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TLR Users

  1. Ian Grant
    Ken test the flash sync with no film in the camera. With the camera back open trigger the shutter and see if you can see the flash as the shutter fires. Also without the flash check the shutter speeds to make sure the shutters opening properly.

  2. mjs
    My Rollei New Standard came back from Mark Hansen in Portland yesterday; it's like having a new camera! Mark did a great job cleaning and adjusting things and installing a new mirror. I can't wait to finally get to use it. It had been sitting in a fellow's garage for probably forty years or more when I got it at an estate auction back in July; now it's been reborn. Then I found a Bay I lens cap on Ebay today, pretty cheap, so I can keep the glass safe. Now I need to find a Bay I yellow filter to help with contrast on that old lens...

    I bought a couple of rolls of Plus-X a while back, just waiting for this camera. I'll see if I can manage a few frames at my oldest daughter's birthday party tomorrow night.

  3. Krockmitaine
    Hello everyone,
    Just recently I jumped the TLR bandwagon with the addition of mhv's Yashica D so I guess I can join the group now

  4. haris
    Ken, put a rubber band over flash sync lever and time delay shutter lever in a way that rubber band press flash and time levers toward eachother, thus prevent accidently moving either flash lever or time lever. That is what I do with my Yashica MAT.
  5. Rolleiflexible
    Mike, the New Standard is a cool model.
    I recently bought an odd Rolleiflex based
    on a New Standard body and shutter --
    the serial number places it as an Automat
    built just after the war. But the shutter
    and body are clearly New Standard vintage
    and the lens is even older, an f/4.5 Tessar.
    I read that F+H made some cameras like
    this after the war from parts then on hand
    at the factory. I've not yet run any film
    through it but I love the way the shutter
    uses levers in place of dials for setting
    shutter and aperture.

  6. mjs
    My New Standard is a very fun camera; I've run two rolls of film through it but haven't developed them yet. I'm hoping to get a couple of hours to at least get that done this week, but it isn't looking good. I've wasted frames on each roll because of not knowing the camera's peculiarities; I can handle using a red window, I can handle using a semi-automatic counter but the New Standard's hybrid has fooled me a couple of times. You really have to remember what you did last 'cause it isn't telling! Unless I really screwed something up, though, I ought to have at least a few frames to show in the next week or so.

  7. Rolleiflexible
    Mike, the red window on the New Standard is simple.
    It is open only when the camera back is unlatched.
    You use it to get the film to the starting point, with
    "1" showing in the window. Then you slide the latch
    shut; the window closes; and the camera's automatic
    counter does the rest. It's not unlike a Rolleicord --
    both cameras have automatic frame counters but both
    rely on the user to position the film at the outset.
  8. mjs
    The thing with the New Standard is that it isn't an Automat -- it has no idea where the film is. So I roll the film so the '1' is in the red window, close the window, and start walking around the local art fair. After a while I see some shapes that interest me and pick up the camera -- did I cock the shutter or not? Can't remember. I absently turn the winding crank. 1 frame out the window. Oops! Well. The right thing to do is reverse to cock the shutter, right? So what do I do? I turn the crank again. Another frame shot but this time I reverse and the shutter's cocked. Great. Two frames lost but I'm takin' pictures with my new Rollei! Whoopie! Hey, wait a minute -- the frame counter says '2'. It didn't count those two wasted frames, which means that when it gets to '10', not '12', it's out of film (but doesn't know it. *Sigh*)

    It's all right -- I'm getting used to it. I may get time to develop films tonight, or maybe not: it depends on how long we spend at my parent's house tonight, helping them with some things. But I'm still excited!

  9. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Excuse my ignorance, but I've often wondered what is the difference operationally between say a new Standard and a later say Mid 50's Rolleicord?
    mjs your Standard sounds similar to a early 50's cord I once had the only difference is the wind handle rather than a knob?
  10. mjs
    Hello, Mark. I'm not very well educated on Rollei cameras; I learned a little bit about mine from the repairman and looking for a manual on the web, but there are many, many models of Rolleiflex and Rolleicord cameras and about most of them I know nothing. I'm a photographer, not a collector, so (at the rist of offending Rollei fans everywhere,) I have little interest in cameras I don't actually own and use. Wish I could help but... there are some decent web sites but after having looked over a bunch of them, the level of detail is startlingly low. Presumably there's a book (or books) with the requisite information but I don't have one and don't know what it would be. Undoubtedly someone here more versed in Rollei lore than I will chime in at some point.

  11. heart of stone
    heart of stone
    Hello to all, just got my first tlr, an autocord. I hope I look as good as it does at 45. Oh wait, I've already been there, a long time ago. Hopefully I'll get some time to put a roll through it in the next couple of days to see how well it works. Fell in love with the sq. format shooting my isolette. Ken
  12. dpurdy
    Uh Oh. The TLR group membership is about to be overtaken by the naked girl picture group. Of course they unfairly inflate their membership by making you join to look at the naked girls. Only 37 messages so I guess there is little to say about it.
    Just joking.
    You know I belong to the naked picture group too.
  13. Toffle
    Funny... I won't join... simply because I have to join.

    And welcome to Ken... we accept all comers here...
  14. heart of stone
    heart of stone
    OK, I sacrificed the first roll loading it and not really knowing what I was doing or exactly how the camera worked. The view finder, is a little dim. I took it off and tried cleaning it, but no noticable difference. Is there a cost effective way to remedy this? Other than that, the shutter speeds seem to be good and everything worked smoothly. The negs look properly exposed. I guess the real test will be this weekend when I try printing a couple of them. Ken
  15. Irrev.Rev.
    Inherited F & H Braunschweig R'cord w/CZJ Triotar 1:3.5 Taking and Heidoscop 1:3.2 viewing; came with 35MM adaptive hardware! Have also just acquired Yashica TLR which was the first camera, (1963)(borrowed!) I ever used (developed, printed). Have just finished first roll of CN 400 and await results. Who says " you can't go home again"? I think I lost a frame or two trying to load the 120; hey, ...it's been 40 years!!
    P.S. The 35MM hardware fits the Yash'mat 124!! How's that for a coincodink??
  16. Irrev.Rev.
    Whooops! The Rolleicord has an interchangeable back w/ modified pressure plate and insertable 35MM mask. Has anyone replicated hardware for the Y'ashmat?
  17. Larry.Manuel
    My Rolleicord accumulation is beginning to look like a collection. The triggering event was a 1954-54 Rollieflex 3.5, purchased about 16 months ago. My first Rolleicord is a mint Vb, then a good Va. I took a hankering for an Art Deco [from a Canadian in Taiwan] after seeing one on Harry Fleenor's site. I liked it so much, I bought another [in the mail]. The Art Deco lens is astoundingly sharp. Amazing really. It's uncoated, so sunlight falling on the glass causes serious flare every time. A hood made of a 35 mm film can works fine.

    I was able to transplant the mirror and Maxwell screen from my Rolleiflex into the Art Deco, and now the viewing screen is ridiculously bright for a 75 year old camera. Also, I was able to synchronize the focus between taking and viewing lenses. The Maxwell screen is thicker than the ground glass.

    Good luck to all.
  18. Banta

    Yashica 124


  19. Toffle
    Update re Rollei CLA in Canada? Originally posted Sept. 3.
    I finally picked up my 3.5f from Windsor Photo Outfitters http://photooutfitters.ca/
    While it took somewhat longer than anticipated to have my CLA completed, I am more than happy with the work, and the price. Adrian Harte, the owner, takes a real personal interest in his customers and their gear. He did a wonderful job cleaning up my Rollei. In addition to realigning the shutter/aperture lingage, cleaning the shutter and all glass, resetting the focus rails (and the focus) etc., he worked some magic on the appearance of my lovely camera.

    I went into this with a little trepidation, but I must say that in the end, I am more than pleased with the end result.

    (and now my baby is back home... )
  20. benjiboy
    I saw a mint 3.5 F with a Planar in the window of a of a local camera shop yesterday when I was on my way to an important appointment, I hadn't the time to stop, by the time I got back ninety minuites later it had been sold, dam.
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