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What other cameras do the TLR users here use?

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  1. Aristotle80
    When I'm not shooting my 2 TLRs on a medium format day, it's either my Kodak Tourist 6x9 folder or Agfa Isolette 6x6 folder. I always get sharper results from TLR focusing than from guesstimating the range since my folders don't have rangefinders. Sometimes a TLR is too much to carry on certain journeys though, and the folders do great for crowd scenes, landscapes, things beyond 6-8 feet. On 35mm days I usually use one of my old Nikons or a Minox.
  2. one90guy
    My TLR's are a Yashica A and Rolleicord III and a newly purchased Mamiya C330 which I have not had time to use. I had no clue how heavy the Mamiya would be, it will not be a walk around camera for me.

  3. outdated
    Currently I use a Minolta Autocord MX mainly because of the focus arrangement which does not require shifting the camera from one hand to another between shots to wind on as per most of the Rollei pattern types. Over many years I have used a Microflex, Yashicamat, Mamiya C33, Rolleiflex and Meopta Flexaret as well as 35mm, 645, 120 folders and home-mades and digital but I always prefer to use the TLR whenever possible. I make pinhole cameras and a 6x12 to use a Miniature Speed Graphic Kodak lens and shutter as well as pinholes. My digital camera is a NEX 5N.
  4. B64Photo
    Minolta Autocord TLR ca 1960
  5. Aleksej6
    I use Yashica Mat 124G.
    Then I have Pentax MX for the little format, and Fatif DS 13x18 cm.
  6. OptiKen
    In TLRs, I mainly use:
    Yashica 44LM
    Flexaret III
    Minolta Autocord
  7. Jeff Bradford
    Jeff Bradford
    I'm new to APUG, so I'm going to resurrect this thread.
    Besides my treasured Mamiaflex and C22, I have:
    Pentax 645N and two 645 bodies
    Kodak Medalist II
    Polaroid 100A Land Camera
    Box cameras: Two Argus Super 75s, a Brownie Hawkeye Flash, and an Imperial Mark XII (if that counts as a camera)
    and for 135 film, I have a Pentax K2, several KXes, an MX, a Nikon F, and a few FMs
    Then there's the "broken pile".... (and a couple Digital Camera Simulators)

    I have done more with the Mamiaflex than with any of the others. I mostly use it to shoot landscapes with Ektar. The C22 would have had more use, but it took quite a while to get the winder issue worked out. Now it is good as gold, but I only have one good waist-level viewfinder - my Porroflex is desilvering in a few spots. I have an 80, 135, and 180mm for them, but that pile needs to grow. I'm looking for the legendary 55mm.

    Since I got the Medalist II a few months ago, it has been my new favorite toy. I just wish there was a way I could stuff a 220 roll of Velvia 50 in there. I would love to see that strip of 6x9 in full color.
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