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Mamiya C-series

  1. Removed Account2
    I just got another body, expanding my collection. This was a C220, with a few issues, more on that later.

    I also have a C3, a 80mm lens et, a 135mm and a 180mm lens set, plus avrious screens and sportsfinders and a porroprism.

    Issues: the C220 misses the button that is used to open the back/faciliate film loading, wionder if anyone has a source on that, and maybe some service manual?

    The 80mm suffers from a sticky shutter, its really bad, stuck on all speeds, and either I can locate a service manual for Seikhosa shutters or I have to send it away to someone who specialized on them.

    Anyways, save for my Rolleicord, these are my best quality TLR's and I really wanna put both back in action, if I can, I'd consider selling my collection of Yashicas and Flexarets.
  2. kerne
  3. Removed Account2
    Thank you I found manuals for both my C-series bodies - and a whole slew of other cameras I have!
  4. kerne
    According to your profile, you're not in the US, but I can highly recommend Mark Hama (http://www.markhama.com/) for CLA's. He just finished CLA on two of my Mamiya C-series lenses as well as a newer Canon lens. They look and work like new!
  5. Removed Account2
    Discovered a quirk in the mamiya's I never gave a thought: the previous owner, APUGGER and a decent guy, said when he sold the body that the bellows was bad and probably needed a major service.
    Looking into that, literally speaking, with a flashligt and a green-light laser, I found absolutely no problem, although I could see what looked like bad marks on the outside of the bellows.

    Then it dawned on me, thse cameras have double bellows, inside the large bellows sits a smaller, perfectly shaped for 6x6!

    So I guess what looks like a junker, actually is a well used workhorse, carrying its battlescars with pride, that will never be in peril of being worn-out by me. Its a solid workhorse now, as it always was.
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