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The 2011 BlowOut!

  1. jimgalli
    The May 2011 workshop is complete and most of us survived.

    Each year the workshop takes on a life of it's own. This dynamic comes from the synergy of the wildly varied personalities involved. Wild is a good word here I think.

    Workshop is a term loosely applied on these gatherings. We have to call it that, because, if we didn't you wouldn't send us money and come. But if you've been to other tightly structured workshops in the past, it soon occurs that this one is going to be different. However, once you get the hang of what we're doing, I think almost everybody came up to me and said "you're not charging enough." That's OK, and I'd far rather hear that than the opposite!

    What went well:
    This year we rented a large room to gather in for portfolio reviews........and drunken debauchery. The reviews were the best ever. Nothing helps your vision better than looking through other peoples eyes. I was inspired and challenged.

    Instruction is largely one on one. I tried hard to make rounds, talk to folks and see where they were at and what they had come to try to learn. Per does this much better than I do so hopefully no one went home without getting something of what they came to acquire.

    What we need to do better: a LOT better!:
    Next year on day one meet and greet everybody is going to get good cell phone lists of everyone else. We lost poor Al Olson on the second day and never saw him again until late that evening. Every time we were going west, Al was going south, and vice versa.

    Second, next year I'm going to insist on a more formalized structure of what the different attendees would like to go home with. What is it that you hope to learn and take back home from this type workshop?

    Third, I will encourage the folks more strongly to bring a portfolio. We had 4 or 5 really great ones. 10 or 12 would have been better and the discussions would have helped us all.

    There is a mountain of material to shoot in the Tonopah area. The days are exhausting! I hope everyone went back home with some great images. You'll see stuff here that you just don't see anywhere else. Nope, the little green men are off limits.
  2. eddie gunks
    eddie gunks
    What is it that you hope to learn and take back home from this type workshop?

    It was a great week. Thanks again jim.

    The only thing I would have enjoyed taking home with me would have been that Hyperion lens!

    Har Har Har

  3. jimgalli
    Exciting to see some of the pictures. I developed like mad today. Pics tonorrow! Right now, I'm going to bed.
  4. ghostcount
    I hope to see the "through the second floor window" shot you did in Belmont Mine.
  5. madmax
    When I got home I sleep for two days . My wife thought I was dead ........ Quite tired anyway . It was full of fun, laughter I laughed so hard I ....... well you I will officially sign up for next year deposit and all. We touched about a 1/10 of what was there and I need to get back probably sooner than next yr . I have been developing today . Wonderful stuff is appearing . I have not worked on the flash one yet . Hopefully this week . Thank you all for your great inspiration and Fellowship. ( Did I say That) LOL Till next yr Craig
  6. mike c
    mike c
    Almost done developing film,hope to start posting some next week.
  7. jimgalli
    Scanned my brains out all day, and posted a bunch of them here. Perhaps more tomorrow. Happy to say the picture crusher algorythms that downsized our pics we posted here and pretty much wrecked 'em seems to be much improved now. I think they look pretty good.

    Thanks for all the nice words! Don't wait, come on up, and we'll go shooting.

  8. mike c
    mike c
    I'm wondering if anyone else took there camera with them to the workshop besides Fatkins,Jim Graves,Jim Galli and me? Wheres the PHOTOS.
  9. fatkins
    Looks like some folks are posting on the LF site, a few on both and a few on Ashers site. Too many choices..
  10. mike c
    mike c
    Could be they will post later,takes awhile to readjust to reality once you have left camera heaven in Tonopah and Goldfield.
  11. slumry
    I just finished developing my 4X5 B&W stuff and have run into the all powerful conundrum: you can have images properly exposed, without user screw-up or with good composition...pick two because you are sure are not going get all three in any image I post. BTW, Mike, I need a model release for some of the pictures I took of you. Thanks.
  12. fatkins
    Well played slumry.
  13. mike c
    mike c
    I'll supple a model release as long as the photos make look better than I was,the older I get the better I was.
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