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TLR Users

  1. Peter Markowski
    Thanks dpurdy for the link. With the s/n of 1472860, Carl Zeiss Tessar 3.5/75mm and 2.8/75 Heidosmat viewing lens, Synchro-Compur Shutter, I think I found the model. Now I just have to find a lens shade.
  2. dpurdy
    I think the lens shade would be bay 1 for that model.
  3. ProfessorPlum
    I have a yashica 124g and the light meter is awesome. So hopefully yours works too because they are very accurate
  4. Lance Frost
    Lance Frost
    The light meter on my 124G works well. The only knock that I've heard of is that the batteries can be hard to find. Haven't had that problem yet.
  5. Katier
    *waves* I've just joined thanks to Ian pointing me in this direction. I've just aquired a Yashicamat LM and have run a film through it. Not had it developed but on the face of it seems to run accurately and well.
  6. dpurdy
    Hello Katier. The number of people still using the Yashicamats is testament to their durability. I hope it works well for you.
  7. KWhitmore
    Hello group! I'm new here! I use and love my Mamiya C330 for the simple reason that I think 2 lenses are cooler than one. And the waist-level finder is cool. And it's so heavy that I'll never leave it anywhere by mistake. Cool. Truth is, years ago a wise older man in a photo lab in Ontario recommended this camera to me as an excellent way to get into medium format. He was right. Thanks guy wherever you are!
  8. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Hi Katie, KW, Peter, Prof Plum etc it's good to see more TLR users. I'm sure Mark Antony agrees it was worth widening the Group from his original suggestion of a Rollei(flex) users group to the TLR Users group, all the issues & problems are common regardless of the manufacturer.

    I have 2 TLR's, a Rolleiflex in the UK and a Yashicamat here in Turkey. The Rollei was frozen through lack of use and I happened to buy the Yashicamat from an Israeli APUG member, both needed a good CLA, and I started using the Yashica for fun last Autumn, when I wasn't going out taking specific images with a 5x4 or 6x17.

    As I said to Katie, in a Forum thread earlier, using a TLR (the Yashica) is really good fun, they an enjoyable cameras to use, I wish now I'd bought another TLR after my Mamiya C33 & C3 were stolen in the early 80's. So the

    I have toyed with returning to using 35mm, but the TLR is better suited to my style of photography and I love the square format. Now I need to visit Istanbul and take up the kind offer of darkroom use from a Turkish member of APUG, and print some images

    The Yashica has been my main camera on a few occasions recently and that's the first time in 23 years I've dropped back from Large Format. The frustration now is that the negatives are excellent & I have no darkroom . . . . . . or scanner.

    Next time I visit the UK I might swap the Yashica for my Rolleiflex, but I'm not sure I need to

  9. Katier
    I have to say I've used the Yasicha for all of one film ( which seems to have exposed well from what I can tell looking at the negs ) and already love it.

    There's something about the utter simplicity of it that's amazing not to mention how quiet she is in use. Something tells me my 35mm collection might get replaced at some point although first I need to sort some printing facilities as I have no quick way of getting prints done.
  10. Toffle
    Lots of new traffic here. Hi to all. I will say that shooting any kind of medium format these days requires a higher level of commitment for most of us. Getting any kind of colour work done requires a 50 km drive and at least a week turnaround. Black and white should be faster, but seeing as I have myself to blame, I'll just say I am my own worst enemy there.

    Cheers, and welcome to our new TLR shooters.
  11. Nick Merritt
    Nick Merritt
    Seeing Toffle's note makes me realize how fortunate I am -- medium format C41 I can get done (with a CD) same day. Black and white takes maybe two days.

    Lately I've been rediscovering my Mamiyas, and using a very beat-up Yashicamat 124, with which I shot my first roll of 220 over New Year's. Next up is a very nice Yashicamat 24 (their 220-only model, but it will shoot 120 as well).

    Off topic, but I've also recently acquired other 6x6 gear -- a Kiev 60 and Kiev 88CM. Very nice indeed! But TLRs are a total kick for me.
  12. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Ian, yes I remember e-mailing you to see if you wanted to join a Rolleiflex forum but I could/can see that all TLRs have more in common with each other that you'd think.
    I have stated before my first TLR was a Yashicamat and my first wedding was shot on a C220 later I bought a Rollei, all great cameras- be there and be square ;-)
  13. Toffle
    I just added a picture to the gallery, Pelee Drive IR Coffee. The title kind of says it all. Maco 820 Aura, split grade coffee print. I'm quite pleased with this print.

    Oh, yeah, I shot this last summer with my 3.5f.
  14. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Looks nice, kind of dreamy and creamy- Possibly a substitute for the loss of the cream based Agfa Portriga ;-)
  15. mamiya_madman
    Does anyone have a.................... Photina? Its a terrible name, but i got it last year and my late Grandad was interested in photography, but didn't have a huge amount of money, and my Nan said i could use his TLR. Its got a nice lens, and shoots beautiful, but just a terrible name!
  16. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Well Sears sold them under the Tower brand name in the US, some where quite reasonable.

    When you look in books from the 40's & 50's there were a large number of Rollei type copies sold around the world. Back in the UK I have a Miniature camera book that lists quite a few. 120, 127 & 35mm were all once known as "miniature formats".
  17. Pelle.txt
    My wife gave my a Epson scanner for my birthday last week. Now I use the standard settings. That is 300 dpi and the scale is 100%. What kind of settings do you guys use?
  18. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    I scan my 120 on a V500 at 2400 ppi which gives me good prints up to 10" just make sure you don't resize when you change dimensions or you''ll end up with Gb size files.
    Scanning more than 2400 ppi wont bring you much more to the game as the native optical res of flatbeds isn't as often quoted.
    Scanning at 2400 and reducing to smaller sizes for printing/posting to web is better than scanning at 300 and up-scaling.
  19. Katier
    I scan at 1200dpi po a Canoscn lide 90. As printing is typically 180-300dpi means a 5x5" print will easilly print out post scanning at 20"x20"

    Speaking of which I've just got my first two rolls of film back and my Yashica seems to be running perfectly

    Just about to post a shot or two from that first roll
  20. RPippin
    Hello everyone, new to this group. I currently own a Flexaret as well as a C330 that is in need of a bellows. After finaly figureing out the focal lengh for the lens, I've been able to get some great shots with my Flexy. I should scan some of the neg's and post them. Anyway, glad to have found a group for TLR's and if anyone out there knows where I could find a set of bellows, let me know.
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