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TLR Users

  1. Toffle
    I must confess that my first shots of 2010 were not with my Rollei. They were shot with my Calumet CC400, ( and I still have the tingling frozen feeling in myfingers to show for it ), but I got a couple of nice interior shadow/texture shots today. So far, this year (two days in...) two cameras, three formats, three films. (probably around 8 shots total, but it's not about quantity...)
  2. bighilt
    Hi Everyone
    I have a Rollei T and a Yashica A. The Rollei has produced some of the best images in my 30+ years of taking pictures. Although I have had the Yashica for quite a few years I have hardly used it. Not sure how the triplet will perform and when it comes to sticking a film into a camera it invariably ends up going into the Rollei or a Bronica SQA1. I really should give the Yashica a proper test I guess.
  3. R gould
    R gould
    Hello eveyone, I have a rolleiflex and a weltaflex,both of which are in regular use, Richard
  4. sfj
    Hi folks
    I started with a Mamiyaflex C2, for which I got 65, 80 and 180mm lenses, hoods and a prism finder. But since I've acquired a Mamiya C330, I use it most of the time. The C2 is nearly identical, but has a more awkward winder, lacks a parallax indicator and doesn't auto-cock the shutter. The C330 also has split-screen focusing, which I find I need more these days.
    I photograph everything with it - close-ups, portraits, landscapes etc. I post some on Flickr -- see http://www.flickr.com/photos/chapelcross9/ and http://www.flickr.com/photos/chapelcross6/.
  5. R gould
    R gould
    I currently have a Rolleiflex automat, an rolleicord va2 and a weltaflex, and should next week be getting my fourth tlr, this time an english made microcord with the wonderfull ross xpress lens,Richard
  6. AllenBaxter
    Hello: I am new to APUG and this group. I have recently gotten back into film photography. I started with 35mm Nikon shooting and got interested in medium format. I just purchased a used Yashica Mat 124 tha appears to be in very good condition. Since I have never used this type of camera and am used to 35mm format I had one question that I was hoping to get some assistance with. I was cleaning the camera and noticed that the focusing screen appeared to be what I thought was somewhat cloudy compared to looking through my nikon lenses. I proceeded to disassemble the focusing screen and the fresnel field lens assembly: glass plate with red lines etched into plate which was not clear glass but almost frosted + the plastic lens which was very clear. I proceeded to try and clean the glass plate, but to no avail. Is it normal for the glass plate with the red etched lines to be somewhat frosted, i.e., not perfectly clear glass? I am new to this camera and format and just was not sure what is normal. I shot my first roll of film this weekend and have not yet developed to review the images so this will be the test to determine whether I was able to focus sharply. Thanks for the help.
  7. pentaxpete
    Not sure if I introduced myself here, but I have been posting many TLR shots -- I am from Brentwood, Essex, England and started photography in 1951 at school. I have been doing professional work since 1959 -- now supposed to be 'Retired' but you know what it's like ! My first TLR was a new Zeiss Ikoflex bought for about £15 in Germany when I was there in the British Army -- it was OK at first, then the lens started to sink in due to it being set in pitch, which softened in the heat ! Many years and other cameras later I got a Rolleicord Vb about 1962 era for £60 and have got a 16-0n kit off e-bay cheap for it. The I bought a Rolleiflex 2.8 F Planar 1961 era for £200 from a camera club member and used it for many weddings, then was GIVEN a 2.8 E 2 Xenotar 1956 era, then bought a 3.5F Planar and was GIVEN a 3.5E Planar about 1959 era. Then another Camera Club member GAVE me a 1984 Mamiya C220 which I have been using lately with some of the outdated film in my fridge ! I use Vuescan and do a small amount of colour correction in PhotoShop .
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