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TLR Users

  1. Mark Antony
    Those shots were as far away as I could get with the #2 quite amazing how close you can get.
    Tonight I'm processing some close up shots taken at 25,000 EI with Delta 3200 not expecting too much, they should be close ups of just my brothers face lighting is just his laptop....
  2. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    I just popped 2 shots into the gallery.
    They are the tests of delta 3200 shot at 25,000 both use Rolleinar 2.
  3. dpurdy
    You are doing some good Portraits Mark. I even like the total lack of detail in the shadow side of your bro's face. Very intense portrait. I have to say that camera fits you to a T.
    by the way at least in my tests I get much less grain with D3200 developing in DDX than any other developer.. though I like the grain you got there.
  4. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    thanks Dennis.
    I like the results too, I used Microphen to develop them as I've been told that it is a powder version of DDX
    I used the DDX dev time of 25? mins
    i've never tried to push a film to 25,000 before and its good to know I have that option.
    Like I said my brothers face is only illuminated (if that's the word) by a 14" laptop screen from 3-4 feet away...
    I now feel i need to do some serious work with my T, if I use it a lot I might need a brighter screen especially with laptops as my main light ;-)
  5. Toffle
    I was once subjected to a flame war (on another site) for for having the nerve to post a portrait with only half the face illuminated. So my response to you is, "good shot". To me the composition is so strong and compelling... It's interesting how by hiding something, we show so much more. Good shot, Mark.
  6. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Thanks Tom.
    I really just wanted to really push the film.
    I think the look on my brothers face is saying "how long is he going to take to focus that **%dy thing"
    PS I'm going to be out of the office a few days....
  7. Xia_Ke
    Love the shot of your bro's face Mark.

    Tom, I can't believe someone actually flamed you over that. Oh well, THEIR loss.
  8. Shmoo
    I have a borrowed Rolleicord IV...that would love to grow up to be a Rolleiflex 2.8....someday. It was my main camera when I went on vacation to Vienna & Salzburg last year. LOVE this camera.
  9. Rolleijoe
    Finally decided to join here, the other groups are becoming annoying (hehe)
  10. Toffle
    question (which I'm embarrassed to ask in the forums...)
    I accidentally exposed a roll of Pan f+ at ISO 125 in my Rolleiflex on vacation last week. The only developer I use is HC-110 (it's literally the only developer in town) I know Pan f+ doesn't push well. (at all?) What do I do?
  11. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    Toffle, you'd need to use a developer like Microphen or better still Diafine they give slightly more inherent speed. Microphen normally gives approx 64 ISO but if you increase the development time by about 50% that gets you closer to 100 ISO, but the negs will be contrasty.
  12. Toffle
    Thanks Ian. I think I'll pop that film into storage until I can grab some developer. I'm headed off to Chicago in a couple of weeks; I'll stop at Central. (If you've never been, Central Camera is a real treat... something like 106 years in the same location... and some back stock going back that far too.)
  13. ts103706@ohio.edu
    Due to certain financial situations, I am selling my Rolleiflex. It is a 2.8f, and I am not sure what type. The serial number is 2950265. The closest serial number I have seen to this was on a white face, which leads me to believe this was made in the late 70's. It is pretty clean as you can see by the pictures I added to the gallery. I have a prism with case, but the prism has a small dent in it that is only cosmetic. I also have a nice condition Rollei lens hood and Rollei UV haze filter for it. The meter is pretty accurate and all shutter speeds are accurate. It was serviced once a year, every year, before it was put into storage for 4 years. I have run both 120 and 220 film through it, and both work. Does anyone have any idea what I can expect to get for it? Thanks
  14. ts103706@ohio.edu
    In case anyone was interested for their own purposes, I got an answer from Dpurdy in the forums.

    I have tracked, as well as I could, all the 295 series 2.8Fs in ebay for about 3 years and in that time I have watched 112 of them go through. It is interesting to note that over all the 295 series is very nearly all Xenotars. However I have noticed on the early 295s they started out as Planars.

    2950110, 2950228 and 2950286 were all with Planars and those are 3 of the earliest four 295s I have seen. After that there were only 4 other Planars listed in the over 100 cameras and 2 of those were by a seller I am pretty sure switched lenses in them.

    The legit, near mint condition 295 Planars have all sold for over 2500 USD. If you do a good job writing your camera up and make good professional looking pictures I would expect you to get that as well.. if your camera is as good condition as it looks in your pictures.

    If you want to fix the small dent in the prism it is easy to do. You just take out the 2 small screws on both sides of the housing and pull the housing off and then with a blunt hard tool of some kind you work the dent back out and smooth it out a little at a time.

    The 295series 2.8Fs are often called type 4 and with the Planar and the 12/24 switch and the good condition and receipts for service, this is the most valuable 2.8F Rollei there is. So good luck

  15. dpurdy
    170244301212 ebay item number

    By the way this 2.8F #2955857 which is listed with a Planar is very very dodgy and doubtful as the serial number for the Planar lens predates Fs and has coating loss. Otherwise it is the latest 295 with Planar I ever saw.
  16. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Yes Dennis i saw that one too, if the serial is correct then the lens should be a Xenotar not Planar. Things like that mean that the relationship between the view and taking lenses is probably out of whack.
    Possibly the lens was damaged by dropping and a 1960's planar substituted.
    Also just back from holiday, shot 8 rolls through my T but have only processed a couple-put one or two in the gallery.
  17. Rolleiflexible
    "Be there and be square"?! Not fair!!!

    I bought Sean's Gowlandflex and it
    just arrived. Is it not a TLR? Does
    it not shoot rectangles? I think we
    need a new subtitle for this group.

  18. Mark Antony
    Mark Antony
    Hi Sanders
    I knew when I posted the paraphrase as a subheading that someone would have a rectangular TLR
    The Gowland was something i was unaware of until Google helped me out of my state of ignorance.
    Now I realise what that thing under Seans arm is in his Avatar!!
    So as the kind of editor of the heading what would people like to see as a header?
    I'm all for democracy..
  19. Nick Merritt
    Nick Merritt
    Ah heck -- other than a Gowlandflex or a Koni-Omegaflex (which really isn't a TLR anyway), or maybe a couple of other rarities like a Tessina or one model of Agfa, all TLRs are square format. So "be there and be square" fits 99% of all TLRs out there. Keep it.
  20. dpurdy
    a square is the most efficient use of a circle... until they come up with round paper. Anyway I got post #180... which is generally considered half a circle.
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