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Upgrade to OEM Strap

  1. D1v1d
    I'm looking for a better strap for my Mamiya C330. Have OEM strap now but it's a bit too short and digs into my neck. I know a sturdy tripod is the preferred mount but I need a mobile solution that's more comfortable. Thanks for your help
  2. grahamp
    For most of the Mamiya Cs the strap lugs are standard slots, so the choice is wide. I have a nylon strap with a plastic shoulder grip on my C330, and a wide neoprene one on the (lighter!) C220. The C330S has a stud mount that needs a strap designed for a Mamiya.
  3. ron mcelroy
    ron mcelroy
    I use an OP/TECH strap on my 330S. I bought a couple of their lug connectors at a local camera store. I just checked OP/TECH's web site and didn't see them so they might not be available anymore.

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