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Less than 2 weeks out!!

  1. jimgalli
    DOH!! That damned Cirkut image is still in the camera.

    Per is back at home from China and we're getting stuff put together. It'll be a blast. I've rented a good size room in the historic district of Tonopah for us to meet indoors and do the classroom stuff that Per has prepared and also the portfolio critiques. It's ours anytime we want it all week. If it's cold, there's a gigantic pot belly stove. If it's hot.......too bad.

    I'm going to Oregon to see the kids next week so will have very intermittent internet service for a few days. Taking the cameras and tood'ling up the Nevada California Oregon RR right of way from Reno to Lakeview. Should be sweet!
  2. mike c
    mike c
    YEE HAAA!! Tonopah here we come!!
  3. madmax
    Look forward to the trip hope I have enough film
  4. jimgalli
    Official meet ang greet spot is at the "Gazebo" in the Best Western parking lot Monday AM at 9:30 - ish. See everyone then. Jim
  5. mike c
    mike c
    I will attempt to sent up a posting site for the latest Tonopah workshop like Jay did,for the Tonopah Fire Station #2 Crew.

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