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B&W or Color

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  1. jaimeb82
    I am assuming the workshop will be focus on B&W and I am bringing B&W film, but I was also thinking about bringing some color. What is everyone bringing in terms of films, B&W only? B&W and color? Just wondering about what everyone will do.
  2. Curt
    My plan is to bring black and white film in either rolls or sheets.

  3. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    I only shoot B&W ... but if I also shot color, I'd sure bring some ... there is nothing worse than seeing that great shot and not having the film for it.
  4. markbarendt
    Both; 4-days of workshop, 6-days of road trip.
  5. jimgalli
    I won't be shooting color but a lot of folks do find color very useful in and around Tonopah. i was in Goldfield NV this weekend past and thinking color would work well for work we may do if we get there.
  6. outwest
    And I thought I was through packing film! Dug up a box of Fuji QL 160's and managed to fit it in and I think I have a Grafmatic with Optima 100 and a Kinematic with Fuji 50D (the pre Velvia Velvia). On another note, today I managed to find the perfect 5x7 film holder container. In the junk pile at my favorite camera store was a Sharp VHS camcorder with accessories (one of the the old giant ones) in a great padded bag. It is exactly the right size for 5x7 holders and holds 25 upright. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Left the camcorder at the store by the way.
  7. markbarendt
    I get a feeling that we are going to shift the center of mass of all the film in the world.
  8. Curt
    You really feel constricted when traveling by air, I would love to bring three cameras but I have to put the choice items in a carry on. Anyone travel with large format or ULF by air? What do you check in and what is your carry on case? Don't shoot me, I know it's all been covered before, I seem to go through this every time. For the first time I am thinking of putting together a 5x7 to 4x5 reduction back for my Kodak 2D 5x7. The extra back and film doesn't add that much to the package. Just thinking out loud again.
  9. Don12x20
    If you pack items for checking, consider getting TSA locks. That will keep some of the riff-raff out, but is no guarantee. They'll cut normal locks
  10. Curt
    I have the TSA locks and use them, they always open my suitcase, maybe the locks are a red flag.
  11. Don12x20
    I use them, and don't always get checked (you'll know as a notice is inserted). At least it keeps the baggage handlers from making a quick dip in your checked luggage. (nothing will stop them if they steal the baggage and move it elsewhere to cut the locks).
  12. jaimeb82
    I am bringing all camera items in a carry on the plane, including the tripod. I have a MF camera I would like to bring but haven't had chance to see if it is realistic to pack that much of staff. Then, of course, is the option of bringing a small 35mm with a couple of lenses, the staff keeps piling up for just a plane ride. The other option is to wear the same cloth all week, all for the love of photography.
  13. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    There is always the option of mailing to Jim Galli ... of course, then you have to worry about the package being intercepted by little green men.
  14. slumry
    I am flying into Las Vegas through SLC on a regional jet, only thing that will be carried on is film and a small camera. Everything else gets checked. The TSA locks are always opened and left dangling; however, I think it is not the lock that attracts the TSA but the collection of odd stuff they see on their x-ray machine. In any event, I still use the locks if for no other reason than to make sure the latches stay closed. I just picked up 50 sheets of Trix from Glazers and am all set to go.
  15. Curt
    I think it is not the lock that attracts the TSA but the collection of odd stuff they see on their x-ray machine.

    Yes, they have a set of parameters on content and that's what they use as a guide for inspection. It's luggage profiling with the aid of technology.

    I've never had the nerve to put photographic equipment in the checked luggage, only a tripod and film holders. I have wondered how large camera outfits are managed for domestic and foreign travel. There is a limit on size and weight but there are padded cases, I have two but I haven't used them. My Berlebach is too long so it has to go in my suitcase wrapped in clothes. With the wood tripod and film holders it gets heavy, then like was said there is those pesky things called clothes. I've never taken more than one suitcase and one carry-on and a personal bag. Maybe it's time to take a hard shelled padded camera case. I don't think I would let my lenses out of my sight though.
  16. Don12x20
    That tripod may, or may not, be permitted in the cabin space of the plane (two years ago, mine wasn't. ) Anyone traveled since with tripod in cabin?
  17. jaimeb82
    I traveled this past summer with tripod in cabin to Spain American Airlines, but not sure if international rules are different from national flights. Anyone traveled with tripod in cabin within the US?
  18. Curt
    I don't even try, one manufacture states that because their tripods don't have spikes they can be carried on, Slik I believe, and the Feisol tripods have a tripod that is tauted to be a carry on model because of its short size, but now I wonder because it has spikes! I would imagine it's the size and the discretion of the security and airline personal.

    My problem was that I wanted to get a Feisol tripod but was a little worried about putting an expensive tripod in the check in. I could see those baggage handlers playing baseball with its legs or whipping it around like light sabers. No I'm take the wood Berlebach so far. The Feisol listed here will hold 22 lbs.

  19. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Actually, Feisol tripods only come with spikes if you order them as extras. I have two ... and neither has spikes.
  20. Curt
    Jim, if you don't order spikes do they come with rubber feet?
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