out there to make or buy the emulsion for this. I see something on the Bostic and Sullivan site for collodion but have no experience with this. Any thoughts?
  3. dodphotography

    It all depends on your mindset. Are you interested in the medium, the final product alone, or the whole historical shebang? Personally, I am only interested in the medium from a contemporary standpoint. With this in mind, forget the copper... forget making the asphaltum yourself. Just buy glass for ambrotypes or coated aluminum from Main Trophy Supply.
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