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It is Alive!

  1. Silvertooth
    Greetings All!

    I have been redeveloping (that was bad) my love of analog photography over the past couple of years with my Pentax and Minolta cameras. I had a 1964 Yashica D sitting on the shelf collecting dust. I had not used it in about sixteen years because of a sticky shutter. I pulled it out yesterday, tinkered with it a bit and it came back to life. Excitement reigns within the house today as I ordered a couple of rolls of Fujifilm Acros 100. Now the waiting. I can hardly wait to get back to square photography!

  2. pbromaghin
    Results yet?
  3. Silvertooth
    I have shot and processed both rolls of film--the first roll was horrible. I chalk it up to operator error. The second roll was very nice. I made a couple of prints but have not scanned them yet. I never have posted photos into APUG for some reason. I will try to do so this weekend. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised with the results.
  4. pentaxpete
    you should excercise the shutter of cameras every month or so == I do that when I am having my 'Afternoon Tea' and it keeps them working !
  5. Silvertooth
    Here is a link to the results--I hope it works! Not the greatest scan, the print looks much better.

  6. snapguy
    Nice photo. Great subject. I love old windmills. I have two Yashicamats but don't take enough photos with them. Love a big neg.
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