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DSLR + Photoshop or die ! But what about 120 film with TLR ?

  1. ripvisitor
    After a 126 boxcamera, I had a couple of compact 35mm cams. When i bought the DSLR from Nikon a couple of years ago + 105 mm lens + extra Sigma 70-200 2.8 the serious stuff started . Or did it ? i wasnot quite sure about the quality of the pics. Nice snapshots but still. I started a first year at the Academy of Fine Arts, because more emphasis was placed on the pictures produced than on the technical stuff.
    We worked with digital images and Photoshop ... 'till I had a couple of runs in the Dark Room. I developed some images , found a 35mm and made some prints. Since then I have not been able to let go . I am always thinking about film : 35 mm , but 120 also . I mean 6 x 6 , ....

    BUT WHAT CAMERA TO BUY ! I have been a member of lomography website for years and I started to search for classic camera's . I found a Diana of course (not for me ), but also a Seagull a Belair and even a Lubitel a 166+ model, a new version of the old Lubitel 166 (can work with 35mm and 120) . So I reiterate my question. What camera to buy ? I have been looking on Ebay and found Yashica's , and of course the famous Rollei - Cord or Flex camera's . EVen some other models i donot know the names .. so again what camera do I buy ?

    I would like a Rollei , of course .. some say they have the best optics ZEISS .... ever !! But are they really that much better then a Yashica ? ANd what do I pay for a good Rollei ? Is there a website with info for beginners with TLR ? Maybe I should wait 'till this summer. I usually spent a couple of weeks in Weimar .. not far from Iena ... you know Carl Zeiss from Jena !?

    Please ... your thoughts .. regards. Zwalm Belgium.
  2. ripvisitor
    I thought this was a Forum that was alive .. but I shall ask over at Rolleiflex club .. they seem more up to date on Rollei's Thxs
  3. Toffle
    I am sorry you felt ignored. APUG is an active and thriving forum. The groups section can be very quiet at times, and as much of the discussion in the groups is likely to be duplicated in the forums, many members simply ignore this area.
    As to your question, yes, you can get by with virtually any camera, and you will find quite vocal proponents of any brand. My advice? Get the camera that speaks to you. For me, that was a Rolleiflex 3.5f (Planar) This camera gives my my best negatives, and when all else seems to be going against me, a couple of hours of Rollei therapy makes all well in the world again.
  4. selmslie
    For starting out with 6x6 TLR, buy what you can comfortably afford. In the USA, we can find appropriate choices at KEH.com. Over here, Yashica and Mamiya are popular but I cannot give you an opinion on Seagull. You may find a different market and preferences in Europe. Rolleiflex is a significant investment you can look forward to, they are that much better than the rest.
  5. mfohl
    I know this answer is late, but I will comment anyway. First of all, my regards to all of you in Belgium. My family and I lived in Antwerpen for nearly a year in 1983-84. And enjoyed it immensely. Regarding the cameras, buy lots of them. I have a Mamiya C-220, a couple of Nikon FM2s, some Holgas, a pinhole camera, and a Horizon and Noblex panorama. They all offer different possibilities. I didn't buy these all at once, but rather they came at different times as I could afford them. And I bought almost all of them used. Enjoy!
  6. ToddB
    I would make the investment in a Rollei. I made mistakes on thinking something is good enough and find myself wanting the real deal cause I wasn't quit happy with less, later and spending more in the long run. Echoing from Selm, a good Rollei will set you back a little , but significatlly less than a DSLR camera. And too. Rollei are timeless. You won't have to worry about it being punked by a newer version in 6 months like digital camera. The picture quality is absolutly amazing, and far as the camera... it's stunning too. Thats my 2 cents.

    Best Regards, ToddB
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