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TLR Users

  1. nanthor
    Hi, I'm real new here and don't quite know how to navigate to ask a question so please forgive any wrong moves and direct me to the right area if I'm in the wrong place. I recently purchased a Rolleiflex GX and, although the original screen was bright, I had a Maxwell (I think) screen from a previous GX that's brighter so I switched 'em. The newer screen IS brighter but it is a matte field with gridlines and no microprism or split image in the center. With my eyes I need something more to confirm focus, even using the built-in magnifier. Can anyone help me identify the screen I've put in and tell me whether there's a means to trade with someone else for a split-image or if I should just try to sell the screen and get a maxwell with a split image? I could use some good advice. Thanks, Bob.
  2. dpurdy
    I think like you I need the split image. I guess in your place I would first contact Bill Maxwell and confirm that the one with no microprism or split image is indeed a Maxwell. Then I would sell it on ebay or here in APUG and buy from Bill a Maxwell screen that has a split image. Or perhaps get the Beattie screen.
  3. Shelley-Ann
    I own a Mamiya C330 (4 lenses) and a Yashica 24.
  4. Jeff Kubach
    Jeff Kubach
    If you don't mind, I would like to join your TLR users group. I have a Rolleiflex TLR 2.8 80 Planar. I own this beauty for a hell of a long time. It is one great camera.
  5. dpurdy
    Yes you may join but you have to provide powder sugar donuts for the next couple mornings.
  6. Jeff Kubach
    Jeff Kubach
    Damn, I would but am I'm a diabetic. Life sucks sometimes but what are the alteratives.
  7. benjiboy
    Shelly-Ann - So do I , all we need now is a truss for our hernias.
  8. 2F/2F
    Just out of curiosity, was there ever a small format (35mm film) TLR made, or a TLR that was not square format? I know of the mini 127 Yashicas (and Rolleis, of course), but that's it. (The guy at the camera repair shop I sometimes use keeps jokingly trying to get me to buy the little blue one that has been in his display case for years.)
  9. Jeff Kubach
    Jeff Kubach
    When I got my Rollie from my father there was device or insert that you place in the camera that will let you use 35mm film. I never got around using it. One of these days I have to got to try it to see how it works.
  10. benjiboy
    2F/ 2F - Yes there was the Zeiss Contaflex http://corsopolaris.net/supercameras...contaflex.html that are very rare and highly prized by collectors these days, you would probably have to take out a second mortgage on your wife and kids to buy a system !
  11. Nick Merritt
    Nick Merritt
    Isn't the Italian-made Tessina a TLR? I think it's 35mm. Also, Agfa made a remarkable looking 35mm TLR that was laid out like an SLR, if I recall.
  12. Toffle
    I just posted an image in the gallery "frosted wildflowers". Another shot from Boxing Day 2007, shot on Agfa Optima 400. (a truly lovely film... I have five or six rolls left...)
  13. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    I loved Optima, but liked Portrait 160 even more, muted colour and very low contrast made it the wedding film for me (love to have a couple of rolls now).
    I remember when I owned a lab I had optima and portrait paper too, Agfa had a great range of very underestimated materials.
    I think they are liked more in Europe than the states?
    BTW I love the colours in your shot, are they teasels?
  14. Toffle
    Hi Mark;
    I think they might be teasels. They were beside a patch of Queen Anne's Lace, so I knew enough not to call them that. (though when Queen Anne's close up, they take on a form very similar, but less dense)

    Honestly though, I am (sometimes) the type to bump up contrast and saturation, especially in floral work, but I do really like the understated effect of Optima. I think it tends to draw you more into the image.
  15. dpurdy
    I think I have a bunch of that Portrait 160 frozen but it is in 220. I just never get around to doing anything creative with color.
  16. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Dennis too bad it's 220 (or I'd buy it from you) as 120 won't work in my Rollei.
    I'll keep looking on ebay..
    Just as a fun exercise what are the favourite films (any timeframe) of members here. choose 1 B&W 1 Tranny and 1 colour neg film.
    I'll go first:
    B&W Agfa APX 100
    Tranny Fuji Provia 400X
    Colour neg Agfa portrait 160
  17. dpurdy
    I do have 60 rolls of 120 APX100 sitting in the freezer but I am waiting for the summer to be over to put it on ebay. I am certain I can get quite a lot of money for it on ebay and I can't afford to give a good deal even to an apuger in my financial condition. So I am sorry about that.

    My favorite films are Tmax 100 I guess and Kodak portrait film whatever it is called. I don't shoot transparency.
  18. Mattjcuk

    At the moment I tend to use Ilford HP5 Plus for B&W (though that may change as I have just tried some Tmax), Fuji Reala and Fuji Provia 400X.


  19. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Dennis I just secured 20 Agfapan 100 in 120 from ebay (with 10 RSX 100) for about £15 incl p&p so I'm happy for now. If I can't get APX there's Rollei retro and I think fotoimpex are due to make a 'new APX' later this year...
  20. dpurdy
    If you found that deal on ebay you were very lucky. You are saying you got 30 rolls of film for less than 30 USD? That is so lucky I had to see it to believe it so I just went through a few hundred completed listings for Agfa, Agfapan, Apx, and 120 and didn't find record of even one recent agfa 100 in 120 sale. And at a dollar a roll it would have been the cheapest film by far of any that aren't competely way outdated.
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