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  1. Don12x20
    I am Don Nelson, and I'll be heading down from the Portland area by car. Maybe via Tioga Pass, if it stays open, otherwise via Feather River Canyon (a low pass if there is snow on any of the Sierra Passes).

    I'll be using 8x10, and some ULF sizes while in Tonopah.
  2. markbarendt
    I'm Mark Barendt coming from the suburbs around Durango, CO.

    I'll be road tripping/camping in my Eurovan via Salt Lake and Death Valley to get to Tonopah, returning home possibly through Death Valley again, Zion, Bryce, Lees Ferry...

    Bringing a 4x5 Calumet, a roll back, a Holga, an FM2n, a couple N90s's, and a small ice chest full of film.

    LF is relatively new to me, I've only shot maybe a dozen sheets of TXP and about the same amount of the Provia that came with it plus 1 roll of 220 400nc in the roll back I got in September.
  3. Curt
    I'm Curt, I live in Everett Washington, I would be driving if my truck didn't need some repairs, I don't have time to do them in time. I have a ticket to fly to LV and drive to Tonopah. I'm bringing a camera, maybe a Kodak 2D 5x7, it has the extension, is restored and has a new bellows or the Shen Hao 4x5 which would be easier to fly with but only has a 12 inch bellows draw. My Calumet C1 is too heavy and my Seneca 8x10 is a big camera too, I could just bring an RB67 but with the lenses and accessories I might as well take the 5x7.
  4. mike c
    mike c
    I'm Mike,I'll be coming from LA over and up thru L.V. to tonopah in a small pu or a nice suv.
  5. outwest
    I'm Chauncey and I'll be trucking over the Rockies from Denver. I'm hoping there will be a storm free window in there somewhere! I'll have my 4x5 Speed Graphic with a bag full of old barrel lenses, a Rittreck with 5x7 and 6.5x8.5 backs and some 80 to 120 year old lenses, and an 8x10 Century Universal with more old lenses and the one I put together. Just for fun, I'm thinking of bringing a bicycle camera and a giant box camera - both 4x5.
  6. SUNdog
    Hi All:

    JP here. I'll be heading out in a couple of days for the Malheur Field Station in Eastern Oregon south of Burns. From there down into DV for a couple of weeks of photographing and camping out prior to a hot shower and a soft bed in Tonopah (maybe Bobbies Buckeye will open up special for us ) I'll be bringing my trusty 8x10 and a digital walk-about. I'm looking forward to meeting you all.
  7. jaimeb82
    Hi everyone, I am flying into LV from NYC the Sunday before the workshop, renting a car and driving up to Tonopah. Just purchased a Chamonix 45N-1 and a 210mm lens to learn LF. My experience with LF must be around 12 pictures so far, I have a lot to learn yet. I might also carry a 35mm or a MF for extra pictures, but my main focus is to learn LF during the week. Looking forward to be in Tonopah.
  8. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    I'll be driving in from Sacramento, CA. via Reno. If I have any money left after a night on the tables and don't have to pawn my cameras for gas money home, I'll be bringing an 8x10 (old rickety Empire State), a nicer Whole Plate (an old Chicago View purchased from Mr. Galli), a 4x5 Gowland Pocket View, and a 4x5 pinhole camera. My current project is carbon printing. Sounds complicated but isn't really. I'm just a hobbyist at all this stuff and tend to keep switching projects before I ever get good at any one thing ... but it keeps me interested and learning new things which is the part I enjoy most.

    I'm glad to see we have some new LF shooters in the group ... I tend to learn more from their questions than from the old hands. I think you've picked the perfect workshop ... there'll be a lot of different formats to look at, a huge number of old lenses for getting some perspective on lenses in general, and Per will go from morning until night if you want to try to keep up with him. Should be a lot of fun.
  9. williamtheis

    Bill here. coming from Sonoma County with a detour through SoCal to meet up with a friend. his 4x4 will be towing my 4x4 so if someone is up for some offroad adventure, that might be arranged. we plan to camp...

    will be shooting 4x5 digital...
  10. fatkins
    Hi, Forrest here...planning to meet with Bill in Ridgecrest and head over from there.
  11. ghostcount
    Randy, coming from Anaheim California. I'll be driving up with my Ram 1500 pick up and I'll be staying at Jim Butler's starting Sunday. I'm still interested in a caravan if my way is your way.

    I'm bringing a Toyo 5x7, Zone VI 8x10 and a couple of smaller formats.
  12. mike c
    mike c
    Looks like I'll be leaving Sunday nite with Per,so don't wait for use slow starters,hope to get there Early Monday morning.
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