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B&W or Color

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  1. jaimeb82
    mine is a el cheapo Manfroto 3001BPRO with a el cheapo 488RC2 head. I bought this bag and no one knows what's in it if you remove the head.

  2. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    "Jim, if you don't order spikes do they come with rubber feet?"

    Yes. And, actually spikes aren't available for their smallest tripod (at least they weren't when I bought it 3 years ago.)
  3. Curt
    Thanks Jim, I wasn't aware of that, I am still looking at their models.

  4. per volquartz
    per volquartz
    Bring Black and White and Color (if you like). If you shoot 4X5 or roll film AND have a Polaroid back maybe you should bring some BW Polaroid (Fujiroid) with you? The reason: IF you like shadow and highlight detail in your images and IF we have the usual high contrast light typical of the West you may want to pre-expose some of your shots!
    If you haven't done this before its a no brainer. I will be happy to show you!

  5. jaimeb82
    I would really like to learn how to get shadow and highlight details in my photos. The zone system is driving me crazy, I know we will be talking about that during the week so I am looking forward. I am pack with some Polaroid and fuji B&W 100 iso.

  6. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Per ... as I recall, a gray card may be helpful for pre-exposures??
  7. Curt
    It seems that a piece of milky plexi was used to meter through with a spot meter then used for preexposures. Fred P. or AA?
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