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TLR Users

  1. dpurdy
    A new TLR hits the market!!
  2. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Well not the first 35mm TLR, there was the Zeiss Ikon Contaflex 35 mm TLR, the Agfa Flexilette, the list goes on.

    But these are funky, even the Photographers gallery in London sells them
  3. Toffle
    A new TLR hits the market!!

    Yes, quite pretty. My daughter (a 3rd year Communications Major) is receiving one for Christmas. I purchased it mail-order from the Vancouver Art Gallery. It's not cheap for a "toy" camera, but it has the "cool" factor in spades.
  4. Pelle.txt
    I want to buy a flash for my Mamiya c330. Is the Metz 60 CT 4 a good choice for this camera?
  5. dpurdy
    I have the Metz 60 CT1 to use with my Rolleis. It is the same power.. a lot of power.. and it is straight forward thyristor type flash with the swivel head.
  6. Fixcinater
    I just picked up my first TLR, it's an Argus Super Seventy Five. All the glass is clean (aside from the mirror for the viewing system), so I'm looking forward to shooting it. I've heard the shutter speed is around 1/30th to 1/50th depending on age and condition, can anyone confirm?
  7. canonman
    Hi dpurdy -I had a Metz 60 CT 4, used it with a Hasselblad. I sold it (because I needed the money for some other gear) - still it was a good performing flash. The problem for me was, that it needs an extra (heavy) batterypack, which has to be carried by itself with a strap - that was uncomfortable not working with tripod and studio. If you don't want to walk around with flash and camera - go for it. If you want to walk around and be movable - go for a ´Metz with a batterypack inside the handle. (like Metz 45 CT-4) Has enough power to do all the jobs and is as flexible as the CT- 60 moving its head.
  8. dpurdy
    hi Canonman. sounds good to me except that I have too many flashes already. I got the 60 CT 1 just for shooting large groups in a wedding. Personally I think it is over kill for most stuff and if I was just going to splash some flash off the Rollei I would rather use the vivitar 285 or 283. I use those far more.
  9. canonman
    Hi Dpurdy - sorry, wasn't realy the answer or comment for you. Wanted to answer pelle.txt and directed it to you - was just in the wrong line ;-) But I aggree that the vivitars would be a good choice for him too.
  10. LordMagnus
    I managed to get a hold of a MAMIYA C330 Pro S. I added my father's lenses from his old C3 and C2 to it, and a few other accessories such as the porofinder. Beautiful pictures, just a complicated machine to use, but then again that adds versatility.
  11. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Once you get used to it the C330 is very simple to use, it just looks more complex. You'll enjoy using it
  12. Pelle.txt
    Dennis and Canonman, thanks for your help.
  13. RPippin
    Hello everyone. New to this group so thought I'd introduce myself. I am the proud owner of a Flexoret TLR from the Czeck Republic. It took a while to learn the ins and outs but now am quite happy with this fine little camera. I shoot most of my film on a trusty Bronica SQA, but always carry the Flexi with me wherever I go and use it often for those moments when something comes along and I'm not loaded down with a lot of equipment. Anyone else with experience with one of these, please let me know. Thanks
  14. Lance Frost
    Lance Frost
    I recently bought a Yashica Mat 124G, and it's my first MF and TLR camera. I liked the photos so much that I'm trying to build a darkroom to have more control over the final product. I'm so used to a DSLR that I'm having a hard time framing my shots (with the reverse viewing and all). I imagine practice makes perfect, but I think it's going to take awhile. Anyone have any suggestions?
  15. dpurdy
    Hey Lance, It is good you are getting some inspiration from the YM. I think everyone is thrown off a bit when first learning to use the reverse image. I think the only way to get used to it is to use it. It forced me to learn to look more at what I was shooting and think more about it without looking through the view finder. Not like having your eye plugged into a camera and looking at everything through the lens.
  16. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Lance, you'll find suddenly without you realising using the Screen becomes second nature. The most important part of an image once you've decided what to shoot is the edges of the frame. It's relatively quick to compose with practice and also analysis of the negs you shoot after processing, see why you think they do or don't work. Be you're own harshest critic

    Good luck the Yashica's are great cameras to use.
  17. iPood
    does anyone have comments on the yashica mat 124g light meter? i may buy an incidental light meter but im not sure how good the yashicas light meter performs.
  18. Peter Markowski
    Peter Markowski
    My name is Peter and I would like to introduce myself. Hello everyone! I'm new to this group, and my TLR is a Rolleiflex (unsure of its age/model).
    The camera was a gift from a colleague and friend, for whom I had a great deal of respect. He taught me the fundamentals of the darkroom (processing, printing), and loaned me books on photographers and the history of the medium. I consider myself lucky.
    The images from the TLR has a very different visual feel than any other camera I have. A visual feel that invites people to look at the images and most importantly, (in my way of thinking) an outward appearance that invites people to want their image to be taken (compared to a DSLR). Just a thought.
    I shoot primarily HP5 and I am currently running Rollei 25 and Adox 100 through its paces. I process in Pyro PMK and currently print on Ilford Paper. My favorite images to make is of my family.

  19. dpurdy
    Hi Peter. Maybe you can find your Rollei here:

    Also the serial number is a good clue.
  20. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    iPood, you might be lucky and find the Yashica 145G meter accurate, I tested mine on my 124 a few months ago and it was fine, matching my Gossen all the time. CDS meters last better than Selenium cells so it should be fine. However unfortunately mine's not functioning properly now for some reason.
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