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Jim - Where are we meeting at 9am on Monday morning?

  1. Don12x20
    Not too many weeks away.

    Where are we meeting at 9am on Monday morning? Best Western Lobby? Somewhere else?
  2. Curt
    Well Don, I've got a plane ticket, rental car, and hotel room for the weekly rate, all I will need is a where. Oh, I have to do a thousand other things, like what to bring and packing. Maybe we will find out soon.
  3. Curt
    Don, I think Jim's Internet is still out.
  4. Don12x20
    Probably - we'll have to be patient.

    Worst case -- Tonopah is a small town. Aren't that many Jim Galli's in town, and the Police definitely remember who stopped traffic on US-95!
  5. Curt
    I leave two weeks from today and I'm pretty excited about a week away, a change of place is what I need from this rainy overcast land, I even get excited when the rain stops and it's foggy out, I've yet to get some pictures in the fog.
  6. Curt
    Hello all, I hope Jim is OK and not under the weather or the like. I got the weekly rate at the Silver Queen so I'm sure to see some there or a coffee shop, does the Best Western have a coffee shop?

  7. jaimeb82
    I am at the Silver Queen also, weekly rate. See you there for coffee.
  8. markbarendt
    Silver Queen is my spot too! I'm planning to be in Saturday and may take a day trip to Scotty's Castle or Tioga pass, probably the former.

    Here's the meet up info.

  9. Don12x20
    A quick google shows two "Silver Queen Motel" in town -- different phone numbers and different addresses - and the google map shows them across town from each other. One gets high marks, and the other down on S. Main gets poor marks from reviewers....Strange....
  10. Curt
    Yep you're right Don, one has the honor of being a 5th on a list of 5. My wife and elected travel agent for me is upstairs on her computer changing the accommodations to the other Silver Queen Motel. I'm sure glad you brought that to our attention. Will the real Silver Queen please stand up.

    I'm arriving in Las Vegas Saturday and plan to pick up the car and drive to Beatty just outside of Rhyolite and photograph at Rhyolite Sunday before driving to Tonopah. OR... is there a better or must see place to go instead? Unless it snows and I need the extra day to make the trip.
  11. jaimeb82
    I am in the one at 319 Cross Street Phone: 775-482-6291. That seems to be more centric and near the Best Western. I hope that's the good one.
  12. Curt
    After a call, the other one was torn down so there is only the one at Cross Street.
  13. markbarendt

    I thought about Ryolite but I have a feeling that we are going to shoot a fair amount of old mining stuff during the workshop so I was leaning toward something a bit different.

    Scotty's Castle is a really cool piece of history, there may be a LF shot there but I'm planning more to take 35mm shots on the tour and get back to the hotel at a reasonable hour.
  14. Curt
    Mark, I looked up all of the places between Las Vegas and Tonopah, I wish I had my camper and truck in order, I'd spend a month down there. Now that I've seen Scotty's Castle I want to go there too, and I found out Zabriskie Point is near by and on and on. It all looks like fun but I only have a day on each end. Saturday in Saturday out.

  15. markbarendt
    Hey Curt,

    What's Friday, chopped liver?

    Unless I missed something the workshop is 4 days, right? Monday - Thursday.

    Given your plans it sounds like you've got a whole day to explore Death Valley. :o
  16. Curt
    Mark, I went to bed and then realized after I shut the computer off that the days didn't add up with the 4 day workshop. I arrive around 5pm Sat. and leave around 9am Sat. following. The times should have been reversed, arrive at 9am and depart at 5pm. That's the deal I got.

    I have Sunday before free and Friday after free.

    Now to plan...
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