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Tioga Pass....Closed

  1. Don12x20
    Web site shows its closed for season.

    Last week, during snow, it was "call for conditions" during a temporary closure.

    This time, it is "CLOSED".

    Not sure if its for the winter or just this storm. Unfortunately this storm is laden with moisture and will likely leave a heavy load on the Sierra. We'll see....

  2. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Here is the webcam photo from today on Tioga Pass:

    If you're about to travel or just want to see the weather radar for the whole west coast ... or the whole US (we're getting creamed here in Sacramento right now, but Tonopah looks good!) ... here is a great site: Link
  3. jaimeb82
    Blue must be cold temperatures? nice map
  4. Curt
    When the Tioga Pass closes it sure does cut off West East / East West traffic and it's a long way around. Does Glacier Point close for the season or just bad conditions, AA's best photographs were in the Winter from there in my opinion.
  5. Don12x20
    Glacier Point road closes for winter just after the Badger Pass ski area.

    I've cross country skiied from there to Glacier and to Taft Point as well as several others. Carrying gear is a lot more complex....
  6. Don12x20
    Nice to see the road is plowed again past the east entrance at Tioga.
  7. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    A member of the LF Forum who lives in Columbia [near Sonora in the Sierra foothills] has posted a note that their local news says Tioga Pass is expected to reopen on October 15.
  8. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Tioga Pass is now listed as Open.
  9. Don12x20
    back to "call" today-- and the tioga pass camera shows snow packed on the lens with wet pavement and snow elsewhere. We'll see.
    (The image Jim posted keeps getting updated)
  10. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Tioga Pass has closed for the season only 6 times prior to November 9 in the last 29 years ... So chances are pretty good of getting through on the way to the workshop. But it has closed for the season 19 of the 29 years prior to November 15 ... so that week is right in prime time for closure.

    The weather for the rest of this week looks pretty warm and clear. Here is a link to the chart for closure dates: Link
  11. Don12x20
  12. Don12x20
    In spite of "global warming", it closed 4 times earlier than Nov 9 (40%) plus once on Nov 9:

    Nov 5, Oct 31, Oct 17, Oct 30 (Nov 9)

    And that very helpful camera at the top says the snow may already be covering the rock anyway.

    The odds look about even for me going over the pass....I'm thinking of just coming across Siskiyou and over Feather River/50/Donner.
    How about you, Jim, given any thought to route (you're too close to fly to Reno ;-)
  13. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Well the long range forecast (thru November) for the Sierras is above normal temperature and normal precipitation. Link ... and thru next Monday the forecast is for unusually warm weather in Yosemite ... so you just might make it over the top.

    As for me ... until the weather started looking encouraging, I figured I'd take the easy way and drive I-80 to Reno at mid-day Saturday ... have a nice dinner, play some craps, get to bed early and head for Tonopah mid-morning on Sunday. Now I'm debating going up Hwy 50 and cutting down to 395 and overnighting in Lee Vining. I'll decide when it's a little closer to the day ... I am definitely not a risk taker when it comes to crossing the Sierra in the winter ... it can get ugly fast.
  14. Don12x20
    Hey thanks for the Sierra update - we don't get that weather up here in Oregon. That's promising..
    I agree on the Sierra weather - I did quite a bit of ski mountaineering in the late 1970's and several times got weathered in on the south side of one or two 11000 foot passes. I'm with you on lower risk - I'm not interested in getting stuck somewhere
  15. Don12x20
    Here's the story on Tioga pass closings back to 1933


    And up-to-date Nevada highway conditions

  16. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Webcam at the pass is down.

    Yosemite forecast called for 20% chance of precip. today but none yet and nothing on the radar. Rest of week is cold now but warming and supposedly clear.

    The forecast for Sun-Tues (11/1-3) is for way warmer: Clear. Highs 70 to 80 at 5000 feet... 63 to 73 at 8000 feet [pass is at 9940']. Lows 41 to 51 at 5000 feet...33 to 43 at 8000 feet. If it can just hold out for 4 days beyond that the pass should be open.
  17. Don12x20
    thanks, Jim, I appreciate the forecast as we get closer!
  18. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Uh-oh ... the Yosemite Valley long range forecast for the weekend of 11/6-7 is now calling for "cooler" with "periods of rain" Thursday night through Friday turning to "colder" with "rain" Friday night and Saturday. They're showing projected high temperatures in the mid-50s and lows in the mid-30s in the Valley ... which would mean snow on the pass. Looking like I'll get my craps playing in Reno after all ... hopefully the system their looking at will slow down some or inch north to be closer to you fine folks in the Pacific Northwest.

    The same forecaster has Tonopah as partly cloudy with no precipitation thru Wednensday 11/11 ... highs mid-50s to low 60s, lows 25-32 degrees.
  19. mike c
    mike c
    I can handle the 50's 60's stuff all right,the 25-30's will be interesting.brrrrr
  20. Jim Graves
    Jim Graves
    Things are looking up for Tioga Pass ... the NWS has removed the rain from the Yosemite forecast for Thurs. thru Sun. 11/5-8 and is calling for highs of mid-50s to mid 60s at 8000'
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