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What other cameras do the TLR users here use?

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  1. BillBallard
    I use my Canon EOS 3 bodies, as well as a Holga and "PinHolga". I do love my MAT 124G though...
  2. Ian Grant
    Ian Grant
    John, just post, I had my first camera 54 years ago - but I couldn't use it

    A post here from someone in their 60's, 70's, 80's or even 90's is just as valid as a new teenage film user.

  3. heart of stone
    heart of stone
    I use my Autocord almost exclusively, my 35mm hasn't seen the light of day for over a year now. When I was shooting 35 it seemed I never had the right lens on, always wanting wider or closer. Now I make the images fit the lens and am much happier with the results even though the gear isn't nearly as versatile. I should admit though, I have a couple of Roleinars that do give me a little more latitude. But they really don't get used that often.
  4. benjiboy
    I just had my Mamiya C 330F serviced for the first time , I bought it second hand about twenty five years ago and thought it was due for some attention, the winding mechanism had developed a fault and the whole camera needed re -lubing and the light seals replacing, I hope to get another twenty years out of it now.
  5. lionelpina
    Hello all.This is my first post to this group. As an aside; I am amazed at the quality of work that APUG members do. Absolutely beautiful.
    In answer to the question; I shoot everything from 35MM: Nikon F2, F4, Nikkormat, 120MM: Yashicamat 124g, Mamiya RB67, plus a couple of folders, 4x5: Graflex View II, B&J Press, Motion Picture: 16MM: B&H Filmo, K-3, Eclair ACL 1.5 35MM: Eyemo, Konvas 2M.
  6. D1v1d
    I shoot both digital and analog. I've recently been shooting with my Olympus Trip 35s (just got a second one) - quite like the focal length at 40mm for 135 format. Also use my Nikon D40 with manual-focusing Nikkor lenses. It's a DX format so all my older full format lenses have a 50% 'tele' factor. My Mamiya C330 has by far the best image quality; I need a better way to hand hold off tripod. Is anyone in the group using a left-hand grip with the C330?
  7. grahamp
    I have an L grip, but rarely use it. I find that either the neck strap or an angled monopod is enough support off-tripod. The problem I have with the L grip is that it means I have to focus, trip the shutter, and wind on with one hand. I often put my left hand under the Mamiya to support it, and can adjust focus while using my right hand for the shutter.

    I probably do around half my work with a 5x4, with a mix of rangefinder and TLR for the rest. The choice of rangefinder or TLR really depends on the sort of mood I'm in. If I want to compose on a screen - more separation from the subject - I use the TLR. The rangefinders tend to be visual notebooks. It's one of the blessings (curses?) of being involved with photography for many years that I have choices 8-)
  8. benjiboy
    I use the "L" grip with trigger release with my Mamiya C330F, and find it awkward sometimes when changing lenses because I'm left handed, other than that I like it fine especially with the prism for flash photography.
  9. jreitsma

    I started with an old Yashica "D" when I was about 11 years old....worked my way up to a Yashica MAT-124G which I bought for $60.00 brand new in 1974...progressed to the Mamiya C-220 with a Prism Finder in 1976 (which worked beautifully until it took a "header" off a tripod back in 1989). I replaced that with a Mamiya C-330 Professional and I've never looked back (although, I have been caught "lusting" after a Rolleiflex 2.8 F..until my wife of 21 years slapped me upside my head and started talking about paying the mortgage, etc.).

    I love Twin Lens Reflex cameras......there's nothing like 'em (especially the Mamiya C-330/220 cameras...with interchangable lenses and finders......a beautiful way to get into MF photography if you're on a budget).

    'nuf said....
  10. Rick A
    Rick A
    I know what you mean about TLR's, especially Mamiyas. I started with a Yashica D in the late 60's and still have one and a Mamiya C-220f, and a couple of Duaflex II's. Nothing gives the same feeling as shooting a TLR and looking down through a WLF and UP at the world.
  11. MJFerron
    Too many to list. Besides my Rolleicords VA and VB I have a Leica M6, Oly om2n and Nikon FE2.
  12. R gould
    R gould
    A lot, becides my two tlrs I use several Original (German)voigtlanders, an ensign selfix 12/20,Ikonta b and welmy six, contina folder,retina 11b,also a couple of pentax autofocas lobs and a bronica etrsi with 200 and 50 lenses, the last 3 getting very little use these days,Richard
  13. R gould
    R gould
    I would guess that the largest part of my photography is done with my tlr'sRichard
  14. sfj
    For the last 18 months, since getting a Mamiyaflex C2, then a Mamiya C330, about 95% of my photography has been done with them. When I travel, I usually take a Pentax K1000, though, and have a sentimental attachment to my father's Pentax Spotmatic. Until 2009 I had used those cameras exclusively for the previous 30 years, and had learned photography 10 years before using from my father's Pentax SV.
  15. benjiboy
    You won't go wrong with Mamiya TLRs they are great picture taking machines ,and are very reliable, I've enjoyed using them for twenty five years .
  16. Sasha Dulyachinda
    Sasha Dulyachinda
    I have a kodak tlr! I can't wait to try it out.
  17. R gould
    R gould
    besides my 4 tlrs I have a collection of folders, a bessa 66, a welmy six an Ikonta b and 3 ensigns,a selfix 12/20and 16/20 plus a commando,and a collection of 35mm,two retinas, a 2 and a 1b, a contina 2 folder,3 voightlander vitos, a 1 and two 11, a Werramat and 2 voightlanders,a vitob and vitomatic 111c,and they all get used,Richard
  18. Removed Account2
    Have a look at my sig-line there is a condenced version of what I use!


    PS wut, my APUG sig-line is disabled in these groups?? What goes on?

    EDIT :

    MF : Rolleicord, Zeiss Nettar, Agfa Isolette III, Agifold, Braun 29, Braun 35....
    35mm SLR : Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Practica Nova, Praktina, Exacta VX..........
    35mm RF : Leica IIIf, M3, M4, CL, Canon 7, Nikon, Kiev....

    There for a shortlist!
  19. benjiboy
    Have you noticed lately that photographic forums are full of posts from people who have bought medium format SLR s and are having problems with them caused in many cases by the complex linkage between the body and the back being out of sync. and failing to expose the film, I feel that TLRs as a mechanism are inherently much more simple and less prone to failure which is why I have never bought a Hasselblad.
  20. benjiboy
    David-I'm using the left hand grip with trigger relese with my C330F I've had it more then twenty years and it certainly improves the handling because you can wind the film and focus with your right hand and relese the shutter with your left hand.
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