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Mamiyaflex C-2

  1. FM2N
    I am hoping someone here may be able to help. I have a Mamiyaflex C-2. I know that the focus screen can not be changed but can be removed to clean. What stops me from removing the glass from a C330 screen and replacing the C-2 with the c330 glass in the hope of making the C-2 brighter?
  2. Krystof
    Dear Arthur,

    I think, your problem have two possible solution. The more sophisticated is buy the focus screen "Beattie" which is probably the best of the world, produced by Morco, but it is a very expensive, more than 200 Pound. Link: http://www.morco.uk.com/latest/beattie.htm Cheaper, but also perfect solution, is buy focusing screen which are producing by Mr. Rick Oleson. This focusing screen cost only 30 USD. Link: http://rick_oleson.tripod.com/. I have focusing screen from Mr. Oleson and I am absolutely satisfied. It is fantasic. I have Mamiya C 220 and both producers offer focusing screen for this model. I am not sure if your screen for Mamiflex C 2 is identical. If it is different, perhaps it would be possible to order. I hope this information can help you.


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