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TLR Users

  1. Ian Grant
    I'll give it a go

    Just finished studying so will have some time to spare in the next 2 or 3 days.
  2. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Cool Ian, I'd found some erasers shaped like lips I was going to put them under my lenses to make a face-looked too cheesy though...
    Any help would be more than welcome.
    On another note it's been quiet here, I have been madly busy with life, so photography has taken a back seat, I'll probably be more active when the new Ektar 120 hits the streets.
    What are you studying Ian?
  3. Pelle.txt
    Yesterday my Mamiya c330 and I went to Geraadsbergen in Flanders. We shot some pictures of cycle tourists on the wall of Geraadsbergen. First we made some close ups of faces and then we shot some action pictures. We used used 14 rolls of Foma 100. I will post some pictures when the rolls are developed and the negatives are scanned.

    I also hop that with new avatar there willbe some more live in this social group.
  4. Toffle
    "I also hop that with new avatar there willbe some more live in this social group."

    Apparently not... sure is quiet.... I've been busier than a fox in a henhouse. Hopefully things will quiet down in a couple of weeks. (now if I could only get some Ektar in 120)
  5. mjs
    Also waiting on the new Ektar. Shot the last of my stored Portra NC yesterday and I'm hoping that when I drop it off at the camera store later this week, they'll have some news. Or perhaps some actual film!

  6. Andrew Moxom
    Andrew Moxom
    Just scored a pristine Super Ricohflex for 120 and it comes with the 35mm adaptor, plus the factory optional frame stop. Standard supers needed to use the red window at the back, but there was an optional fitting that could be factory or user installed that would stop the film winding with the correct spacing without having to use the red window. :-) I bought this after seeing Kal's (aka shangheye)work with it, the lens has an almost swirly effect that I am looking for. I can get this with LF petzvals I have, but the portability and sponteneity is an issue. Also with film, using these petzvals creates a central hot spot that can be challenging for printing. I hope to be able to get some interesting and different shots now to stretch me a little.
  7. Pelle.txt
    Today I received a magnifying hood 3.5×/6× for my Mamiya C330 that I bought on Ebay. It first was a huge disappointment. It a big plastic thing. You can only choose between 3.5x and 6x. When you switch between lenses it makes a cheap sounding click.

    But it seems to work just fine. I'm not sure what to think of it. Has anyone of you used the magnifying hood?
  8. Peter Markowski
    Peter Markowski
    During a trip to Mexico (during February) I got up out of a cab (that I hired for the day to see some sites) I thought I had two straps around my next. Yep you guessed it, I only had the camera bag and crack. My Rollie hit the hot stone ground and dented the door and messed up the film transport. I will post some pictures in the next week or so. I'm just now able to talk about it...still hurts. Suggestions on where to send it it North America?
  9. dpurdy
    On the East side of America you can send it to Krimar in New Jersey. I sent my 35s there and he took some dents out and made it work well. On the West side of America you could send it to Harry Fleenor in Los Angeles. Both do good work and actually Krimar is much quicker in any case, even including shipping time.
  10. Peter Markowski
    Peter Markowski
    Thanks dpurdy. Do you have there email address or web site handy? Thank-you.
  11. dpurdy
    Here is Harry Fleenor in Ocean side california:

    The one in New Jersey called Krimar or Marflex is having web site down right now.
  12. Peter Markowski
    Peter Markowski
    Thank-you dpurdy. I'll post my trip in a couple of days from now.
  13. Scruff McGruff
    Scruff McGruff
    I just got my first TLR (also first medium format), a Yashica 12. It needed to go "under the knife" a few times to get everything working, but I'm having a lot of fun with it now! Nice to meet you all.
  14. Prest_400
    I decided to "break the silence".
    I still don't own a TLR camera, but it's one of my next plans. I love Rolleis, and I'm 95% sure that I'll get one of them; For months I looked at the 'cord, T has been an option but not sure, now began to see the automats as a nice option; still nothing, maybe in one year will have one. I want to use more the 35mm before upgrading. I want to have a TLR before a trip to asia for visiting some relatives.
    I'll have to convince my father to let me use his card again, even if I pay him the cost of everything I have a feeling of having to do this. He may not understand why the heck his son wants a new camera having a nice 35mm SLR.
    My uncle is like a friend for telling things about cameras, but I can't tell him that I'm running out of film; wanted to try reala (this film looks nice for the trip), but he advanced me with a 4 roll stash of superia 200 :o. "100ASA is too slow, 200 is better, and they didn't have anything else".

    I suppose that you won't bother having a future owners and fan of (rollei) TLRs
  15. dpurdy
    It's the thought that counts. Visualization helps. Put a picture of the Rollei you want on your desktop and think of owning one. One will come to you.
  16. Uncle Bill
    Uncle Bill
    Hi everyone, my name is Bill and I am suffering an acute case of TLR madness. I am using borrowed Rolleicord and a Rolleiflex Automat from my brother's camera fleet. I have no desire to go down the 'Blad route for 6x6. I like the minimalism for the TLR and the fact on average they don't weigh a ton.
  17. Chris Nielsen
    Chris Nielsen
    Hi guys, I just spotted this group and thought I should dive right in!! I use a Rolleicord III with a lovely Rick Olesen screen and a sadly out of place Nikon neck strap. Oh, and a Sekonic L-208... What do I use it for?? Not nearly as many things as I should!!!
    Oh, and my Rollei has been used (slightly) more after I had a look at a Mamiya 645 and instantly realised my Rollei was much smaller and lighter.
  18. Bosaiya
    I have a C330 I use for documentary photography. I normally use Neopan 400 in low-light and Efke 25 in bright sunshine.
  19. benjiboy
    That's right Mark, with the Mamiya TLRs you can get very close indeed with the 55mm W/A lens you can get to 1:1 but you must remember to allow for the bellows extension if you don't want underexposed results.
  20. BillBallard
    Hi all - Yashica MAT 124G - the camera sees regular use in my nude work!
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