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TLR Users

  1. Xia_Ke
    Thanks for the invite Tom Been here over a year and never noticed the groups section...LOL Thought I would answer your question here instead of in the PM. Yes, I did end up getting the MX-EVS CLA'd by Mark Hansen at www.ikonrollieflexrepair.com . Took about a month to get it back. Not only did he do the normal CLA, he fixed a couple other little issues it was having. Prices were very reasonable and he was always in contact while he had my camera. I wouldn't hesitate to send another camera to him.

  2. Toffle
    Welcome aboard, Aaron... we're always looking for people to share ideas with around here... (actually, we're kind of like vampires... feeding off the blood of the innocent)

  3. mjs
    Last Friday I finally got something I've always wanted but could never afford -- a Rolleiflex. I bought it at an estate auction and believe that it's been sitting in a box in a garage for decades, at least. From the serial number it was most likely made in early 1939. I was tripping the shutter and the last time I fired it the shutter blades didn't close all the way and the winding handle doesn't want to wind, so obviously time and grime have taken their toll. I've e-mailed Mr. Hansen to see if that's enough of a description for him to give me a ball park repair / CLA estimate. In the mean time, are there any other Rollei repair folks you'd like to recommend? I'm in Indiana, by the way.

    I also was a fortunate recipient of one of the 120-format folders recently given away here and have finally gotten a good roll of film out of it (I probably shouldn't have shot the first roll indoors, where I apparently am particularly bad at estimating exposure,) and then re-learning how to roll 120 film onto developing spools, but I seem to have gotten that sorted out now, too. That camera is so much fun that I blew another $10 at the auction for three old Kodak folders: a Monitor six-20, a something-junior Six-16, and another older one I forget what it is but at least it seems to take ordinary 120 film. I need to order a couple of rolls of 620 film and see if they have any 616 in stock. I'm curious to see what these cameras will do, especially with a nice big 6x9 negative.

    Anyway, all this little camera stuff is a very pleasant diversion from my usual routine, which involves lugging 4x5 or 8x10 cameras around. When it's as hot and muggy as it's been, the smaller cameras have a real attraction!

  4. dpurdy
    There are a couple of well known Rollei repair people closer to you. The one I am familiar with is named Krikor Marlian with a company he calls KriMar and it is in New Jersey. He is famous for being very fast.. like same day turnaround. I had a camera fixed by him a couple years ago that still works fine.

    I did a bit of research on Mark Hansen since he is right here in town and you will find testimony both ways about his work. I called him to see about fixing a very common problem with my 2.8F. The feeler roller was out of adjustment, so I wrote him and he had never worked on one before and wasn't sure how much of the camera had to be taken apart to adjust the roller. That pretty much scared me off.
  5. Toffle
    Does anybody know of anyone who does Rollei service in Canada? I know of Commercial Camera Repair on Church St. in Toronto. http://www.commercialcamerarepair.com But I have heard no reports from anyone on their service or turnaround times.
  6. Xia_Ke
    Ouch, that is kind of scary dpurdy When I searched around about him all I found was positive comments about his work. Mind if I ask what sort of negative things you heard? He was quick to answer any questions I had and fixed all the little issues my MX-EVS had (self timer not working, frame counter not resetting, sticky slow speeds, etc). I guess we'll see how his work holds up but, my camera is working smooth as butter now.
  7. dpurdy
    Aaron, I remember the discussion we had earlier and that was the first time I heard much about him. Then in another forum a discussion came up about repairman options and I mentioned Hanson and was immediately shot down by a couple of people. It would take a bit of research to find the exact conversations. I decided from your experience to give him a try but he wouldn't allow me to come to his shop personally and I needed to send the camera to him for an estimate to adjust the feeler roller because he didn't know what was involved in fixing it. The problem with my feeler roller is just that the gap is a bit too wide for ACROS film and I fixed it myself with a bit of masking tape on the roller to tighten the gap.
  8. mjs
    I e-mailed Mr. Hansen and he responded quickly and professionally. My only real concern is that he said he was 6-8 weeks behind and I'd kind of like to have it fixed before then. From his e-mail he seemed a straight-up, reasonable sort of guy.
  9. dpurdy
    this guy has an army of fans and is famous for quickness. He is a Rollei specialist
  10. Nick Merritt
    Nick Merritt
    I've been to Krikor's shop a couple of times and met him. He's very good about making sure you understand exactly what work is needed and how much it will cost. And yes, he is very fast. He's worked on three Rolleis for me, one of them one of the 35s.
  11. Rolleiflexible
    I too have been to Krikor's shop several times.
    I am very fond of him. But I no longer use him.
    Several of my Rolleiflexes have had transport
    and shutter issues. I took them to Krikor. When
    he returned them, he said they were fine but
    mumbled something each time about them being
    old cameras and implied that they were not up
    to standard. All three cameras had the problems
    return within a matter of weeks, after nearly a
    thousand dollars' worth of repairs.

    So I sent them to Paul Ebel in Wisconsin. Paul
    fixed them. They all work fine now. No mumbles
    about the cameras being old.

    Paul also told me that two of the cameras were
    out of focus because the screens had been
    replaced (a 2.8C and a 3.5Ev1) and the
    replacement screens had not been properly
    shimmed when installed. Krikor had
    installed both screens.

    Sanders McNew
  12. dpurdy

    This is an interesting camera on ebay that I have watched be listed and relisted several times. The seller has changed his ebay name recently.
    The interesting thing is that he is calling it a 295series White Face with Xenotar which would make it from the last series of Fs ever made. However if you look at the sides of the camera you see that the strap hangers have the chrome half moon shape which is from the first series of Fs. And if you look closely at the name plate/meters sensor housing, you see that it has been repainted.. which makes me wonder if there is another serial number under the paint. Also I think the leather on the sides looks like the old real leather instead of the newer leatherette of the later cameras. So I would have to conclude that this camera is an old F body with a newer White Face front put on it.

    I have tracked the 295xxxx series 2.8Fs on ebay for a few years since I got mine and love it so much I keep thinking I should get another someday. (I got and FX instead). The same seller of this camera once put a Whiteface 295 series with Xenotar for sale at a high price and it didn't sell. Then later he put the same camera with the same serial number for sale again and this time it had a Planar lens!! Strange things happen.
  13. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Dennis there are a lot of dodgy dealers out there caveat emptor as they say.
    Funny thing happened a couple of days back I went to see my brother to collect my Rolleinar 2 (he is ebay buyer for me) and he spotted a 1951 Automat 3 on ebay with 4 mins left at £55. he said "is it a good camera"? err yes I said he bid on it and won.
    My brother has never owned more than a P&S and after seeing my T has caught the rolleiflex bug.

    I'm going to give him lessons before he takes it on holiday....
  14. Toffle
    Thanks for the heads up, Dennis. The problem is, eventually someone will pay what this guy is asking and may never know that this camera is not as advertised.
  15. dpurdy
    Actually I think my own 2.8F 295series is a bit dodgy. It got listed from New Jersey at what would be 2:30 AM there. It looked pristine in the pictures and the serial number is one of the latest I have seen and he had buy it now 865.00 on it. I couldn't resist and bought it within ten minutes of the listing. When it arrived it was nearly perfect mint, but when I gave it a shake it rattled. It seemed to work great though. After a few days while shooting a test with it I discovered that sometimes the focus would get hung up and not have the full range. I sent it to Harry Fleenor and he found a loose screw inside and fixed it for 40 dollars. I win. Recently I took the front cover off because I wanted to easily unscrew the lenses and clean out some specks of dust. I discovered when the cover was off that my viewing lens and taking lens don't have matching serial numbers. They are very close.. like within 5, but they are supposed to match. I don't know if one of the lenses was swapped out or if when originally manufactured the technician got the viewing lens mixed up with another on his table.. they are that close in number. What ever it tests out sharp at all distances and I still love it.
  16. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Just uploaded a pic taken with the Rolleinar #2
    I love the way you can get in close....
  17. Toffle
    Beautiful shots, Mark... and beautiful kids.

    Those Rolleinars are such wonderful lenses. Sharp to the edges.

  18. Jack Lusted
    Jack Lusted
    From time to time I've come across some nugget of knowledge that is so obvious and liberating that I've wondered just why it was that I had never come across it before. About two years ago I learned about the 'sunny 16' rule. When I tried it out (with some trepidation) I was amazed at just how well exposed the negs were. As a result I hardly ever bother to take a meter with me now. This has improved my experience photography no end as I no longer find myself fiddling about with a light meter for every shot.
    I wonder, are there some other simple liberating rules and techniques that we would all do well to know?
  19. dpurdy
    there could be the sunny snow rule. Or the cloudy day rule or the North side of a building rule. Remember when film boxes had exposure recommendations for exposures in various conditions? Maybe they still do I haven't looked in a long time.
    The sunny 16 rule doesn't work way up here in North Oregon. More like the sunny 8'nahalf rule, especially if you like shadow detail.
    Once when I was sick as a dog with flu I went around my house shooting stuff with my 4x5 and just guessing exposures in the multiple seconds. Nearly everything was acceptably close to right.

    Mark I love the picture of your two girls. Very nice. Seems you must have been about as distant as possible with a #2. Now you need a #3
  20. Anscojohn
    Well, TLRers, I am back from two weeks on a package tour of the Danube. Despite my arthritic joints and bad back, I schlepped a trusty old Yashica 635 and a couple of rolls fo FOMA 100. With all the tourist activities, I had very little opportunity to do any photography--some discreet street shooting only a true TLRer can accomplish by sitting on a park bench near a bubbling, back-lighted public water fountain in a town square in Bulgaria. In a few days I shall know if I have anything worth printing. Must needs mix up some fresh D23 and get to work.
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