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TLR Users

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  1. Mark Antony
    Thanks Dennis
    While not a bargain it should last years and looks safer than the worn straps on ebay that go for £25
  2. hobbes
    the double exposure "switch" is usually under the winder (a little piece of metal with teeth - it moves sideways), it's easy to move it either side and forget that we're double exposure now expecially on the first frame
  3. ts103706@ohio.edu
    Hello. I as just invited to the group by Mr. Anthony. Just yesterday I got rid of my Hasselblad 500c. I was pretty upset for a while, but then I saw the 5 Rolleis I had to chose from. I picked what appeared to be the best of the lot, and after using it all evening last night, I have not regretted the move yet. I hope to have some photos up soon. I do have some questions though.

    1. As far as straps, has anyone made their own? Would strong string work to connect around the knobs under the chrome panel?

    2. As far as cases, where can they be found? I have not seen them anywhere. The guy I bought my 2.8f off of had one, but it was slightly too small. Mine also has the E.V. knob on it, and I don't know if only certain 2.8f cases would fit that.

    3. Does anyone here use a prism? The guy I bought it off of also through in a prism for free because it was pretty beat up. I feel like it maybe takes away from the experience. Maybe I haven't found the right application for it.

    4. The tripod mount is too big. What do I do?
  4. ts103706@ohio.edu
    One more question. Is there anyway to include details when uploading to the group gallery? I always enjoy seeing technical details.
  5. dpurdy
    103706, The only problem with putting a different type strap on is that it will cause rub marks on your WLF or Prism. The Rollei Alligator strap connector is hindged so that it never rubs against the camera. Still lots of people put rings, like heavy key rings, around the post and then use any kind of strap you want.

    I use a prism usually. I like looking through an eye piece and having the image oriented correctly. It might make for a bit stiffer compositions than the WLF though because with the backward view of the WLF and the slightly more difficult waist level viewing you can get interesting compositions.

    The cases are on ebay for a lot of money. I personally don't like the case and keep my camera in a lowepro camera bag.

    The tripod mount is European. The adapters are available at lots of camera stores. However if you are going to use a tripod a lot you might consider getting the Rolleifix for better support and easy taking off the tripod. Be aware that the back of a Rollei is made from relatively soft sheet metal and can easily bend if you carry the camera around on a tripod or look straight down a lot on a tripod. The Rolleifix will help keep the sheet metal from bending.
    Is your new Rollei a 2.8F ? Or does it just have a 2.8f lens?

    One more thing regarding your beat up prism. The prism housing is held on by 2 small screws on either side. You can take those screws out and pull the housing off the prism. Then you can take a blunt but hard tool and from the inside push the dents back out and reshape the prism to a great degree. I dropped one of mine once and put huge creased dents in 2 places when it landed on the edge of a book case and then bounced to the floor. I was able to push the dents back out to a degree that you can't even see them now. Also you can match the black paint with some semi gloss mars black acrylic paint and fix it up pretty well.
  6. Toffle
    Just introducing myself here. I am the proud owner of a 1959 3.5f, which I treated myself to last Christmas. It is truly the most beautiful camera I have ever used. The TLR format is such a joy to use. It could use a CLA, but I really can't bear the thought of being without it for even a couple of weeks.

    An interesting thing about a truly fine camera, when you finally find the right camera your tool becomes your Muse.

    Cheers; excited to meet other TLR users.

  7. Mattjcuk
    Hi Dominik,

    Thanks, I was wondering what that was for and I can see that's probably what I did.


  8. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Welcome Tom and ts103706 (sounds like a Star Wars™ droid) Sorry ;-)
    Please upload images of your cameras or pics you've taken in the album.
    Yes you can put info under the pic, if you forget just edit- photo and add exposure/camera info.
    Dennis thanks for the advice, I won the ebay bid for the bay 1 Rolleinar #2 it should be with me by the time my Rollei comes back from CLA.
  9. jasonjoo
    Hey folks, just stopping by to say hi! I own two 3.5Es but one is in need of a CLA. The Rolleiflex was my first true medium format camera and these things beautifully made! I JUST ventured into the LF territory, but the 3.5E will always have a special place in my heart

  10. hobbes
    @ts103706, yup, they strings would do I tried it right after the original broke on me.
  11. ts103706@ohio.edu
    I got some white vinyl, padding, light blue nylon webbing, eyelets, and the strongest black string I could find that would fit in the eyelets. I intend to add the eyelets onto the blue webbing. I am going to make a pad out of the white vinyl and some padding, and make slits to fit webbing through. The strap will be connected to the camera with the black string through the eyelets. I think it is going to look good. I will put up pictures of the camera and the strap tonight when I am done.
  12. benjiboy
    On the subject of straps, I recently bought an Optec Pro strap for my Mamiya, (I've been using the original Mamiya one that is about 1/4" wide and made out of some sort of fibre glass, has a plastic shoulder grip whose bobbled inner surface gets very painful on the back of the neck, especially if I have the prism and the 180mm lenses on the camera. ) I can't believe the difference this has made, it's so comfortable and makes the camera feel half the weight , it's made from Neoprene and Nylon webbing,I don't know how they do it , but it's magic.
  13. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    I just bought a Rollei scissors type strap for £20 from a dealer (MXV) after tracking some on ebay going for crazy prices $80- $100 for a strap :o
    New Rollei ones are only about $90.
    Mad! are they gold plated? How many other camera owners would pay 25% of their camera cost on a strap?
  14. Toffle
    I bought a "never-ready" case for my Rollie from KEH for $35. Much to my delight, it included a scissors clip strap. Now, I know that the case itself is pretty inconvenient in many ways, but it does protect the body and lenses quite well. It does slow down the process of changing films, but for the time being, I'll take security over convenience.

    On the subject of straps, what is the preferred height to for a TLR with WLF? The strap for my case was set quite low in my opinion, and I've been experimenting with higher placements. Right now, I have the viewing lens just about level with my sternum. What do other users do?
  15. Jack Lusted
    Jack Lusted
    Thought that I would say hi.
    I currently use a Rollei 2.8F and a Mamiya C330f. I'm not sure which of the two I most like. Rollei is great out and about, but the Mamiya is very useful with its close focusing and interchangeable lenses. Of the two the Rollei has the nicest feel. Optically they seem pretty much on par.

  16. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Welcome Jack
    What sort of pictures do you take? post some in the TLR 'family' album.
  17. Toffle
    8... count 'em EIGHT Rolleiflex scissors straps:

    could be a good investment, folks.
  18. arigram
    Can one buy the crocodiles by themselves and attach them to a cord of his choice?
  19. Toffle
    Seems to me I've heard of that being done... I think I've even seen instructions somewhere on the web, but it can't be all that difficult. The crocs are really great attachments.

    Buy them all and piece 'em out.
  20. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    There are a few guys that do that on ebay.
    Have a look at this 'bargain'
    Hard to find?
    Hard to find (if you're blind) buy now price $148
    Love the 'free shipping' tag

    This guy has put new leather on old clips:
    Another bargain
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