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What other cameras do the TLR users here use?

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  1. seafoto
    Just as an 'aside' I recall seeing a film of a photographer in USA who documented the young people in his neigbourhood using a TLR and then again some ten or so years later, the photographer claimed that as he used TLR, he was less threatening to the subjects as he was looking down, concentrating on the framing and focus rather than "aiming' a single lens at them which he believed would have received a different reaction from them.
    I use a Rollei 2.8 F and it will be with me for ever.
  2. kerne
    When I want the best image I obviously grab my C220, but for everyday snapshots and street photography I have a great little Pentax K1000 that'll also last for years. (And just in case I need a fill flash or am shooting sports, I have a Canon EOS 620.)

    Just added a Polaroid 100 Land Camera to the family for fun instant photos with friends and family.
  3. TheFlyingCamera
    I've got a Rolleiflex 2.8 E (with a non-functioning meter, natch). Thinking of grips, I recently acquired a Vivitar flash grip for medium format, which is great because it lets me use my Vivitar 283 with the Rollei. The downside is that it's a left-hand grip, so it makes it hard to focus the camera. I may just transfer it to my RB67 and look for a right-hand grip of some kind.
  4. DWThomas
    Well, besides a Yashica 124G and a slightly unhappy Flexaret III, I shoot some Canon FD gear, a Bronica SQ-A, [whisper] an EOS 40D [/whisper], a Perkeo II and an Ercona II (6x6 and 6x9 folders). I also own an Argus C-3 I bought new in 1958 or so which I have put a roll through for Argus Day the last five years or so. I have a Minox B and a Canon Elph Jr which are pretty much decorations lately, plus a Burke & James 4x5 Press which is also pretty much inactive, lacking a suitable enlarger and slightly intimidated by sheet film prices.

    I haven't had the 124G long enough to see much of a pattern, but I doubt it would exceed 10% of my shooting. Most of my "fine art" shooting is with the Bronica, and a lot of "other" shooting is done with - uh - "other" technology.

    My historical archives are pretty sparse so far, but you can see some samplings of the good, the bad, and the ugly, spanning about 50 years, in my PBase galleries.
  5. Leigh Youdale
    Leigh Youdale
    Have two Rolleiflex. An E2 2.8/80 Planar and a Wide Angle.
    Otherwise I use a Leica M6, a Bessa R4A (for wides) or for any (shudder) digital needs I have a Panasonic GF1 with EVF.
  6. IdahoPhotoist
    I was given this Rollie Magic II. by a friend, cameras seem to just come my way.... As a boy I learn with a yashica. I have had many cameras over the years, but I find I grab go with the Rollie. I have a Mamiya RZ with lots of lenses etc. but it is too big and heavy, I also have a Speed Grafic 4x5 and a Cambo SC If I want to get big and heavy. So I find my self leaving the T70, A-1, and the various Elan bodies home, and even the 30D in the bag, grab a pocket digi and bring the Rollie, why the Rollie? I think it is some primal instinct. the Magic II was produced in 1965 the year I graduated... woops dated my self... but it is just fun to shoot, and with freestylephoto.biz cheap source of B&W I can almost afford to shoot.
  7. pgmarr
    I use a Rolleicord VA II. What a great little camera. Light, easy to use, great results. My other TLR is a Primo Jr. Not common, but wow... what an amazing little workhorse! It is very small, but easy to shoot. Literally fits in a pocket. There is not one thing I can find wrong with it. I use 4x4cm superslides in my work (geography prof) and the Rollei's 6x6cm slides gives me some wiggle room for cropping, but the Primo Jr. is just so cool. Got it from KEH for about $50 10yrs ago, had lens fungus and a stuck shutter. Sent is to someplace in DC (forget the name) and they put it right for about $130. Honestly, the best camera money I have ever spent. I would recommend either of these TLRs without reservation... they have made me convert.

  8. pbromaghin
    I just got my first TLR a couple of weeks ago - Mamiya C33 with 80, 105, 135 and 180 lenses. It's fascinating, like beginning all over again. My current walking-around camera is a 1948 Zeiss Ikonta folder. Before this my main do-everything camera was a Minolta x-570 and I recently snookered my wife out of her Canon eos rebel 35mm when she decided to go back to digital superzoom and 35mm P&S.
  9. Anthony J. Martinez
    Anthony J. Martinez
    My Mamiya C3 was the first film camera I ever seriously shot. I was given a Rebel T1 35mm, and I ended up giving that away as I never used it. Developing the first roll of film I shot through the C3 was magical. I've got the 65mm, 80mm, and 180mm lenses for it though I've yet to use the wide or the telephoto. That said, the cameras I've been shooting the most lately have been my folding cameras. For my medium format needs an Agfa Isolette III handles my needs, and my general walk-around camera is a Kodak Retina IIa. 99% of my travels are done on my motorcycle and space gets filled up very quickly. Both of those cameras take fantastic photos while taking up very little space.
  10. PhotoBob
    For film, aside from my Mamiya C330 Pro F, I also use a Mamiya 645 AF a Toyo 45 A II and pinhole cameras.
  11. Josephine

    The camera I use the most is a Mamiya C3, but I also use a Rolleiflex Automat IV. The others are a Holga, which I use a lot for portability and cheapness (in the case it's stolen), a Calumet 4x5 that I use mostly at home or when someone drives me to places (a little heavy), homemade pinhole cameras and a Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta that I almost never use, because it gives me headache.

    I have a digital too, of course, for other kinds of work. It's a Nikon D80.
  12. cjbecker
    I have a rolleicord III that actually sees about half of my work, the other part is a 500cm. I really love the looks of the xenar for portraits. Plus I love using a tlr for all of the normal reasons.
  13. Ezzie
    Over the last year I've gone medium format almost exclusively, 6x6 for the most part, and over the last half year I can count the number of non-TLR pictures if I take my socks off. The cameras that see the most use these days in order of most first:
    Flexaret Va
    Rolleiflex 2.8E3
    Kowa Super 66
    Zeiss Ikonta 523/16
    Pentax SP1000
    Nikon D300
    Epson R-D1
    DIY 6x17
  14. Maudvm
    I'll be using my Mamiya C330 for the first time! With the 80mm lens
  15. spiritlake
    My TLR is a Yashica Mat 124G (It was my grandmother's, an aunt had inherited it and gave it to me shortly before her death -- amazing how this camera was used for years as an everyday camera for family snapshots!)

    I also have a faithful Pentax K1000 and a borrowed Mamiya 7II.

    The Yashica is my primary shooter. The timing worked out well -- shortly after I had it refurbished, the K1000 started developing problems (I bought it as a 17 year old and used it all through college -- I'm sure you can all imagine the beating that the poor 50-year-old creature endured) that my beloved camera man admitted were not particularly fixable. So that forced me to leave my 35mm comfort zone and start shooting with the TLR. The Mamiya rangefinder is great, but I've spent so much time with older, fully manual cameras that I must admit I've found it a bit confusing, and thus have used the TLR more by default.
  16. spiritlake
    "shortly after I had it refurbished"

    The "it" there would be the Yashica.
  17. Ezzie
    Very soon to be the caretaker of a Yashica A, which brings the TLR toll up to 4, not including the Ljubitel. Great fun all of them, ok nearly all of them.
  18. Ralph Javins
    Ralph Javins
    Good morning;

    What else do I use? Lots ! ! !

    It starts at 16mm (no, no Minox yet), and goes through APS cartridges, 35mm with rangefinder and SLR, 120 roll film in 6x6 and 6x7, and ends the film with 4 by 5. Then there are the digital things.

    Do you think that a darkroom is time consuming? With a film scanner and PhotoShop Creative Suite 4, you can spend HOURS in front of a computer.

    What is probably needed is a referral to a local chapter of Cameras Anonymous.

    Ralph, Latte Land, Washington
  19. Jeff Kubach
    Jeff Kubach
    I use my Rollei some, my Canon FD system some. but I use my RB67 a lot.

  20. whlogan
    I wonder if anyone has any comments, good or bad about the Minolta Autocord? Since I was in Japan in the Navy back in 1953 to 1956 I have always wanted one and now one is on the way fron K*H and should be here by next Wednesday. I don't have a neck strap fo it but will work something out. The Rokkor lens should be good with TriX, heck almost any lens is good with TriX, isn't it? But what are the secret tricks you guys must know about these fellows I need to know before I venture forth? Any help appreciated.
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