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TLR Users

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  1. dpurdy
    Matt, I just checked with my 2.8 80mm Planar and the #3 Rolleinar and with that at closest possible focus you can fill the frame with something approximately 6x6 inches. I am not sure how different the 75mm lens would be. The distance from camera to closest focus looks about 10 inches or so. It wouldn't let you do a close picture of a bee on a blossom. The other problelms with using the Rollei TLR for macro are parallax issues and the inabililty to see depth of field. You might overcome those issues if you used a sheet film back on the camera but then you have to get film for it.
  2. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    I suppose a #3 would be Ok for your prize roses if you used a Tripod and stopped down a bit. Not sure how it would be for chasing butterflies ;-)
    I noticed in Sanders (Rolleifexible) portfolio he has an excellent H&S shot of a girl that has stacked Rolleinars, looks good quality wise- I wonder what ones he used?
  3. benjiboy
    Hello, everyone I just joined, I use Mamiya TLRs, A C330f and a C33, with 55,80,135, and 180mm lenses, I've used them for more than twenty years I recently got both the cameras a C.L.A, although I've never had any problem with them I thought it was about time, especially since they were second had when I bought them, the C33 was pretty old 20years ago,and I should have had it done then but it just kept going It's built like a Russian KV1 WW11 heavy tank and will probably outlast all of us.
  4. benjiboy
    Matt, I believe Diane Arbus, although I'm not her greatest fan, used a Mamiya TLR for a lot of her work, I've seen some film clips of her working with one.
  5. benjiboy
    Aparat, I remember the Autocord, and that they had excellent lenses, the focusing lever was below the taking lens as far as I recall.
    It's a shame that more people don't realize what good pictures a camera like this can take before they shell out mega bucks,on the latest all singing and dancing SLR.
  6. bnjlosh
    hello! I use a yashica mat 124g and I really enjoy it...I also have a seagull that the focus glass is broken and I have yet to replace it...the 124g was my first real film camera...I use it for both color and black and white, always been pleased with the results
  7. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Hi Benjiboy and bnjlosh
    I had a Yashica (older than 124G) for a while I chose it as my first TLR over a Rolleicord IV as I could not focus the cord in the shop (too dark) I like it a lot, but sold it to buy a Mamiya 1000s.
    Possibly i'll post some shots I took with it in 1985.
    I also had a C330 for a little while, i liked the close focus and the red parallax indicator, as well as the interchangeable lens I think mine had a 80mm and a 135? anyhow I sold it when I started my wedding training when the gave me 'free' Rolleiflex F3,5 with Xentotar.
    All good cameras...
    Post some pics in the Album we only have 'flexes'
  8. Mattjcuk

    Thanks Dennis & Mark for your comments and for checking out the Rolleinar, its much appreciated, I think I may leave it for the time being and see if there is another medium format camera suitable for macro work.

    I'm getting to be quite a fan of Diane Arbus work, in her autobiography it mentions that she used a quite a few different camera's it seemed that when people started to copy her style with a particular camera she would change. I think she used the Mamiya C330, along with a Rollei 3.5F (among others) but not too sure.


  9. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    I too saw the film Fur, didn't click with me at first she had a Rollei although I liked the film.
    I seem to remember that there was a 'balloon' bellows for the Mamiya 645 system, I think SLRs are the way to go for Macro what with DOF preview.
    My Rollei has been bought with a specific purpose in mind- portraits.
    I think the Rolleinar 1&2 will be must haves after I get my camera back from CLA.
    Another great photographer who uaed TLRs is David Bailey.
    I actually met him once, a charming guy quite unlike his grumpy old man public persona.
    His photos of Michael Caine and Mick Jagger are the '60's in essence (not that I'm old enough to actually remember)
  10. grahamp
    Although I keep a closeup set with my YashicaMat, it isn't my tool of choice for that sort of work. Though it is easier if I borrow the Mamiya Paramender. My Paramender has a mark for the 45mm lens separation. I just have to remember to stop there, and not use the full 50mm motion. The C220/C330 is better, but the 5x4 is about as easy and the screen is bigger 8-). For serious closeups, the 35mm gets the dust blown off.
  11. Mattjcuk

    I think I may have to either dust of my film slr or look for a different one and try closeup with that, thanks for the help.

    Mark, if you enjoyed the film fur the book Diane Arbus by Patricia Bosworth is a really interesting read, I'll do some more investigation into David Bailey and his work.


  12. hobbes
    Hi everyone, I have just joined. I bought my Rollei years ago and fell in love immediately. Now the set comprises of Rolleiflex 2.8d w/ Xenotar 80/2.8, Rolleinar 1.5 and 3, filters and lens shade. Before I used Mamiya C220 and couple other non-TLR gear Have a good day!
  13. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Hi Hobbes
    Thanks for joining. Feel free to post an image of your camera (or any pictures take with a TLR) in the album.
  14. hobbes
    Hi Mark, I'm Dominik - when I joined APUG I chose the login not knowing that it's going to be my 'nickname' I already posted nine to the album.
  15. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Hi Dominik
    Very intesting pictures of the disused cemetery and very ethereal feeling to them. I'm guessing it is a disused possibly jewish one?
    Great images!
    Welcome to the group.
    Anyone else want to share some images taken with their TLR?
  16. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Now my TLR's are back from service and repair, an hour ago, I'll join the group. I haven't used a TLR for over 24 years since my Mamiya C33 & C3 were stolen.

    So the 1961 Rolleiflex f3.5 E3 and 1968 Yashicamat 124 will go back into use this weekend. The first 120 camera I ever used was a Yashicamat while still at school so it will be a bit of a nostalgia trip.

    The Rollei will stay in the UK for the time being, and I'll take the Yashica back with me to the Aegean

  17. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Hi Ian
    Welcome to the group, nice to see you. How is your Rollei after the CLA? Am I right in thinking you sent it to the Bristol firm Black and White?
    I sent mine to Brian Mickleboro, he seems a nice guy and is factory trained, he says a week to ten days-can't wait!
    I too started with a Yashicamat i really should dig up some of the old VPS negs.
  18. dpurdy
    I know this is a TLR group, not just a Rollei group but I have to say I am more than amazed at the number of old Rolleis out in the world in the hands of photographers who love them. After becoming a Rolleiphile a few years ago and watching them on the web in forums and ebay it is just unbelievable to me how many. It is a testament to something. Or several things. And I know that is true for the Mamiya TLRs as well.
    Dominik, I especially love the grave stone picture with the strong central tree. Very beautiful image.
  19. hobbes
    Hi dpurdy, thanks for your comment. I don't know where this Rollei admiration comes from, I guess it 's been like this ever since. It's just the Internet that made the Francke&Heidecke's stuff popular and brought all the Rolleilovers up where they are heard and seen. To me, this 52 years old double glass box feels great in my hands, I can feel it and I know exactly what I'm gonna get pushing the button looking through the Beattie screen In the meanwhile I used couple of other gear - AF and manual SLRs (minolta, nikon, canon, chinon), Hassie 500C, Mamiya M645, Bronica ETRS ..yet I always managed to get the best results with the Rollei old chap. It's made like a tank, it works like a charm and never failed on me (neither in -30'C nor in +50'C).
  20. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Just put a couple of images in the album the one of the girls was my first film taken on my first TLR (Yashicamat) The didgeridoo player was taken on my first Rolleiflex one with a Xenotar F3,5
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