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TLR Users

  1. Allan Swindles
    Hi Folks,
    I've been using a Rolleiflex 3.5F for many years. Just had a very major repair/overhaul done in the UK by Newton Ellis in Liverpool, including the removal of a large dent in the base of the camera. It's now like new and oh so sweet. On the subject of portraiture, I don't think the Rolleinars are the best way to go. At distances of less than around 5 feet the face will take on an exagerated perspective ie. enlarged nose,or forehead/chin when shooting from a higher/lower angle, even much more pronounced when using close-up lenses. By far the best way is to selectively enlarge the required portion of the negative.
    Allan S.
  2. FM2N
    Hello All,
    Me and my C220 are glad we found you.
  3. jphotos
    I'm glad to have stumbled on this group, too. The world of TLR is one I'm still very new to, but this looks like a good place to kick the subject around.
  4. edhead2008
    Just collected my Rolleiflex T in the post today.. Happy Days as I plunge headlong into the world of MF photography. (Might take a while to get used to the reversed image thing tho, I keep panning the wrong way!)

  5. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Welcome Eamonn
    You'll love the T. If you look in the gallery you'll find a few pictures i have taken with mine. The Tessar draws a very sweet image.
  6. Pelle.txt
    Dear all,

    I just became a member of the group. My name is Pelle. I own a Mamiya c330.

  7. canonman
    Hi there!
    Just got a mint Rolleiflex 3,5 F! Its great - the only problem is, that I am afraid to do some harm to it, speak to make the first scratch or whatever! Its more like an raw egg in my hands than a camera! Well, I guess thats often in the first weeks ;-) (I think I should change my name!)
  8. dpurdy
    Just commit to it canonman. The only way you can really get to love your camera is by using it. Be careful with it so that it stays in condition to do top quality work but don't stress the little scratch here and there. A 3.5F is the kind of camera that you can keep using the rest of your life. Every little battle scar is part of your identity with the camera. It is your mark. Get it a good camera case and a UV filter and keep it clean and use it.
    congratulations on the new camera.
  9. sircarl
    I guess I'm in the same boat as canonman. Got my Rolleiflex 3.5F a couple of weeks ago and that "raw egg" feeling is still, well, pretty raw. It's my first TLR ever -- and in great condition as well. Nevertheless, I have actually used it, and am bowled over by the results. I've had MF cameras before (Mamiya 645 and 7II, Bronica RF645), but these Rollei shots have a special character I haven't seen before. So I'll continue to work with it until, hopefully, it becomes as "natural" to me as my other cameras.
  10. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Remember cameras are reasonably robust, I sort of feel the same way about my Rolleiflex 3.5E because it's mint (and still in the UK) but I'm currently using a Yashicamat here in Greece & Turkey and that's not getting any more worn looking etc. If you're careful they'll stay looking good for years.

  11. Toffle
    My 3.5f is not mint, but it is in pretty sweet condition. I've had it long enough that it feels like an extension of my body; cradled against my chest it is the most natural feeling. Composing in square format seldom feels limiting. It's kind of exciting to watch compositions appear on your glass as you move your subject towards or away from the center. I seldom get that feeling looking through an eyepiece.
  12. jphotos
    I can relate to some of these posts. I kind of went on an eBay binge a couple years back and got Yashicamat and a Ricohflex and more recently a Mamyia c330. Still learning them all...and yeah, the panning the wrong way thing. I think I need to just abstain from my other cameras and focus (pun unintended, but it works out nice now that it's there) on the MF cameras.
  13. rcovingt
    Up until last year a point and shoot was all I ever knew. Now you won't find me anywhere without my Mamiya C3, rollei, or dare I say it in this forum my Nagaoka 4x5. The larger format slows my mind down, makes me think before I shoot, and is truly teaching to see the light. A rub here and there on my equipment is somthing I don't enjoy, but I would rather be using the equipment rather than worrying I might scratch the paint.

  14. Stock Dektol
    Stock Dektol
    Hey all,
    I recently picked up my first tlr. A Yashica A, I know it's not much but i'm happy with it...I was wondering if any prisms were made or can be adapted to fit this camera...
    great group by the way.
  15. dpurdy
    I would think that with a roll of duct tape you could adapt any prism to fit. Can't remember seeing an actual Yashica prism.
  16. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Never seen or heard of a prism for a Yashica, a bit more experience of using it and you'll find you don't really need one. The Yashica TLR's are great cameras, not as solid as Rollei's but excellent lenses, I'm more than happy with the one I'm using.
  17. LordMagnus
    MAMIYA C330 pro-s, Does anyone know of about how useful the 250mm lens is for this camera? I've taken beautiful pictures with it using the; 80,105,135,180mm and I am looking for the; 65,55mm lenses at a reasonable price. I have the CDS porofinder, it works very well, tracks about the same as my GOSSEN LUNA PRO with the 7.5deg. spot attachment.
  18. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    One thing I miss with my Yashica is the close focussing I had with the Mamiya C33 I used to own. Strangely I don't miss the interchangeable lenses but I guess I'm quite used to using a camera with just one lens.
  19. viridari
    FNG checking in. Add 1 point to the Mamiya C330 club. This camera is on loan, though I might have a deal soon to keep it permanently. I'm also interested in picking up a lighter TLR, maybe a Yashica Mat or a Rolleiflex.
  20. benjiboy
    Lord Magnus- I avoided buying the 250mm lens pair because it makes the camera so front heavy and difficult to handle even with the L grip without a tripod, and the shutter needs to be cocked manually, not as you wind on like the other lenses, I avoided the 65mm lenses because to me It's too close in angle of view to the 80mm to make it a worthwhile buy, I got the 55mm about twenty years ago, and found this a good wideangle, able to get 1:1 close up by extending the bellows.
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