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TLR Users

  1. Toffle
    No answer to your question, but just saying hi. Welcome here.
  2. dpurdy
    Hi TLR users. Put my Rollei to work at the beach awhile ago if anyone is interested....
  3. Lance Frost
    Lance Frost

    I enjoyed the photos from your trip to the beach. Out of curiousity, did you scan the negs or scan the prints to post online?
  4. dpurdy
    Thanks Lance. I always scan from prints on an Epson 3200. I am not happy with my results because I have to do so much sharpening to get a fake sense of the sharpness of the prints and the tonal scale has to be manipulated to make it sort of look close on a monitor. Then I work in a room lighted by a large picture window with sun coming in and when I look at the jpgs at night they always look off from what I thought I did. But hey.. it is great to have such a tool to be able to share work with the internet world. The prints are on Oriental WT FB and most of them are at least minimally stained with black tea to knock back the bright paper base.
  5. canonman
    Hello Dennis!
    Great pictures!
    Best wishes from the other side of the world,
  6. dpurdy
    Thanks Frank. Welcome to APUG.
  7. Toffle
    (Kinda feels like we're on the other side of the world, with this reversed message order... is Sean trying to show us what it's like living on the underbelly of the planet or something? ) Actually, I like the social groups layout, I just prefer the previous message order.
  8. Katier
    *agrees with Toffle* Confused the hell out of me.
  9. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Sean has promised to solve the thread sort order

    Just managed to resurrect the meter on my Yashicamat 124, I guess the meter contacts were dirty. I took the hood/screen off to look and saw the two linkages from the aperture/shutter speed thumb wheels, the speed one must have been stuck, I flicked it open a few times and now the meter's back to normal.

  10. Toffle
    Always nice when you can fix things with a gentle nudge. (as opposed to my usual practice of messing with something until it breaks permanently)
  11. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Well I wonder were the G is added in the 124G, apart from the luxury all black finish, with some plastic, it's the G - Gold plated contacts that are the major difference

    The shutter speed wheel should interact so that when the meter's functioning the meter's pointer moves when the wheel is rotated. My needle mechanism had stuck, so while still responding to light it never went past half way even when pointing at direct sunlight In fact altering the shutter speed made no difference to the meter, it must have just been stuck, perhaps a knock while in my backpack or on a flight.

  12. Pelle.txt
    Hey Dennis. I just saw photo's and liked them a lot. I was in Oregon a couple of years ago. I didn't have a TLR then.

    To RPippin would like to say. Just contact Mamiya in your country. Here in the Netherlands Mamiya claims that they have all the parts for there twin lens camera's.

  13. AshenLight
    After years without a TLR, I picked up C330 Pro, a 65mm lens and a 180mm lens. I can't wait to start shooting with it again since the only other MF I have is an extremely temperamental Bronica SQ-A that decides when it feels like cooperating.


  14. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    After two days shooting with the Yashicamat 124 and it's fixed meter, and a trip to one of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World, every reading matched my Luna Pro to within ½ a stop, and when the Yashica differed it was always towards ½ over exposing which is perfect for my B&W work. The negatives are perfect.

    For the first time in years I missed a wide angle lens for the square format and, I needed to use a 55mm, I had one for my C33 & C3 in the mid 70's but it & the camera's were stolen in the early 80's.

  15. pthornto
    Greetings to the group.
    I recently picked up a 50s vintage Rolleiflex automat from the local classifieds. I've only put a couple rolls of Tri-X through it so far but have really enjoyed using it! This is my first TLR but I like the experience of peering down on to the WLF to make your composition... I also like the possibilities of the square.
  16. Jeff Kubach
    Jeff Kubach
    I have a Roleiflex 2.8 Planner. I use it for general photography. I got it after my father had passed away back in 1991. It is a great camera!

  17. Toffle
    Once you get over the initial strangeness, shooting square can be a very liberating experience. When I'm shooting with my 3.5, the composition just seems to snap into place.
  18. edhead2008
    I just today sent my Rolleiflex T away to Harry Fleenor for CLA. I think I'm going into DT's. Please advise.
  19. mjs
    Harry's got a good reputation; I'm sure that your Rollei is in safe hands. So, take a deep breath, grab a roll of film, and jump up and down and scream like a mad baboon until the mail-person returns your Rollei back to you.

    I'm pretty sure I saw that in a manual once. I'd look for it again but I'm clutching my Rollei New Standard to my breast in anticipation of a nice winter storm supposed to be brewing for this weekend. Heh-heh-heh.

    Dr. Evil, signing off!
  20. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    I just noticed that the other groups have funky avatars or icons-anyone want to make one for this group?
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